For some reason, the Tengu and Turtle Placard Couples have succeeded, so we can date normally.

What a nice city, Brilliant.

"Now you can walk without worrying."

"Are you giving up, Mr. Youki? Do you have any thoughts about the anomaly of this city?"

"... I wish I could walk with peace of mind."

"Can you say that walking in this costume and not saying anything makes the city feel safe?"

Cecilia's argument is too correct.

Sure, it's a little creepy.

Cecilia's suspicions were noisy, but Tengu and Turtle went through.

Where are the standards?

"I was just curious. Would you like to enjoy Brilliance now?

Sometimes the mystery is solved while walking.

It's not harmful, so I don't have to worry about it.

Sightseeing Brilliance by leaning Cecilia's hand.

I still have the impression that there are more shops that are conscious of men and women.

It was a facility that worried me about poison.

"Please enter the hotel with the understanding that it can be poisonous for single people....?

What kind of precautions?

The reception desk is lined up with the same buildings near the building written here.

What kind of facility is this?

It's a challenging sign inside.

"What kind of facility?"

"I wonder if I can come in. I'll call you Cecilie just in case."


After such an exchange, enter the building.

There are several receptions in the building, and couples and couples talk to the staff.

There was a sign on the wall with descriptions of other buildings.

He said they were looking inside the building.

"Hey, you've never used this facility before. I'm an employee, Albis. If you'd like, I'll explain and show you the way.

Albis, who calls himself a clerk, is as handsome as Ugandans.

I feel like a good sports youth with white teeth like Mr. Andrei's.

I would appreciate your explanation and guidance...

"First of all, I want you to look at us and tell me what it means not to be upset."

"Ah, Brilliance has quite a few couples visiting. If you're familiar with this city, you won't wonder why you're hiding your face. Because it's Brilliant to make love happen and nurture love."

"I see...."

I wonder if it's the cupid effect of visiting or falling in love.

It's helpful not to be prudent, but is that okay as a city?

"Aren't you in trouble with security?

"If only someone tried to do something bad... I wouldn't shut up. And then... Kaius, the cupid of love."

When I named Kaius, Albis' expression was shaded...

Is it some kind of cause?

It's not good to hear because you're not here to pry.

Let's move on here.

I wonder if you could give me a tour.

"Oh, I'll take care of it."

Refreshing, Albis has explained this facility.

This is a facility for couples and couples.

There are entertainment such as board games and card games, experiences where men and women work together to make confectioneries and accessories, and athletic courses that can run through obstacles.

"There are a lot of opinions from users that it was good for them to work together to increase mutual trust and see an unexpected side."

"Sounds interesting. Cecilie, where are we going?"

"That's right...."

Don't get tense like you came to the amusement park.

Trouble deciding where to go for the two of you?

This will improve the atmosphere of men and women.

"That's right. You two talk about it a lot. Incidentally, it's a popular confectionery making experience where you work together to make sweets."

"The more it becomes. Is it a confectionery experience?"

"Oh, Cecilie, you're so excited. Let's have a confectionery experience."

"Very well. I'm tough. Will you follow me, Mr. Youki?"

"I'll do it."

"Uh, you guys. It's not that hard to make sweets, so make it easier...."

Alvis is looking a little embarrassed, but I can't stop him.

Cecilia is the type to immerse herself in when she decides.

"Youki-san, please prepare the dough."

"Is Berry Ready?"

"Not enough bubbles. I can't let go of my hand, so try again."

"There are many types of molds. I'm worried...."

No, Cecilia's telling me to fly.

Cecilia can give me precise instructions while doing her job.

This is how couples around do it, isn't it?

I'm worried about how it feels when I make it by myself.

Looking at us cooking without clutter or flirting and without delaying or wasting work, the couples around us were solidified.

Not as far as Albis is concerned, so here's the teacher and the assistant...

Well, Cecilia and I won't stop thinking about how things are going around us.

Well done.

I can tell even if I can't see my face.

Cecilia must have seen the sweets lined up on the table with a happy expression that she had finished her day at work.

"That's right. I made most of the baked goods, so let's take them home."

"Yes, but I made it too much because it was a little too hot."

Sure, a lot to take home.

Albis entered the conversation modestly while we were talking.

"Um... if you've made too much, can I distribute it around for your reference?

"I don't mind...."

"I did everything I could to help. Cecilie's sweets aren't bad."

I slightly shifted Tengu's face to create a gap and put cookies in my mouth.

Yeah, it's just as sweet and delicious.


One of my words signaled the couple's arrival at our table.

With its reputation for deliciousness, a couple continues to burn in an effort to work together to make it as delicious as this.

Turning from a relaxing space, we started making real sweets.

Overall, I think the trust of the other party has increased.

"That's not true... it certainly raises confidence. But my outlook is directional....."

Albis looks around and holds his head.

I think I did something wrong.

Cecilia and I stand in a cage with baked sweets.

I'd like you to take me to the next facility.

"Still, there's a lot of it for you to give me. You don't say you eat too much, do you?"

"Are you going to exercise because of this? I just heard there's a facility."

"Okay, I'll show you. Follow me."

Quick recovery.

Now, where did the trouble go?

Guided by Albis to the athletic course.

There is a course made of wood and rope in the wide plaza.

Not just one, but several types of difficulty have been set.

"This is a proud athletic course designed with the help of a veteran ranger. Even the most powerful adventurers can enjoy the difficulty of being physically unconfident."

Indeed, when we look at the movements of the users around us, we can see that they are made to a certain level.

This is interesting.

"There are cases where the male team clearly chose a course for advanced students to fail to look cool, so choose the course carefully..."

Cecilie, now it's my turn to charm.

I choose the most challenging course without hesitation.

It is a circumferential type of course with a time limit.

Is there a hourglass at the start point and should I circle it before the sand falls out?

All you have to do is climb, jump and run.

If you fall to the ground, you're disqualified, or not... I'll do it.

Youki-san, good luck.

"It's burning!

Cecilia's strongest reinforcement spells through my body.

Motivated, I don't use physical enhancement, but goal in a vegetarian state.

The sand on the hourglass was the fastest result of all time.

"Well, my best record is lightly....."

By the way, it looks like Albis was the fastest.

I'm a little shocked because I pulled it out lightly.

Really, I'm not cheating.

"No, I use the strongest fortification magic of Cecilia's support....."

Well, shall I try it too?

"Good luck, Cecilie. It's time to test the results of the simulation that I do occasionally."

"I'm not fighting anybody... but I can't show them awkward moves for Youki-san, who's dating me."

Cecilia's challenge has begun.

Well, Cecilia was part of the ex-boyfriend party.

I had a dangerous goal.

"No, Cecilie should be able to go faster. When you climb a rope ladder, when you cross a log bridge, or when you avoid an approaching log. There's a futile move, running through without losing your posture. You can use Cecilie's abilities."

Albis murmured that I was speaking enthusiastically and that this time he was a teacher and an apprentice...

I don't know if it's what Alvis is planning, but I don't care now.

After taking my advice and trying several times, Cecilia got faster.

Albis' records are out of control.

It was fun.

Oh, you're satisfied.

"Looks like you're enjoying it quite differently than I expected. [M] I wanted to know who you were. Say you don't pry yourself."

Ha ha ha, Albis with a dry smile.

I didn't mean to do anything out of standard.

"Where is the recommended facility for you...?"

Albis' gaze was followed by Caius.

As usual, he carries a coffin and rides on a couple of consultations.

As usual... by the way, why does it look like my eyes are burning when I see Albis' Caius?