Meetups that started with a mismatch in each other's looks.

No, this is a mystery.

Sometimes on the top floor of the castle, as Caius said, the view from the window is...

It's beautiful.

"That's right. It's a different view from Minerva."

"You know why Caius recommended it."



Why, the conversation doesn't go on.

What were you always talking about?

Why does the air change so much just because the clothes and atmosphere are different?

Would you like to put in the gift of your choice as soon as possible?

No, it's too soon.

Let's say you're more beautiful than the view. [M]

... no, it doesn't suit me.

I mean, Cecilia's outfit is still fresh and surprising.

It's similar to what you look like when you're working as Cecilie... but somehow you're having trouble reacting.

Can I express my honest feelings?

It's weird to keep quiet, so tell me.

Um... They look good on you. "

"Thank you very much. I tried to make it my usual dress.Shia-san recommended me to dress unusual.Youki-san... looks bad. "

I knew it. I thought so too, but I got advice from Caius.It feels like we followed each other's advice. "

It seems so.Now Youki-san... has an atmosphere that makes it easy to manipulate a woman on her palm. "

"That much?

What is the nature of me, or rather, the side that is rolled?

Are you expecting such a bad man?

"Then I'll play the bad guy."


"Sometimes that's what happens."

Slowly approach Cecilia in surprise.

Cecilia will, of course, back off, but that's my calculation.

Behind him was a bed, and the moment his feet caught, he gently pushed his shoulders.

Look down at Cecilia lying on her back on the bed.

Put your right hand on Cecilia's face so she can't get up.

What do you think? I hope I was able to meet your expectations.

"I wonder.Because I don't really know what a bad man is.You might understand that you could take a little more concrete action. "

Cecilia laughs provocatively.

The better it is, the better it will be today.

As a man, as a lover, I have to respond to Cecilia's demands.

I kept staring at Cecilia's eyes and approaching my face....

"Sorry, I've been waiting for dinner."


The door opened without knocking, and Shia came in.

I jumped out in a hurry, and I heard a strange voice in surprise.

You didn't see it, did you!?

Sudden movements and impatience make your breathing rough.

The timing of what you think is strange.

Is it because I was born from such a star?

So why isn't Cecilia in a hurry?

Obviously it was a tasty composition if others saw it... no way!?

I turned around to see Cecilia's face.

There was Cecilia who was smiling and killing her with his hands.

This situation is...

"You think I got caught?


"Looks like it helped.I'll leave you dinner, so take your time. "

Shea left the room smiling.

You mean the meeting was right?

"Did you read what I'm going to wear?"

"Shea told me that Kaius would recommend such clothes to Yoki, so I tried a play.I was wondering if it would be easier for me to remember these things. "

"I'm still thrilled, so I'll just remember."

When Shia-san came in, I thought it was over.

I didn't expect Cecilia to set me up...

"Let's have dinner.I just got something I could make in a short time. "

Is Cecilia making dinner by hand?

Cecilia was perfectly arranged while I was choosing clothes and gifts.

Are you sure you don't want to let it go like this...?

I'm sorry, Cecilia.

"Eh, Youki-san!?

I was about to sit in my chair and grab Cecilia's arm and go to bed.

Start over in the same position as before.

"Your reheated dinner will be cold."

"I'm a bad man today."

It's important how you keep it.

Take away your lips or whisper love in your ears... that's a big hurdle.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I just want to shake my head and skip the mess, but I'm a bad man now.

Continue as if it were calm.

"Um, we're in love.I'm thinking it might be fresh and bad to be forced to come, so I don't mind... are you okay, Youki-san?

"Fu, what do you mean it's okay?Shouldn't Cecilia be worried about herself in this situation? "

I can't escape this posture, I don't know what to do.

No, I would never really hate it.

There's nothing to worry about when I'm in a superior position.

"No, well... it's hard to say.Youki-san is often repented for behaving as he feels, so I wonder if it's okay. "

Why don't you drag me later? I'll shut up.

What's a bad guy, my character?

My head suddenly gets cold, and I'm gonna push it down and cover it from the top. Whoa!

I might take your lips off or whisper in your ears... if you're dating me.

"I feel guilty instantly....."

I was holding my head when I was careful.

I'm sorry I'm such a mess, and thank you for waking me up.

