"This... seems like Shea wants to talk to you directly.I wonder if you could both turn around a little bit.And you can go inside the castle and take a mask. "

I see. It's getting hot. "

If you wear it for a long time, it will steam.

Turn around and take a mask.

It's been a long time since I touched the outside air... cool.

Cecilia also took a mask and opened it with her hands.

I was exercising with my clothes on.

When Cecilia received the turtle wrap, she turned around.

"Good evening."

Shea stood.

Wait, how many seconds have passed since Cecilia and I took the object?

I think about it every time, but please tell me how it works.

"Good evening, thank you for your help today.Cecilia Aquaraine. "

"Be polite. This is the first time I've put my face together properly.Caius' wife, Shea.I'm sorry for the inconvenience. "

Didn't Cecilia face to face at the masked ball?

Well, I've seen him over the coffin many times.

"So, Shea. I made an appeal that I wanted to make so much.Greetings aren't the only purpose, are they?

"Yes, because they were asking behind Caius' back.So why don't you try the clothes and accessories in the castle? "

"What are clothes and accessories...?

I just asked them what it was like.

Ms. Shea is also involved in the work that Caius started.

You think this castle holds a lot of clothes and gifts for lovers?

They also have accessories and clothing designed by Shia.

It's popular with men and women alike... it's amazing, Shea.

It was suggested that we should choose some of these popular products and give them to each other as a gift.

"No, no, I'm sorry."

"That's right. We can't just be special."

"Well, please don't say that.Yoki is one of Kaius's few friends.I want you to accept it as a celebration. "

Even if I try to say no, Shia's push is strong.

If Caius can do something about this...

"Shea, I know you want to do something for both of us."

Oops, Caius has convinced you.

Shea swells her cheeks to contest and looks at Kaius.

I'm sorry to keep this conversation going.

"Let's split up and help here.The rendezvous is in the upper room.Behave carefully in the bowl.If you're ready first, you can ring the bell and signal. "

You agree with Mr Shea's proposal.

Instead, I've been adding a lot.

Shia's nauseous expression turned into a full smile.

"After all, Caius is on my side.I didn't expect you to come up with suggestions for improvement. "

"Your proposal was a good one. [M]It's no big deal what I did.Let's go. "

"What will we do?"

You're ignoring it.

I'm Caius, Cecilia's taken by Shia.

"So, what is this place?"

"First of all, I thought I should choose from the clothes I wear."

"Is this theater's costume room?

Too many kinds to be out of hand.

Why are there so many kinds of suits?

Are there any clothes to be worn depending on the gathering?

Well, as usual.

"If you wear clothes that you don't normally wear.I feel strange wearing the clothes.Trousers, shirts and scarves. "


Caius grabbed my arm when I tried to get the clothes I wanted to wear.

Eh, so this is no good?

"Gathering is an important event where people who cannot meet under special circumstances meet in secret.I didn't want to go there in my everyday clothes without asking for specificity. "

"Ugh, that might be true.You see, if we care about that, we can easily meet. "

He breaks into the Mansion every now and then and sees you.

You don't have to think of it as such a realistic encounter.

"Aren't you going to take advantage of the stage I gave you?Pre-wedding trips are good.Traveling close to marriage.I'm sure they'll remember. "

So far, I've only spent one night on a deserted island dressed up and enjoying sightseeing spots.

It seems like it will be remembered, but the impact is too strong.

"An important opportunity to make great memories.You are trying to make it easy without adventure. [M]Is that the right thing to do with her?

"Certainly, I don't think Cecilia wants that.I have to go beyond Cecilia's imagination.The word "easy" doesn't suit you!

Yes, this is escape.

Don't try to get away with it, take the road as a yoke.

I put all my clothes back in place.

"That's good. Now, what path do you choose?"

"It must be beautiful at night on the top floor.It may not suit me.Sometimes I want to make a decision. "

I see. Let's go like this. "

Try dressing up as recommended by Caius.

Light purple shirt, wine red jacket and black trousers.

Looking in the mirror and laughing hard, there was a man who looked like a demon.

It looks like a demon race or something.

There's more to it than that.

"Hey, I don't care how you look at this guy.There's a villain in the mirror playing tricks on a woman. "

"I wouldn't mind showing you the usual.It's a night alone with someone I like.I thought it would be good to be a little bad. "

"No, that's not how I feel."

"It seems that if she does too much, she will have a charming personality.Try attacking the ripple. "

What do you mean, "scratch"?

So that Cecilia's sermons won't get in?

What kind of me should I be?

"Let's start with public talk.As the tension eases, I'll gradually move on to her story and praise her.If she starts to get illuminated, maybe we should approach her lightly. "

"I doubt I can do what I'm advised."

"It depends on your efforts.You don't have to do what I say.We need to take the lead.And you have to take care of yourself and maintain your advantage.I need to give the other person the peace of mind that it's okay to leave this person to me. "

"Maybe that's the hardest part."

I can't think of a situation where Cecilia would be relieved if I did it too many times.

I wonder if Mood can handle it.

"Don't be weak.You are good at drawing into your world. [M]If you act with confidence and confidence, you'll be fine. "

Yeah, I guess so.

"Ah, now that we've decided on the costume, let's give it a present.I have to think about acting. "

That's how I got Caius's thankful advice. I was ready to go to the top floor room.

You mean Cecilia's not ready yet because the bell hasn't rang?



Caius showed me into the room and walked down the hallway as if Cecilia was finished.

It's just... casual style.

I usually wear a one-piece dress.

Light light blue shirt with cherry blossom coat and brown trousers.

It's a different costume than I normally imagined.

"Let's just get in the room."

That's right.

I was surprised about the costume, but this is just like a greeting.

This is where the show starts.