What about dinner today?

The wild grass and fruit I brought, the fish that Cecilia caught.

And the shellfish I jumped into the sea feeling responsible for not catching a single fish was the ingredient...


"I didn't expect you to jump into the sea suddenly... Please take care of your body more."

"I'm sorry...."

I thought the water temperature was higher.

I'm the worst dressed man who's trembling near Cecilia's fire.

Well, I got the shellfish, and it's Plummy Zero.

"This is a herbal tea brewed with medicinal herbs that can raise your body temperature. Take this and rest."

"Thank you, Cecilia...."

Some of the weeds I collected seemed to turn into herbal tea.

I only collected it by checking whether it was edible or not while looking at the atlas.

I didn't know.

"Now, will you finish your dinner while Youki is resting?"

That's how Cecilia starts cooking.

Is there a recipe in my head? I am proceeding without wasting my time.

It's the level at which you would get in the way if I was here.

Still, I'm used to it.

"This is part of what I've been able to get on a cruel journey. I think right now... the biggest thing I've learned from that trip is going to be meeting Yoki."

"Stop hitting on me."

"In fact, this is how we are together, so it's something the world doesn't know."

"... that's right!"

"I think Youki-san is too weak for my invitation."

"It doesn't look good."

You can go to cancer if you get caught in the middle of the kitchen, but you can't go to cancer if you get caught in the middle of the kitchen.

"Now they call me the bad girl I'm playing with Youki."

"No, no, Cecilia is not a bad woman, she's holy....."


"No, it's nothing...."

I talked to her, but she didn't stop.

A smile that didn't allow me to say anything while cooking prevented me from saying any more words.

I don't want to interrupt the conversation.

But I don't want to do anything about it.

I can count on my former subordinates at times like this.

Would you like a gift around Happiness?

Anyway, there's something in there that makes me look like a fool.

If Cecilia laughs at me, I don't mind being a laugher.

What came out of the bag was a booklet, and what Seek had was a bibliography.

Never turn your mind around the page.

The body of the booklet was a vow of love in the night sky.

"Stop guessing!

Because it is a gift, I managed to suppress the urge to tear the booklet.

How much does he want to mess with me!?

It is carefully written under the lyrics with careful advice at a certain volume so that it gradually becomes stronger and fades away.

I don't have a chance to sing.

"Why did you suddenly raise your voice, Mr. Youki?"

Happiness is selling my vows cheaply.

"I don't think Youki-san's vows are cheap... but it would be helpful if you could refrain from expressing them because it would be a woman whose heart was moved by the cheap vows."

"Is that how you see it?"

That seems to be how Cecilia interprets it.

Hmm, this is a delicate place to be happy.

So how do you use this score?

"What do you think I should do with this score?

"If Happiness was so prepared, I could sing."

No, I don't think so.

I want you to sing a song with my proposal on it.

Sometimes it seems like a tough suggestion.

"I've never heard Youki-san's song, and I'm alone now, so was that the switch...? I don't mind if I come in."


I can't believe the day comes when Cecilia gives me permission to switch on the kitchen two.

I can't help but sing if you say so.

"I pulled my legs out of the cooking, so I pulled myself back... at least let's meet Cecilia's demands."

I decided to pose and sang towards the sea.

Even with the kitchen two switched on, I couldn't sing towards Cecilia.

I heard Cecilia's rhymes as if she was in a better mood after cooking from her back.

I kept singing until Cecilia told me that dinner was ready... the result.

"No, it's delicious."

I met an acquaintance of mermaids and decided to have dinner with them.

"You're a good cook. It's better than the rice I work for. I want to eat it every day."

"Ah, thank you. Er"

"Misaki. I've been able to help you."

Cecilia has met Shike-chan, but I've never met Misaki.

Misaki comes up from the sea without much explanation and is having dinner with her.

I don't know about Cecilia, but she doesn't think she's a bad mermaid.

I'll explain.

"Cecilia, this mermaid is Misaki, a friend of Shike's, who came to see Raven before. I was in Minerva with you. I didn't see Cecilia then."

"Is that so? I heard about the incident."

"I'm sure you've heard from Shike. I'm working with people now. I'm having so much fun with people I care about."

I've been grabbed before, but I'm a good girl.

"So why is Misaki here?

"Ah, I know there's no one here. Sometimes you come when you want to swim alone. So, when I came, Onii-san was singing a shike song."

Hold on a second.

There's something I can't hear right now.

"Shike's song?

"That's right. I swear love in the night sky... That's why I started singing."

"Did you know the mermaid who spread the word?"

I collapse on the spot.

Onii-san, what's going on?

"Leave him alone."

"Hmm, I don't know. Ah, I want a refill of the soup."

I don't mind.

Dinner progresses without waiting for my recovery.

I didn't think Shike-chan was the real killer.

You're completely out of love.

Otherwise, they won't sing a song about the proposal.

Actually, I'd like to talk to the person.

I wonder if Shike-chan will come.

I wouldn't come today if it was a shike. When I asked her out, she turned me down today as a day to sing. "

"What is the day you go singing?

"Shike. Though I was threatened, I was worried about my song that bothered the Frimaili sailor. She said she had a broken heart and she didn't care. I was worried about you and invited you for a little night swim. And then I saw it."

You know where I'm proposing to Cecilia.

"Do you know the two people who were the song's original?

"That's right. I didn't seem to care that Shike was not a person. I was just listening to the conversation and watching them dance. And then it started gushing... what did you say? Within a few days, I had to write a song about two people."

"You can sing in a few days."

"Atashi can't do it, because it's a scratch. That's why Shike is singing, hoping that this song will help save someone."

"That's a lovely story, Mr. Youki."

Yeah, that's right.

I can't complain about Happiness anymore.

"By the way. I'm sorry if I made a mistake. I need to ask you something.... maybe it was just the two of you who saw me that night?

Misaki, I'm sure it's just the two of you.

I wonder if this is a good one to scatter.

When I looked at Cecilia, I was shaking my neck vertically.

Then let me explain.

Well, Misaki's imaginary.

I knew it. I knew Onii-san wasn't the only one. Ok, so now we're on our honeymoon... no, we're not going to the deserted island with our honeymoon. "

It seems that even mermaids have no choice as uninhabited islands.

"No, I'm not married yet....."

I told Misaki that I was on my pre-wedding trip.

My acquaintance is helping me, and I don't think they're deciding where to go.

"Wow, that sounds interesting. It's a day to remember, right? Then I'll give you a celebration from Atashi."

After a while, Misaki goes to the sea.

I think I distracted you.

"That's right. I'm sorry."

I'll clean up dinner while Misaki is waiting for me to come home.

Soon Misaki came back.

"Hmm, I searched. I searched. Look, this is a celebration from Atashi."

Misaki handed me pale light light blue pearls.

Two for Cecilia and me.

"Well then, I'm going home. Tell the note swordsman that Shike is moving forward well."

So, Misaki left behind.

You just got back, but you left in a lot of haste. Is there a reason?

"Youki-san... this is a very rare blue pearl."

"Precious stuff."

"This size doesn't come out very often. If you bring it to the Chamber of Commerce, you will be taken to the reception room and the President of the Chamber of Commerce will negotiate for himself. It's worth it."

Misaki gave me something quite expensive.

You stepped on me and gave it to me because I don't seem to have the knowledge.

I thought they might give it back if they knew it was worth it, so I hurried home.

"I'm going to let you cum. I wonder if I can handle this."

"When I get home, I'll ask my mother if she has any messages."

Celia will take care of it.