I was anxious to go to a further companion.

I think it's a pitiful story many times, but I want an opinion at all.

Again, I wanted to refer to the opinions of the opposite sex as well......

"Happiness, help me."

"... temper"

"That won't solve it!

To make sure Cecilia never finds me, I'm hiding in a mansion implant and talking to Happiness.

Cecilia and I have decided whether to propose or to meet on the same day.

Though I'm used to coming to the mansion, I have to sneak.

"... happiness"

"What's the point of that action?"

I've suddenly shown you a ring worn on my left hand pharmacopoeia.

I smile, albeit modestly.

Happiness doesn't put too much emotion on his face.

Are you proud of happiness, Happiness?

Well, I know it's a compliment, so let's applaud it.

"... happiness"

He said, "Okay."

What is wrong with you even though you are properly blessed?

"... opponent, smile"

"You know what?"

I mean, like you can laugh at Cecilia...... asking me to propose something that gives you a sense of happiness.

"Duke and Happiness are excellent men."

"... former subordinates"

"Oops, you did"

"... family"


"… Correction"

Happiness is panicking and shaking his face to the side.

Don't be happy to say it.

When I was in good shape and sniveling, I was elbowed in the flank.

Yeah, that's no different, Happiness.


"Wow, Seek."

A third ex-boyfriend who waves and runs this way.

No, you were family.

I'm sneaking in now, so be quiet.

"I also have a Happiness sister -. In hiding?

"I didn't. Now I'm just sneaking in to see Happiness."

"Nah. I thought you were playing."

"I'm busy."

"... persuasive"

"Don't you?

I slowly shook my head vertically just to be sure.

That certainly doesn't convince me to say I'm busy in this outfit.

"Seek. It's too early for kids like you..."

"Uh, Seek-kun discovered it."

It's a discovery.

Seek to be disappointingly grabbed by both sides and prevented from escaping.

Of course they're with Teal and Fiora.

At the earliest possible moment, you will not escape.

It's no use looking in a hurry.

"That's Mr. Yowki, isn't it? What are you doing in that place? Is that a hideout?

"Are you a hideout?

"So, I'm not hiding!

"... loud"


Shit, I can beat Cecilia.

We need to be quiet.

Hide yourself into the bush as you round your body as you check around.




"... pervert"

"Wait a minute, Happiness. Yours is a bad word."

You can't keep telling me you won't find out.

"... Seek, backup"

"Hmm... of what?

"Seek. Perhaps Mr. Yowki will propose. The other day, the patron god spoke to me. I give you my feelings in the ring. If you succeed, you can spend the rest of your life with them."

No, no, that explanation is a little different.

It's heavy.

"Every day we whisper love to each other, we sleep in our bed together, we wake up, and the first face we see in the morning is not ourselves in the mirror, but the other face..."

Oops, Teal's switched on.

He talks about his marriage with a blushing look on his face.

Yeah, let's go.

"The couple is doing that...? I'll ask when I get home."

Stop it, because Clayman and Mr. Sophia are having trouble dealing with it.

For some reason, I put Teal's hot valve in a situation where Fiora listens with a nod of yeah.

Seek's arm remains grasping.

Let me let you go...

"Captain. Cancer Ba"

Seek-looking backup.

"I don't know much about that. Good luck to the captain."

"... correction, opponent"

"Good luck to your opponent and captain."

I don't know, this sense of decency.

Seek left his arms grabbed by the two of them and Happiness held a pair of tweezers.

But... I feel like I've lost more shoulder strength asking these guys to stay the way they usually are than telling me something with a serious face.

"... thanks"

"... salute, no"

"No big deal."

Really these guys......

"Happy party and good luck party, sister Happiness. Should I have two curtains?

"… required"

"I don't want it! Do that kind of consultation without me. Good luck with the party."

How do you feel about attending that party?

"... overconfident"

"Captain, there's absolutely no way."

"You guys are really the way you always are!

Mind your own business.

Any more noise was likely to bring people together, so I retreated.

... the story of whether it made sense to go talk to him.

You're getting easier, that's it!

"In the end, what's it like..."

As much as I think about it when I get home, I don't have an answer.

Do you have the right answer in the first place?

"Wouldn't the Savior show up at a time like this?"

Caius, I was wondering if you could come.

I could hear a knock on the door if I had such expectations.

Have you guessed my pinch?

Open the door with anticipation.


He was a brave man.

Surely the brave are the saviors.

I'm just not calling you now.

"Yuga, I'm sorry, but you can't save me..."

"Face to face. That dialogue isn't terrible early!?

Sorry, I'm full of them too...

But I gave it home because I'm just sorry to drive you back.

"Not if you're here."

Micah is the weight, so you have to support her, husband brave.

"Yeah...... it is. Raven told me you were worried about Yoki. Mikana is fine. I have Micah's relatives here now."

"Right. Something's wrong."

"Youki-kun took care of me. If anyone has trouble with that, it's the brave ones who reach out."

"How can such a brave Yuga help me?

"You're proposing to Cecilia, aren't you? Youki-kun will be fine. Good luck!"

Normally supported.

No, I'll do my best.

I'm worried about how to work hard.

"Cecilia would surely answer to Youki-kun's feelings. Don't worry, you can propose."

"I've never been advised like that before."

What kind of gaze would make you so sure?

"Come and let me know when the proposal is ready. with Cecilia. Because I bless you with Mikana."

"Why are we talking on the premise of success?"

"Because if you're the usual Yoki, you say you'll definitely succeed or something. Raven told me."

Raven, did you tell Yuga about me in the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman state?

But that's certainly what you'd always say.

What Yuga is saying is not wrong.

"If I put weird effort into it, I'll empty it, so you just have to show me your regular Yoki. Cecilia liked you like that."

"Yuga... why did you find your left hand on the way?

I was impressed by Yuga's words and was a little concerned about his gaze.

That gaze is not...

"Actually, that's a word from Mikana now..."

"Hey, brave man"

Save me with your own words.

"The first half is my word. It's true that I think Yoki will be fine. 'Cause there are a lot of people who have been helped because of Yoki. Help yourself and be happy..."

Then Yuga left.

Totally, and always this guy says whatever he wants.

"I don't know... I'm starting to feel like I can do it"

Later when I was braved for that reason.

Cecilia told me about the date.

When I was getting ready, time quickly passed and it was a promised day.