"Please, Happiness, help me!"

"... Rejected"


Having delivered Cecilia to the Mansion, I immediately offered Happiness my help.

This is the result of talking to Happiness during the cleaning.

At least think about it a little more before you say it.

Why not in the first place?

Happiness convinces me.

"... flying"

"Oh, I can't help you all of a sudden.... sorry, Happiness. "

"... unpleasant!"

I apologized like Raven and got kicked in the back of my knee.

I fell unbearably, and this is my fault.

"Sorry, but I really need the power of Happiness."

"... details"

I first told Happiness about Sophia, Clayman, Duke and Irene, Yuga and Mikana.

"So I want you to sing a song about love, a song about family love, and the right way to behave towards a pregnant wife, including the degree of emotion you should feel."

"... in the end, I don't understand"

"Happiness, I do not underestimate your power.You can do it. Trust yourself.Your voice has the power to save someone. "

"... disabled"

Can't you get it on easily? If it were a yuga, it would probably work.

Happiness doesn't get caught that easily.

I can't reach my words, the actions to be taken at this time...

"Happiness, I'm sorry, can you help me?"

"... accept"

Leave it to a trusted lover.

It's okay. Happiness doesn't work in my words anyway.

Trust between me and Happiness is like this.

Cecilia, who could not see me, took care of me.

Say this to Happiness.

"Happiness, you trust Youki."

"... silence"

It seems so, Mr. Youki.

"Am I happy with this reaction...?"

I can't read my mind.

Well, you're supposed to cooperate, okay?

Let's get the three of us ready for the operation.

"Now, what do you need for Happiness to sing?"

"... difficult to imagine"

"If you suddenly ask me to sing the kind of song that I have presented to you,"

I don't know.

Suddenly frustrated.

I don't want to give up here.

"Talk to Mr. Sofia and see if there's anything I can get you."

The imaginary one who listens to the story.

"... try"

"Yes, let's try more than nothing."

"... guide"

In the meantime, I'll adopt my plan.

Happiness will guide you to Sophia.

However, it should not be forgotten that Sophia is still in the middle of something.

Good morning, Yoki.

"Good morning, Sophia. So, uh...."


"No, it's cleaning day... right?"

Sofia is cleaning the living room with a cleaning tool on her back.

The maid is here... what kind of pedestrian technique you look like running, but you clean it without raising dust.

I'm wiping tables and windows at a speed that I can't see without visual enhancement.

Even though I'm doing superhuman movements, I don't see any wrinkles in my maid clothes... what do you mean?

"Today I'm trying to get back to the beginning, and I'm cleaning the entire house to know how the instructed side feels."

"Are you going back to your beginnings...?"

I don't think there are any maids who can clean at that speed.

I haven't been able to get back to my starting point, this one.

Happiness is reluctant to ask for this level.

No, I can't do this.

"Was Happiness with you?"

"Sophia, can I borrow Happiness today?"

"That's right, even if one of the maids is missing today, there seems to be no particular problem.I don't mind. I'll report it to my wife. "

"Thank you."

All right, now we have Happiness.

I wish I could talk to Sofia now.

"Then I'll go back to cleaning."

If you'll excuse me, Mr. Sofia has disappeared.

I bowed carefully to be a good example and then went back to cleaning.

Wait, does a maid's job require such an instant power...?

"Happiness, good luck tomorrow."

"... impossible"

"Yes, it will be difficult to ask the maid of the house for Sophia's speed."

It will be difficult or impossible.

Regardless of how it looks, the symptoms are strange, so the three of us solidified and started consulting.

It's not your usual Sophia.

"... discomfort"

"Sophia cleans it sometimes.I'm not really going that far.Sophia has a lot of things to do in the Mansion, so she shouldn't be able to focus on cleaning. "

Celia came in when we were discussing in the corner of the room.

Looks like I need to talk to Sophia.

"Sofia, have you finished adjusting your employee's vacation?"

"Yes, it's on the paper."

"How's the rookie development plan and the security plan around the Mansion going?"

"We already have a plan together."

"The training of soldiers....."

"Everyone has been trained to not interfere with their duties."

I see.

Sophia, you're working too hard.

Instead of confirming the job, Celia is worried and comes to see how things are going.

"Oh, Yoki, you're here.Perfect. Will you all come to my room? "

Please, I was added.

I wonder if this is a Sofia related consultation.

I will follow Celia to the reception room.

"Thank you, Yoki. You were going on a date with Cecilia.You did a bad thing, you stopped me. "

"No, that's not what it is today."

"We were in a situation where we were having trouble getting to know each other.I'm just trying to figure out what we can do. "

"That's right. Does the needy acquaintance include Sofia?"

Celia is as sharp as ever.

But I don't think it's a good idea to get involved... Celia must be busy too.

"... that's how it is now.I don't know what I can do about it, but I'm still trying to move. "

"That's right. I think Sofia had a fight with her husband.It's like you're dragging something unusual, and it's like you're putting your strength into your work and getting your feelings out. "

I'm worried that I won't get sick like this, Celia in the face.

I knew it wasn't normal just now.

"... peace of mind"

Happiness was relieved.

It would be tough if you could ask for that move.

"I'd be relieved if the yokes were moving.But... no, mmm... "


Celia is lost in saying something.

She wonders what happened to Cecilia.

There wasn't anything strange about the conversation.

"Well, maybe it's terrible to say this to Yoki and Cecilia... do you want to hear it?"

What kind of story is this?

When I sent my gaze to Cecilia, I shook my neck sideways.

I'm afraid to ask if you don't have any idea.

But I don't have a choice.

"I want to ask you something, Cecilia."

"Yes, I'd like to ask.What are you talking about? "

"I knew you'd want to hear it.Um... it's about our wedding.Maybe I can't. "