"... it's easy to let go.However, the opportunity to hold hands is not that easy.One day, next time, what an idea to throw away.If you want to take care of the warmth of the hand you're holding right now. "

Caius was enthusiastic about the couple.

I don't know what kind of situation couples are dealing with, but men nod to Kaius's words many times.

The woman was waiting for her lover's reaction and was squeezing one hand.

Are you waiting for me to hold it?

What a ridiculous situation.

As soon as Cecilia and I were clear as to what the end would be, Albis slightly walked under Caius.

"Kaius, you again.I told you to only talk about love with guests who visited your castle. "

"Hahaha, Alvis must have told me to make Brilliance better together.I can't stand when I see the lost.Well, they'll have a good experience making memories together.It's better to stay in shape, so I recommend the woodworking experience area. "

"... I don't suppose Kaius is mistaken."

Albis called the staff of the nearby facility.

I hear I'll take care of the couple.

The couple walked with their heads down to Caius and Albis... tie hands.

"It's up to them.... by the way. "

Caius looks at me and Cecilia.

You wouldn't notice if you were wearing a tentacle and turtle wrap.


I was laughed at with my nose.

Hey, excuse me.

"You're doing something interesting again."

"Wow, they found out."

"How did you know..."

Neither I nor Cecilia said a word.

I don't think there were any judgment materials.

"No matter how much mask I wear, I'm not mistaken for someone I've been consulted about as a love cupid."

"What kind of reasoning...?

It's not like I can strengthen my senses.

Neither I nor Cecilia knew why and leaned their necks.

Anyway, the greatness of the love cupid was conveyed.

I see. You can't beat Kaius's...

The bumps and Albis are murmuring... something happened to them.

I thought it was about Jot who had ties to Caius.

He's in a position to call Caius a teacher now.

Caius, who is good at mastering people's minds, is burning up to this point.

What are the circumstances?

"Alvis, you and I aren't playing.What's important is that we can help the people who visited Brilliance.

Well, that's true.

"Then it shouldn't be when you're feeling emotional with me.Albis is creative and capable of moving people.There are a lot of couples you've led... and they'll grow in number. "

I was disappointed that Cecilia and I weren't here.

However, there were no deficiencies in the guide and there was cooperation with the staff.

When he spoke to us, he was also friendly and willing to enjoy the facility.

I'm sure Kaius is right... but I don't think he's convinced.

"We'll lose to Caius.This facility would not have been this large without assistance from Shot.Rather, he opposed it at first.I hear it was Caius who changed him. "

When Yuga and I first went to see Caius.

Shot was building Harlem at the time, and he thought it would interfere with the facilities for couples.

It's Gram's granddaughter now.

He said he was working on a project to revitalize Brilliance, but he was talking about this facility.

"I just pushed his back slightly.It was his choice to start walking. "

"I couldn't do it.Writing and explaining the plan over and over again didn't shake his head vertically.Until one day I offered my help to the border. "

"I just gave you an incentive.Without your efforts, this facility would not have been built. "

How long will this serial conversation last?

It seems like it doesn't seem to have a connection.

After all, what is Albis' dissatisfaction with Caius?

"... knowing the facts, I respected Caius.The Cupid of Love is real.He said we should also listen to him in order to make this facility better.That's why I visited Caius Castle. "

"Oh, I still remember.I want you to take a consultation.I've come to visit you breathlessly to find a place where you can spend a happy time in Brilling. "

Kaius smiles nostalgically.

Alvis is shaking with his fist, what happened?

"I've seen it.I didn't want to see it.You're called Cupid of Love.Indirectly, though, I can't believe you helped me dream... of tying up a woman and pushing her into a coffin!

Albis turned away from Caius in regret.

That's the way it is.

Ah, did you see that?

Yeah, that's Caius' fault.

It was the same before.

You have to be careful not to be seen.

"I remember when I first met Mr. Caius."

"Cecilie was angry at first."

I thought it was a natural reaction.

Well, I guess so.

I wonder if that's why... how it fits well, this.

It's going to take me a long time to figure it out.

... well, it's Kaius, so I guess I'll figure something out.

"Is that so?... I wonder if you could hold on for a moment."

That's how Kaius ran away.

I wonder where he went.

I mean, how long did you want me to give you a clear time?

Shut up and wait for Caius to come back.

It was Albis who broke the silence.

"You must have known Caius.Did you get his advice?

"How many times do I have to?"

I see. As I said earlier, I respect him.That's why I can't forgive his distorted expression of love. "

"A distorted expression of affection?Me too at first.... "

Cecilia and Albis are talking about Caius.

"Hey, you've kept me waiting."

Caius appeared in his usual style... carrying a coffin.

In the circumstances, isn't that what you look like, just greasing the fire?

I believed in the slightest possibility that the contents were empty, but it was shaking slightly.

Yeah, this is the pattern we brought in.

A satisfactory solution is inevitable.

"... I know, Kaius.You're pushing your beloved into it. "

"You're pushing me in... you tell me.It's like a bond between me and Shea. "

Maru's handwritten bill came out of the coffin modestly.

Hey, Shea, you don't seem to fully admit it.