Guy decided to ignore Teal's instructions anyway.

"I'm sorry to hear you write, but I can talk about Guy enthusiastically.Okay, here's where we talk about each other's favorite places. "

"It may seem like a couple, but it's really embarrassing.

Cecilia, who is undressing his disguise and relaxing on the bed, objects.

It certainly feels like it's happening now.

I see. I'm talking to Cecilia when I'm proposing.As Guy instructed, let's have a stroll in the inn room today. "

Ask your host to make dinner for you occasionally.

I told you when I received such a service.

Somehow I decided on a policy, so I dived into bed.

"I told you what I liked about Yoki when we were dating."

Cecilia told me a happy old story when I was lying down.

That was when I made my second confession.

It's still in my chest.

"If you remember, don't you have a head?"

"It feels like my chest was raised that day...."

Is that what you meant?

Now I think Soleil came and confessed to the imminent danger.

I thought I wouldn't do it now.

Cecilia said it would be convenient for me to wait forever.

"I was always ready to confess."

"What are you suddenly talking about?"

"No, I'm just talking about this."

"I'm worried about stopping here, so I want you to talk to me."

Cecilia, who was lying on her side at ease, got up and went up to her bed.

No, no, the two of you are tight in the single bed...

Cecilia comes closer to her face with her mouth crossed, but she's more embarrassed than talking about what she likes.

It was judged impossible to fall in love with a weakness or more, and I decided to set up the mood at that time.

"In fact, when Soleil stole Cecilia, I felt a sense of crisis and confessed that it was convenient for Cecilia to wait for me forever...."

How about this from a woman?

I wonder if it will be a pattern of disappointment depending on the momentum.

After I cut my tongue off, my face was distracted due to my bad feelings.

"That's right... why are you turning away?"

"I wonder if you let Cecilia down."

"Disappointed, am I?Why? "

Oh, that's not what I thought.

"For whatever reason, Youki-san decided to choose me.I'm not disappointed. "


I hugged her.

No, if they say so.

We're sleeping in the same bed, we're in close range!

"Eh, eh, eh!?

Cecilia is also lightly panicked because she doesn't hug suddenly.

I don't hug you with the feeling of taking care of you more than usual, so this kind of reaction will probably happen.

"I'll definitely be happy."

"Keep that word for the wedding."

Tsukomi was calm.

I could sleep as it is, but the two of them separated and slept in the single bed because they were narrow.

The next day, I pushed my hand into the box with the lottery.

"It feels like the last one."

"It's the end of a long trip."

"Now, what happens...?"

Confirm the lot taken out.

It was written that you should not hate the other person and enjoy it appropriately.

"Give me specific instructions!

I threw the lottery.

It's common sense that you don't dislike your opponent.

You wouldn't give me such a fluffy instruction, normal.

As a Associate Alliance Master, you move your staff every day.

He said I was scratching my head and agonizing.


Cecilia's little laughter was heard.

There may have been some funny parts.

"Looks like this is our destiny."

Cecilia showed me the back of the lottery.

It says to entertain your daughter at Yoki's discretion.

This is Sophia's order.

But at my discretion...

Nice to meet you, Mr. Youki

"Ah, I remember when I proposed...."

I can't believe you're here and you're going to question my arm.

The anxiety of being satisfied lies behind my head.

Wait, let's change our minds.

This is a request from Mr. Sofia.

The Black Thunder Magic Swordsman does the request quickly and perfectly.

Let's entertain Cecilia, shall we?

"Fu, I can't possibly entertain my current lover in marriage.Leave it to me. "

"... I'll leave it to Youki-san, who occasionally feels excited."

Oh, Cecilia can't stop me.

That's fine, the kitchen two switch is still on.

It's good to go with this momentum.

"All right, let's go.This is a commercial city.Cecilia is satisfied..... "

No, this is a pre-wedding trip.

A plan to entertain Cecilia alone cannot satisfy Cecilia.

"I'm sorry, Cecilia.Change of plans. "

"Is something wrong?"

"I want to think about what Cecilia and I are satisfied with."

"... that's right. I miss making memories when I'm the only one who has fun traveling.Think about what you can enjoy together.Youki-san can do it. "

"Of course. I'm Cecilia's lover."

I decided to pose tightly.

I can do anything now.

"I thought so...."

"What did you think?"

Even if Kitchen Two is switched on... no.

It may have been because I was in it that I could have made a good choice.

I took Cecilia's hand, and I went to a café where a lot of tea and leaves were sold.

