"Uh, Cecilia, what's wrong?"

It is no longer uncommon for Cecilia to be at home.

I give you the key and often come to cook dinner.

Frequency at a level I don't think you can stand it.

But I've never seen Cecilia in a house like this before...

"More serious than the brave man thought."

Is that what you're saying?

Cecilia must have handled the hardest Yuga.

No wonder Cecilia couldn't stop Yuga's runaway.

"What happened to Mikana's second by second grasp?

"First I talked to Mikana, then I talked to the brave man."

According to Mikana, I work hard on housework.

He said he was happy at first because he was working hard.

However, if you try to move a little, it will fly.

When I get home late from work, I fly.

I fly with you when I go shopping.

No, how long have you been flying?

Yuga appears everywhere with the power of the Holy Sword.

He cautioned against Mikana doing too much.

"Mikana has to think more about her body, she's not the only one.It's okay, because I can support Mikana and her belly. "

"[]/(exp, vs-i) (uk) to get rid of/"/"

Mikana also tried to argue with the strength of her mind.

"I can't. I like Mikana's angry face... but I like her smile best, so I want her to laugh."

Gently hugged, whispered sweet words and knocked out.

It seems that the game is over and that he has been spoiled and defeated in an attempt to remain vigilant ever since.

Hey, Mikana!

While thinking that it shouldn't be left like this, I relied on it because I couldn't solve it myself.

So I skipped Mikana and talked to Yuga.

"Dear brave man, Why don't you trust Mikana a little more?Even if you have a child, the expected date of birth is still ahead of you. "

"Yeah, I trust Mikana.That's why I'm doing it for Mikana. "

"That's why you're using it wrong.Discuss closely with Mikana to increase Mikana's range of action, etc.... "

"Yeah, I'll take you wherever Mikana wants to go!

"... brave, do you know what Mikana is up to today?"

"I remember everything.I keep a diary just in case. "

When I saw the diary, it was full of Mikana's plans.

On the day I went shopping with you, it was written down what kind of product I bought.

If that's enough, I can convince you of the household ledger.

However, it was carefully written in the remarks column about whether it was to know Mikana's preferences, what she took from Mikana's hand, and what she asked her to buy from Yuga.

Cecilia, who decided that Mikana was loved, could not be cleared up, told her to listen to Mikana and withdrew.

For the rest of your time off, clean up work such as visits to treatment homes and orphanages.

In addition, Sofia, Happiness and Fiora talked to her at the Mansion.

"As a result, I felt very sorry for you.I was disturbed by your desire to rest at Youki-san's house. "

I see.

Cecilia was running around as fast as I was.

"Honestly, I feel like going to the hot springs alone."

"I understand. I just went on a trip."

I'd like to go again.

We lean against each other at the table.

It's early to prepare dinner.

It would be nice if it was a little sloppy.

"But I don't know what to do."

"That's right. I don't know how to solve it if I keep coming."

I wonder where it landed.

The two of you sigh.

Duke will cheer you on.

What should Raven and Happiness, Clayman and Sofia, Mikana and Yuga do?

Each problem is different, and it's a straightforward way to prioritize and take it to a solution.

First of all, from a highly urgent project....

Hey, Cecilia.

"What is it?"

"We're getting married."

"That's right. Youki-san and I are getting married."

"I wonder if it's right that we're running around in such a difficult situation."

Even though Celia is moving, should we leave our marriage behind?

I think I said something different.

But I wondered if this would be good.

I wonder what Cecilia thought.

Cecilia stopped leaning and looked at me with straight eyes.

I wonder if I was disillusioned by this.

"... I don't think it's right or wrong, but I think I should do what I want to do.I know you're putting yourself on the shelf... what do you want to do?

How do you want to move?

I see you're going to ask.

I have been consulted a lot and led to a solution.

I had no choice but to get caught up, by my own will.

I was worried about running around on my own this time.

"I was wondering how I could fit in well on my way home.You can't do anything halfway between listening to us and prioritizing ourselves.That's not cool. "

"Yoki is the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder.Bad brackets resonate with work. "

I see. Nobody wants a bad Black Thunder Swordsman. "

We laughed together.

Let's try one more time... yes.

I wonder if Happiness can do his best.


"Yeah, get everybody together at the Happiness song venue.Let's make memories. "

If you're making a lot of noise, make it more inspiring and override it.

I'm not arguing, so exchanging opinions about something touching should trigger something.

"Will it work?Mr. Raven is also worried about whether Happiness belongs to the troupe.It has to be solved. "

"It's not a decision to belong to the troupe.It's like a party just for my family. "

I mean, let's make a scene.

Instead of being clumsy and not knowing what to do.

"Do you want to solve...?

I know you're worried about Cecilia.


"I will. My good idea is to make sure something happens."

Something happens, yeah.

I honestly don't know how to fall.

I don't fall in the wrong direction.

"Am I in charge of the aftertreatment of Yoki's unexpected behavior?"

"Always sorry."

"Why are you apologizing?Even if it bothers you, it will make you smile even more.That's enough for me. "

"That was my proposal!

"I'll never forget when I hear a song."

I'm glad you said that.

It's a complicated mood whether I'm happy or not.

Maybe because Happiness is singing in the Mansion.

All right, Happiness will never say no.

"I wonder if you could sing about Happiness, love songs and family love songs and the right way to behave to your pregnant wife, including the degree of emotion you should feel."

The last one is a bit more specific.

"I don't think Yuga is conveyed in vague terms."

Whether it is properly communicated even if it is clear.

It is suspicious.

"... well, no, let's just ask her."

I see. Happiness also has a maid's job, and if you put too much of a burden on him, Raven gets angry. "

If you can't, I'll think of another way.

Well, let's get to the dinner, shall we?

Nah. I'm buying ingredients for dinner. "

"Thank you very much. What do you want to eat?

I see. Running around... the one that heals the stamina. "

"It is possible to use what is at home.Leave it to me. "

We went to the kitchen together with the consultation.

I guess this is how I've been since I got married.

Cecilia-led dinner, which I finished by helping with peeling, was the best.

And Cecilia stayed this day.

I've talked to Sophia, so it seems okay.

I'll send you early in the morning to talk to Happiness.