Nothing happened at night.

Yeah, nothing happened.

"Nothing happened...."

"Youki-san. I don't mind opening the window and taking in the morning sun, but I rented a room, so I have to clean it up."

Yeah, I know.

"If only I knew... why is it so sad?"

That's because I slept in the same room and didn't do anything.

I should have used an arm pillow.

You must have fallen asleep a little tired from a one-night athletic course on a deserted island.

It's completely soft to be a man and go to bed first.

We have to do something about it.

"What is recovery? Something without my knowledge....."

"No, no, no. It's not a big deal.No, it might be a big deal.I've troubled someone... but what do you mean? "

As it stands, Cecilia's sermon begins to be misunderstood.

I was anxious when I finished without knowing how to explain it and was misunderstood, but I was told that if it was that way, it would not be a problem.

How far does Cecilia know about me?

Time to quit after you decide to ask next time.

What was written in the drawn lottery?

He said, "You know, you're always in a lot of trouble, and you know what to do if you watch the theater quietly."

That sounds like Mr. Duke's proposal.

"Oh, he's a good looking guy and he's got eyes on everywhere.Irene must have fallen in love with something like that. "

Incidentally, on the back is Mr. Irene's instructions.

You should giggle, giggle!It was written.

What advice is that?

Well, because it was an instruction, I put my hands together.

I decided to finish cleaning and pack my bags and leave the castle.

Oh, are you leaving already?

"You can take your time."

I was told by the two of you, but I broke up without staying long because there was a next destination.

Caius advised me not to get weird when I parted.

I don't know if I worried you, but I shouldn't have let you look like that.

"Cecilia, it's me.Does it look like you're upset about showing me something good?

"Youki-san is often idle when he pushes hard, right?I didn't make any strange mistakes during my trip and thought too much. "

I see.

Did I just give you some advice just in case?

Well, what I've done so far leads me to trust.

Did you think it might be soft around here?

"Be careful."

"What are you doing?"

"This story. So where can I watch theater?

"Around here....."

Ask Cecilia for geographic information and fly off.

I don't watch a lot of theatre, so I'm looking forward to it.

While I was flying, I was talking to Cecilia, and she went to see it with her family several times when she was a kid.

Well, that's a lot of entertainment in Minerva, of course.

I know the minimum manners.

The question is what to watch.

I arrived in a nearby town while I was thinking.

We have a problem here.

"You stand out."

"You stand out."

It seems that turtles and tengus only work in brilliance.

It is so prominent that it is pointed out and secretly talked to.

This isn't good...

"This town is Tallis.There were merchants gathered in the trading city, and there was so much entertainment that I thought there was no problem, but it didn't seem good. "

I see. Let's make it a regular disguise. "

"On the contrary, it's attracting attention.Should I get a place to stay first? "

On the third day, you'll finally be using the inn.

Day 1 Nojuku on a deserted island, day 2 overnight in a castle I know, and day 3.

What kind of trip are we on?

I wish Cecilia wasn't burdened.

I was worried, but I changed into a nearby inn.

I'm worried Cecilia won't find out anyway.

I don't know what to do... that's right!

"What are you wearing, Mr. Youki?"

"I tried to disguise myself as an escort to protect Miss Cecilia Aquarain."

"Please dress normally as the situation where I take my escort to the theater attracts attention.I... I'm fine now. "

Do you wear glasses on your hat and your usual disguise?

Well, even if they find out, they're already ready.

Let's go for fun.

I left the inn and led Cecilia to the theater.

"Looks like you're on time for your most popular play."

"Really, we are."

"Yes, buy a ticket to enter the theater"

Cecilia pulls her hand and runs to the theater.

I can't imagine what kind of story the title of the show will be with you or just the title. [M]

There are lots of chairs lined up in the theater, but the seats are full.

This is the fourth time I've done this, or is it because I'm definitely impressed?

Sounds like a masterpiece to the audience.

Looking forward to it.

That's right.

I was talking quietly with Cecilia, and the theater started.

The story of heroine and heroine sticking together at the end of the day.

A scene where a friend tells you who you really like.

The protagonist moves on to action when he wakes up from being beaten.

Decide to settle with the subheroin and go to the heroin to confess.

I want you to stay by my side forever, and I want you to propose to marry me and stick together and finish.

How does it feel to end the theater like this?

"I know this!

I've heard this before.

I'm talking about a brave man and a childhood friend.

I mean, there's only one friend who took care of her by hitting the hero on a romantic consultation!

Because I'm not the same person, I'm talking about a few people.

"Youki-san, calm down."

"Can you calm down?That subheroin is completely..... "

"I have eyes around me, so please put your name down.It's just attracting attention. "

Cecilia pressed his mouth to calm him down.

The show is over, but the customer hasn't entirely drawn it yet.

There are some people left and they are looking at us.

That's right, I was a little overwhelmed.

But I can't even tolerate subheroin.

There was a scene where subheroin was attracted to motherhood rather than romantic feelings at the end of the episode.

I mean...


"No, it's nothing."

I won't tell you because the atmosphere is going to get worse if I dig into the area.

I'll keep this in my heart.

Even so, they confessed in front of school.

Most customers were moved and crying in the last scene.

There's something we can tell from what we've actually seen.

It was a little used for theatre.

"... yes. Definitely."

Heroin is the hero anyway.

Yuga is not so jealous.

Once I've made my decision, I'll go straight ahead enough.

There was a sense of theatre around there.

"I wonder if they worked together on this."

"I didn't hear that.Perhaps the brave have received it. "

Mikana's not going to take it.

Until the two of you got together.

Well, they're both celebrities, so I'm not sorry.

Let's at least do it nonfiction.

I was desperately holding back the urge to watch.

"I want to bring the truth to the people."

"I don't know how to say this, so could you stop it?"

"The people are deceived."

"It's about Mikana and the brave one...?

"Sure. Let's get hungry and have a tactical meeting first."

"Please join me for dinner only."

There were children looking enviously at the theater as they moved around with such a conversation.

You must be an orphan.

I'm interested in acting, but I can't go to see it.

"A city where money is easy to collect makes a big difference between rich and poor."

"What's wrong, Mr. Youki?"

"I thought I'd give him a break."

Let's talk about non-fiction, not fiction.