I spread the truth to the children.

The heroic twists and turns, the wizard's tearful determination, the sacred... no, the whole party.

I was going to tell you that the theater was too glorious.

"Why am I booming now?"

Children's ratings are a storm of bad reputation.

Sometimes truth can be a cruel blade, but even if you tighten it coolly, it doesn't fit.

How did this happen?

Cecilia answered my question.

"Children like heroes.The hero doesn't like to talk about the true mistakes of the hero or the subtle relationships within his people. "

"The more it becomes. The story of the drowsy Shura Hall is not suitable for children who don't know the dirt yet."

"Who do you think would be interested?"

Shut up about Cecilia's extraordinary comic book.

I guess this is a bad thing to do if I don't talk to the kids.

It's a bit of a booming storm ahead of the collection.

I don't have any stories... but I do.

"Let's talk about a man...."

I told the children.

I'm talking about a man who was holding back.

The story of the Virgin appearing before a heartless man and being rescued.

There was a spicy exchange of opinions with a man who was ill dressed and had no drawstrings.

But I accepted the opinion.

Of course, it's not a hero.

I told him that I chased a virgin who was in love at first sight with a naughty drag.

In the process, I made friends, blessed my juniors, and told them that I had met competitors.

At first, I was shaken, but I was persevering and started with a friend and gradually deepened the relationship.

There was no such thing as having a hard time together or dating from a young age.

Gain trust by getting lost and resolving various difficulties on a daily basis.

And they broke through the trial of the Virgin, and they were bound together.

"... well, here's the thing."


It's a big reversal.

"The Virgin is so cool."

Yeah, you look good inside.

One man's story was better than the hero's nonfiction story.

After all, the hero's tenacity and a sense of justice that no one abandons.

The heroin's steady kindness and caring qualities were appreciated.

These guys will be back on their way with satisfaction.

Oh, good, good... yeah.

Cecilia in the back isn't turning around because she's scared.



"Can you turn around?

"I see...."

Looking back with no escape.

There was Cecilia with a smile on her face.

"Youki-san. Isn't that something we shouldn't talk about?"

"I'm talking about a man. I'm just talking about a man."

"Mr. Youki?


Sit down and apologize. This is important if you do something wrong.

The children are talking about reproducing the apology scene.

No, it's not a reproduction, it's a real one.

"It's not a good idea to bend your opinion easily."

"No, it's not."

"What's different?"

"This is a story from a man's perspective.Somewhat will enrich yourself.When it comes to the Virgin who saved me more than that.... "

"So you think I'm convinced?

"... I don't think so."

No, I can't find a good excuse.

However, seeing that I was being preached by the speaker, the children came up with an opinion that Onee-chan was not funny.

The words of only one child are the opinion of all children and attack Cecilia.

Careful, Cecilia was surrounded by children.

It's the usual sight to see in an orphanage.

Cecilia will break...

"... well, I'm talking about a man.I didn't feel bad listening... "

So the sermon ended.

It was close... it was almost time for a long course.

Thanks to the kids.

All right, I'll tell you something else.

"This is about a man...."

"You're still doing it!?

Cecilia sounded surprised, but the children responded well.

This was also popular when I presented the episode that I didn't talk about earlier.

After all, it's heroine effect with the hero.

While I was talking, I was afraid of Cecilia in the back.

The audience grew along the way... but I talked without biting the courage I wore as a Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.

"Applause. Fu, did you see that?This is my ability to speak. "

"Youki-san, you often demonstrate your talents in places you don't really understand...."

Cecilia, is that a compliment?

But it's too crowded.

The Knights who were worried about the noise were about to fly in.

I think it's time for you to leave.

Cecilia, let's go.

"Yes, I understand.I'm used to it. "

"You're not upset at all."

I'm ready to hug Cecilia.

Some young women are screaming with joy.

I don't scream that much in Minerva.

Well, that means getting used to it.


I jumped up in Cecilia's arms.

Land on the roof and run.

We plan to land in an unpopular location.

"Youki-san. This isn't Minerva."

"Yes, it is. Well, it seems like there's a lot of entertainment in a thriving city, and there's a certain amount of noise to be disputed."

"Youki-san in the first place. Is it okay to hold me and jump around even though I'm close to the vegetarian state?"

"... well, we'll leave tomorrow."

"I'm sure it'll be a rumor."

"Yeah, right...."

As a precaution, I decided to walk the city in a casual disguise.

By the way, when I returned to the inn to draw lots, there was a note saying that I wanted a souvenir.

It was a content that you could tell from a single shot that it was a rare herb.

It wasn't an instruction to do anything where, so I pulled another one.

There is a note with a gay opinion that it is better to take your time in a calm place.

It was Cecilia and me who looked gay and dusty, but I looked behind the note.

Let's talk about the charm of the Guardian God, the strength, kindness, grace, and as much as we can think of...

Seeing the memo, Cecilia and I did not follow the memo instructions for the first time on this trip.

Teal really doesn't bleed.