It is a city of commerce that offers a variety that Cecilia has never seen before, not to mention what it has grown in its mansion.

It was good to get there.

But when I entered the cafe, the kitchen switch went off.

"Youki-san is too busy to be in that state."

"Today, if there's a hole, I'm depressed enough to want to go in."

That far?

"I wanted to get the right answer in my normal state."

I wish I could come here without relying on the momentum of the kitchen switch.

It is not good to switch on the kitchen two to overcome adversity.

We need to entertain Cecilia with vegetarian yoke.

"Whether I am a Magic Swordsman or not, Youki is convinced that I am Youki.Of course, if you inadvertently cause a disturbance, I will respond accordingly.

Cecilia's smile dazzled after she finished speaking.

Yeah, I know, Cecilia.

I will try not to cause trouble from now on.

"I'll do my best for Cecilia's peaceful smile."

"What is a peaceful smile...?

Peace is all that matters.

Let's change the subject before we get into deep scratch.

"Hmm, after all, I like this kind of time the most.How's Cecilia?

"What kind of time is this?

"Chatting while drinking tea"

I knew you liked this best.

Before we go out, after we go out, before we get married.

Cecilia and I are most comfortable having tea and laughing alone.

Time is running out.

"... Youki-san hasn't changed."

"I want to fix the bad things."

"I wonder if we should slowly change to a better direction without imposing it.There's plenty of time ahead. "

"That's right...."

I wonder if this is how it should end on the last day of my trip.

Go to the uninhabited island, set a new record in athletics, meet up and watch a play.

All of them were fun because they were with Cecilia.

This feeling is the best.

Cecilia's expression changed when she enjoyed the taste and aroma of tea in a good mood.

Something doesn't seem to bother me.

"What's wrong?

"No, I was wondering if this trip was over.You pulled all the lots. "

Oh, yeah.

I was worried about just the touch of my hands, so I peeked into the box and checked, but Sophia and her lottery was the last one.

"Isn't there an instruction written on the front and back?Have you seen the back of the hero's lottery?


Speaking of which, you hit the floor that time.

I recovered it.

However, I didn't think there were instructions in the back then.

The lottery I have drawn so far has been put together properly.

"It's in my jacket pocket so I can get it out right away."

"Behind the legs of the brave."

"Well, it must be Mikana.Now, what it says is, "

Put it in the middle of the table and check it out between the two of you.

It says go wherever you want.

Are you with Sophia?

Looks like Mikana.

But what was written on the second line froze me and Cecilia.

I'm just a little worried that the two firefighters are missing from Minerva.

Don't hesitate to enjoy yourself.



"How many times have you two been away from Minerva together?"

There you are.

"Mikana thinks too much."

I hope so.

I'd like to think so.

Two people look at the sky in one hand in a cup of tea.

The sky was blue today, and I felt like I heard Duke screaming.

Should I buy a souvenir and go home?

Let's do it.

I decided to buy souvenirs quickly and go home to pick up the luggage I had left at the inn.

Somehow I hurried back there, and I can say that was the right answer.


"Captain, Irene wants to introduce me to her parents, so she wants to go home.What should I do!?

"Go on. Good luck getting admitted."

"Captain, aren't you cold?Oh, maybe Raven's been talking to me. "

"No way!

Raven arrived the day after returning from the trip.

Everything seems to have had a lot of repercussions on Happiness songs, and they are being scouted by the famous theater troupe.

Happiness says it's for Raven.

"... I feel like I shouldn't be the only one to sing Happiness songs.But I also wanted to have a monopoly. "

and was talking.

What do you do with your maid's work? You're begging me to do it at a pace of about once every ten days.

I've heard a little bit about it too.

"I'll tell you what, I still need to talk to you."

A husband-and-wife quarrel of that magnitude broke out because of the proper opinion of Clayman the Lotter.

Clayman was in the hospital, and now the guild wants me to work too hard.

Fiora came to tell me that Quinn and his wife had stopped fighting in a caius tone and that the whole family was acting weird.

No, what am I supposed to do?

"Captain, I'm counting on Cecilia here.Traveling deepens the bond. "

"Cecilia is the most troublesome case."

Of course, the person I was talking to was in Mikana with Yuga.

I should have realized by now.

Recently, it seems that we have learned about Mikana at a second-by-second level.

I can protect Mikana and her belly these days.

I'm glad to be loved, but I think I'm a little overdone.

Cecilia can't move because of Mikana's request.

Rather, it's a level I need to cooperate with.

"When can I have tea and laugh with Cecilia next....."

I hoped it would be a future not too far away.