A few days earlier than traveling alone with Cecilia.

I was running around reading it as early as I could for the wedding.

The reason is the Alliance's requests have accumulated.

Recently, the Alliance was spinning smoothly because of Clayman's motivation.

As a result, he was taking more and more work and proceeding smoothly under Clayman's command.

However, Clayman's hospitalization has stalled the Alliance.

I have managed to turn around the chores, but I have not been able to process urgent requests or failed requests.

Therefore, a Black Thunder Magus swordsman was summoned to quickly and perfectly execute the request.

No, I haven't been working lately, so I'll try.

I decided to go to the clinic to complain about coming back quickly and calling Crayman.


When I entered the hospital room with a rough speech, there was a sight that I had seen before.

Clayman lying on the bed.

I can't even wrap around the bandage, but I can't walk or lift anything.

There are also fruits left to see if someone has come.

"Oh, you're here."

"You're not here.Couples fighting again. "

"Fiora must have gone home.You're right.I didn't understand how important the Aqua Raine Lady was to Sofia. "

I wonder if you're really reflecting on this... and you're murmuring and dropping your shoulders.

I didn't really care that Cecilia and I looked like Clayman.

"If I were more serious, I wouldn't fight like this.Do I have to change? "

Isn't it too shocking?

Sophia would have come to pick me up somehow if it had been before, and I was in love with her with a smiling face.

I wonder if this sympathy was brought by Sophia.

I'm telling you, it was brought to me by Sierra, who cried in sympathy.

Clayman will explain why you noticed my gaze.

Isn't that Sophia's?

This is serious for both of us... Sophia, I can see you're taking care of Clayman.

"It's enough to be taught by my own children.We need to discuss this with the couple. "

"Quinn told me."

"You want to hear it?

Then Clayman began to talk.

Clayman and Sophia tried to keep the fight from showing the children much in the first place.

Quinn and Fiora started going out when they slept.

That's why Quinn showed up, although he was a crazy guy who was being blurred by Sophia.

"I think a couple who can fight is a good couple.Because we can collide with each other's opinions and expose ourselves without hiding.My father and mother are a good couple.But I don't think it's good to go too far. "

What did he say?

Clayman and Sofia seem to have solidified, but Quinn goes on.

"Let's go to bed tomorrow to laugh at the four of us, Dad, Mom."

So the fight is over?

Well, Clayman didn't normally sleep at home, so he used Formula God to go to the hospital.

"Quinn and I had a little argument, but we just looked at each other with cold eyes.That's it now.... "

Children grow up fast... and murmur with loneliness.

It's your fault, Clayman's body looks thin.

Originally, you weren't majestic.

What kind of mood is that?

"Was Clayman sensitive to the growth of his children?I've been proud of Sophia's good bride, but I think that's enough about the kids. "

"Well, it's me and Sofia's kid.Quinn doesn't fail in his efforts.Fiora resembled me, but I will pursue whatever I am interested in to help myself.I wasn't worried.However, my son's spiritual growth is going to be faster. "

I don't know, it's hard to say I'm being influenced by Caius, who suggested I meet him.

I didn't think it would be good to be broken up and depressed, and I think I made the right choice.

"Well, kids grow up in places they don't know.Sophia will come and see you as usual. "

That's right.Will you bring Quinn and Fiora... "

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I broke up because I dared to say that I would try my best in the Alliance's work.

When it was discovered that it was more serious than I thought, it was late for lunch.

I'm not eating alone, I have a partner.

"... I'm sorry about the other day.I just got back from my trip and suddenly came. "

Raven was the one who promised.

I didn't have a proper consultation last time.

Raven was busy and I didn't have the time, so I decided to discuss it at my house for a lunch break.

"No, I'm fine.What's bothering you?

"... even though I was in trouble at the time, it was probably a mistake to rely on Happiness"

"No, no, don't say anything negative.Happiness would have been so happy to have Raven. "

"... I see.Happiness worked hard for me.He gave me his best smile and sang.The applause made me listen, and I was too late to applaud. "

Did you perform such a good song?

I guess it was enough to compete with a mermaid, and it was for Raven's sake, so I got in the mood.

"... so the head of the troupe liked Happiness.I was the one who introduced you, so I was asked if you could take a moment. "

I thought you said Happiness was for Raven.

"... oh, if I just talk to you a little while ago, you'll consider it positively.I think I've talked to you before... but I have a desire to make Happiness's singing my own. "

"Raven... did that happen to you?You think it's Yuga's influence?

"... I know what I'm saying is wrong.Even if I knew it, I felt complicated. "

Raven holding his head.

This is serious, too.

"I don't like Happiness being too prominent.But if he wants to do it, I won't stop him.You don't really work as a theater troupe member, you're talking about it.Then I think we should discuss it carefully with Happiness. "

"... is that still the case?However, when you wave from me, Happiness seems to be careful not to tell me the truth..... "


Within trouble, the conversation did not proceed into a parallel line, and it was to be dissolved without a decision on what to do.

Oops, I need to ask you something.

"Raven, did you hear about Duke and Irene taking a long vacation?

"... I didn't ask.Something wrong? "

"No, you don't have to listen to me."

There seems to be no progress on the homecoming either.

Hmm, Duke didn't cry last time either.

I have the feeling that Duke will be fine, but will you come and see how it goes?

Do you know where they are now, Raven?

"... the lunch break is over, so I think we're both walking around.I'm sure they're on duty..... "

Raven taught me the route around and broke up.

Well, I'm at work and I don't want to talk about it for a long time, but let's just see what it looks like.

They were found in no time by my ability to search the enemy.

First of all, I'm hiding and watching. I'm at work and I don't feel strange.

I'm walking around seriously with the right distance.

I don't think it's a big deal, let's talk a little.

What I was hiding and watching was approaching the two of them in private.


I called out as a coincidence.

Hello, Captain.

Captain, I'm so tired.

"Follow me both.How's it going? Everything all right?

"I don't think there's any particular disturbance.Nothing abnormal. "

"Yes, Mr. Duke.There's nothing wrong with Minerva. "

Hey, there's a thorn in the words.

"Peaceful evidence."

Yes, Minerva is peaceful too.

Mr. Irene, I was just saying something.

"Well, I don't know what's going to happen, so I can't train you."

"Train and empower yourself no matter what happens."

Well then, Captain, excuse me.

Captain, if you'll excuse me.

"Oh, oh, good luck."

After saying goodbye to the two of them, they walked side-by-side.

I didn't hear anything from Duke, Irene.

I also felt that Mr. Irene would not give up.

How should I stand on this?

Last time, I couldn't properly consult with you, so should I call home?

In the meantime, it turns out that it's not going to be easy for everyone to solve.

"I've been running since I got back from my trip.Sometimes I'd like to take my time at home. "

I bought dinner ingredients and went home.

"Welcome back, Youki-san...."

Cecilia sat on a chair and leaned against a table.