I almost had a weird switch on like that.

Better than cook two.

"Even if you change your clothes, Youki is Youki... well, when I was forced to do it, my chest got a little hot.This isn't a bad experience either. "

"So, do you want the bad guy to continue?

"Please refrain from doing that because it's unlikely that Yoki will be able to hold it.Would you like to have a dinner prepared by Shia before it gets cold?

I see. Would you like some? "

We had dinner made by Shia-san.

I suppose you eat at undead.

Meat dishes, soups, salads, and even pasta.

"It's delicious."

"That's right. I'll thank Shia tomorrow.And I'm going to have them teach me how to make pasta. "

Cecilia seems to like pasta.

Cecilia is not a loser in cooking either.

"I also like Cecilia's cooking.Especially black tea. "

Tea is not a dish.


"But I don't feel bad about being complimented.Thank you for saying it's delicious. "

It would be good if Cecilia was happy as a result of the momentum that led to the stupid remarks.

Eat dinner and see the beautiful scenery... it's the end of a good day.

"Yesterday, I wondered what would happen today.I spent the night on a deserted island, masked and sightseeing. "

It's a memorable trip in a different sense.

Even more so... I was aware of something that naturally flirts with me.

I wonder if my thoughts were too sweet.

"... what's wrong?

Cecilia looks at me and smiles a little.

Did I say something weird?

"No... I just thought I wouldn't get tired of being with Yoki.I didn't think it would be such an unexpected trip. "

"It's a trick trip, and it's impossible to predict what's going to happen.

"Still... what's so exciting about traveling with Yoki in so many ways?"

"... well, it's not like Yuga, but I'm in trouble, so am I."

If you're careful, there are many patterns of being involved in some sort of incident.

Nothing has happened so far.

But that's not what Cecilia wants to say.

"That's not true. Youki-san is going to get himself involved.And it's helping someone.I think this trip with the discount has been completed... because of Youki-san's previous work. "

Cecilia may have overestimated me.

I'm telling you with serious eyes, and I can't deny it straight away.

No, should I accept that it is like that?

"I mean... is this a reward for my hard work?"

"That's how I see it."

I see. Then why don't we just give it to her for a better memory? "

I took a gift from my pocket to Cecilia.

Would you be pleased?

"Thank you very much. May I open it?"


"Now, hurry up... this is a compartment."

The gift I chose was a compartment.

When I was confused about accessories and everyday items, I chose a small compartment.

There is a good reason.

"This time on a pre-wedding trip.Next time it's a honeymoon. "

That's what I'm talking about.

"It's not often, but you and I may be going away together in the future... if you could use that accessory compartment as a travel memory compartment."

Just before the wedding, the two of you traveled alone.

Next time it's my honeymoon... I thought it was like I was getting ready to make memories.

I don't know, I don't have any sense.

"You really can't read Yoki, can you?I've been holding my head so far... why are you suddenly dressed up?Strange, isn't it? "

"Well, it's me, right?

"That's right, Youki-san.Thank you for the nice little luggage.This from me..... "

Cecilia gave me a glass.

Something strange is shining on the bottom of the glass.

"It's unusual, right?It's like mixing special minerals in the bottom of a glass and changing the color of the bottom to an irregular hue. "


Don't get tense from what you look like.

Drinking fruit wine is not bad either.

Let me use it as soon as I get back.

Cecilia showed me a note when I was looking at the glass.

Is this... a lottery?

"I just pulled back to make plans for tomorrow."

"Oh, I don't mind at all."

It would be better if the contents were taken care of by the two of us.

Duke's got to slow down.

Write down where to take your time.

"We're not going to slow down alone.Cecilia, tomorrow in a nearby town..... "

"Look at this."

Cecilia showed me the back of the note.

It says, "Let's hug them and don't miss them."

Irene, what are you writing!?

Don't let Cecilia or me escape.

I feel soft on my back when my heart is tickling.

"Huh!? Cecilia"

"It's the result of a debit."

No, I think so.

Turn around a little bit.

I turned my face to the left as I was told.

Then it was soft on my left cheek again...

"I was so happy that the accessory compartment exceeded my expectations... I made two gifts for you."

"Brain processing is not catching up."

After this, I couldn't sleep at all.

Cecilia had a lovely sleep.