"Youki-san, there's a bill coming out of the coffin."

"Ah, that bill won't convince Albis.To convince her, Shea needs to be more energetic. "

"That's the problem!?

The sooner the bill is put out, the stronger the affirmation will be.

I'm sure Shia-san was surprised, too.

"Kaius, your beloved doesn't seem to appreciate your behavior either.Now is the time to change our behavior.To carry a couple's thoughts as a cupid of love. "

"I'll carry... me.I should always say that.I was just pushing my back.It's impossible for me to bear the thoughts of all the people I talk to. "

"What do you mean....?

"Listen, Alvis.It's not that easy to carry.I used to lose the most important person in my mischievous behavior.Whatever it may be called the Cupid of Love... only one of us can walk together.She's the only one I carry. "

I'm saying something cool.

Looks like Alvis can't find a word to say back.

But given the current situation,

"What do you think it means to carry?

"... is it a physical meaning or a life meaning?It's about Kaius, and in both senses, isn't it? "

I see. Shia-san is rough, too. "

Maru's tag jumped out of the coffin and swayed from side to side.

I wonder why I love Caius.

When I met him, I thought he was going to grow up.

"Of course, we're not just carrying them, we're supporting each other.For example, she can't help worrying that I'm tired from sighing.I was confused when I hugged you from the front and back, but eventually you entrusted me.And then..... "

I suddenly began to expose love episodes.

Do you usually get so flirty?

Albis is wondering if it's okay to ask... if he should close his ears.

I feel the same way about Cecilia.

"Oh, hey. You can't talk like that easily.Aren't you ashamed? "

"I'm embarrassed... I don't know.Where does it lead to shameful behavior to talk about your day with your beloved?I can speak magnificently.How lovely and pathetic my love is!

Hahaha, you're feeling pretty good about laughing too.

It's about time you stopped.


"Something's wrong, Yoki."

I think it's time to stop.

I wonder why. To me.Not yet. I want to talk.Yes, but... what, is your body shaking?

"Shia-san is already at her limit....."

In the middle of the story, the coffin wobbled and the bill was written back and forth many times.

Now, Maru and Bubble cards are randomly appearing, and even a murmuring voice is being heard.

Kaius couldn't bear to be ashamed of herself.

... Shia-san, what a mess.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Shea.I think I've talked too much.I wonder if there was something we wanted to keep secret from the bottom of our breasts. "

A sticky bill came out with a lot of energy.

That's not what happened.

"Hmm... I'll leave it around here.Now, I guess that's it. "

"I thought you told me that Caius was your beloved wife."

"I don't know if I can clean it up with a word about my wife's house."

Cecilia, I know, but let's put up with it.

I can't get rid of it when I put it in.

We'll talk about it when Shea gets back.

"... even if this convinces me"

"It's not a matter of not convincing.There are only a few people who walk together.Even if you don't understand, you won't change the way I love you. [M]Well, if she really hates it, then I'll think about it..... "

I don't know, I whisper to Shea that you don't like the way I love you.

There was a moment, and slowly a sticky bill came out.

That's good, Shea.

How's Kaius, his spare expression?

Albis spilled it... and collapsed there.

"Youki, what are we being shown?"

"It's a meeting of important people who will shape Brilliant's future."

"Some of us can't deny that it's wrong, but what should we do?"

I have to convince you.

I want you to take care of us standing there.

It was Caius who first moved because he felt such a gaze.

"Oops, I'm sorry.You must have come to sightseeing in Brilling. [M]I wonder what happened to Albis' facility.I'm a little involved, too.I hope you're satisfied. "

"I enjoyed it."

"I had a wonderful time, too."

"No, you can't spend as much time as I thought...."

"Hahaha, that's Alvis.You satisfy the visitors to the facility.I don't suppose your reputation will suffer. [M]Thanks to you, I had a good memory, and she said she wanted to come again. "

"That's true....."

"They are satisfied, even if they differ from your ideals. [M]That would be enough. What's important... Alvis, you don't need any more explanations?

Caius can do anything besides love counseling.

I thought it would be better if I received a life consultation.

So what are you going to do now?

"Ah, I thought we were going to meet..."

"It's not a gathering time when you're separated from others."

"Ah, yabah...."

I'm sure Cecilia in the soft, tortoise cover has a stunning look.

I should have kept this a secret.

"Well, here's the Brilliant Meetup Recommendation Topographic Information magazine."

The resurrected Albis pushed me.

What is it, the recommended topographic information magazine?

"This is a compilation of the materials that I have independently researched to find the right place for a gathering.It details the recommended time slots and the number of people in the street. "

"No, I think this is for all kinds of people."

"It's likely to be a bowl with the recipient."

"I'm in charge of the area without losing sight....."

"All right, let's invite them to my castle today.If you haven't decided where to stay yet, you can stay. "

I whispered to him what was going on.

Things aren't that deep.

If you were hiding your face, you'd have trouble getting a place to stay.

Let's make it easy on Caius.

"Nice to meet you. That's good, Cecilie."

"That's right. Please."

Albis ignored it and decided to follow Caius.

Is that information magazine useful?

We arrived at the castle at a time of doubt.

It's strange because it's quite spacious and well cleaned.

"By the way, about what we were talking about earlier,"

Ah, you're talking about dating.Actually.... "

Explain to Caius that he is on a premarital trip in the form of a discount.

I started laughing when I told her that the instructions of the lottery were written as a gift.

Is that what happened?If so, let's provide the top floor of the castle.Brilliance has been developing rapidly lately.Enjoy the beautiful view of the lighted city. "

"I'm sure no one will come to the top floor of the castle.Cecilia's fine, right?

"Yes, thank you, Mr. Caius."

"Hahaha, you don't have to thank me... hmm?

After accepting the suggestion from Caius, the coffin began to shake.

Apparently, Shia-san wants to tell you something.

What's wrong with you...?