The moment I heard it, I was desperate.

Is this what happens when it gets dark in front of you?

Celia said she couldn't marry Cecilia.

Wow, can't you marry Cecilia... I see.

"Cecilia, why don't we have a wedding in the sky like we did when we proposed...."

The priest can handle it by asking Uga to fly as well.

Let's mention the wedding.

"Youki-san, I'm not saying your mother can't mention it because she doesn't have a ceremony.I wonder if it's too soon to make a choice to fly. "

"Well, first of all, we need to listen to Celia."


"Are you guys going to have a wedding in the sky if you can't help it anymore...?"

Celia looks a little dazed.

Well, that's a last resort.

In order to be in a situation where we have to take that approach... we need to hear more about it.

"So, Mother, why can't we have a wedding?"

"Well, you see, there was a brave wedding last time.That's why the Empire's heroes went wild. "

Something like that happened.

There you are.

"The Black Thunder Swordsman, the Pale Fire Steel Arm, and Yuga were weakened and the bride Mikana stabbed him to death."

"I'm not mistaken, but the way I put it...."

Leave Cecilia alone.

"The event and Cecilia's wedding.What kind of relationship can't you mention? "

"It's a security problem."

According to Celia,

That happened while the great people from all over the country were gathering at the Ugandan wedding.

The Empire with the mirrors has been smashed in pieces... but it seems our security situation has also been viewed as a problem.

"Cecilia is also a celebrity.It seems that there are many voices that consider people gathering as a problem.Also, it seems that the opponent is influenced by the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman. "


"Someone who's not familiar is more jealous than someone who doesn't know who he is."

"Damn it!"

All I can do is take off my helmet in front of the audience.

If I can marry Cecilia, I won't resist exposing the black thunder magic swordsman.

"I'm going to find myself in Minerva Square right now.Dear Black Thunder Magic Swordsman, I will assure you that I am the one who will marry Cecilia! "

Calm down, please.

"Let me go, Ceciliaaaaaaaaa"

When I was about to run out of speed, I was hugged by my waist.

Damn, I could get hurt if I shake it off too hard.

Let me go, Happiness, who was watching the offensive saying no.

"... envy"

He looked at us enviously.

No, no, Happiness and Raven won't lose either.

My runaway was stopped by Celia's participation in the persuasion.

"Absolutely... if you reveal yourself while I'm moving, you'll be confused.It's my precious daughter's wedding.I'll see what I can do. When it's time... we'll have to do a smaller ceremony. "

"I don't mind."

"I... wish someone would come and bless me."

"You guys are breathing like that."

Wow, when you smile, you're seen with warm eyes.

No, no, I just agreed.

Even if that's all you need to look at.

I'm starting to get embarrassed and I'm going back to talking.

Um, so this is about Sophia.

"As for me, of course, I want you to reconcile."

"Everything depends on this happiness."

Happiness was suddenly shaken with a puzzled expression.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"Oh, yeah. Happiness, Sofia, please."

Celia also gives Happiness Yale.

Happiness, who was exposed to his important role of responsibility in front of his employer, shook his neck repeatedly and vertically.

I try my best, so I leave the reception room with the words "I didn't try my best".

So Happiness kicked me on the back of my knee again.


"... extra"

"Oh, about what I just told Celia.I didn't say anything wrong. "

"... heavy pressure"

Happiness glared at me.

Hmm, apparently Celia's words were rejected, putting pressure on Happiness.

So you kicked me in the back of the knee.

I have no idea what Happiness is.

"Look, Happiness, Celia is your employer and Sofia is your boss.It wouldn't be bad for you to play a part in solving this one. "

"... sure"

"I'm sure Raven will appreciate that your song saved someone close to you.I think Celia gave me an early rating.I'll help Cecilia, too. "

"I can't be particularly helpful with songs."

"Me too."

Hang in there, Happiness.

"... Captain, normal"

"Sure, I'll do what I always do."

"Youki, I think Happiness is praising you."

"I know."

This kind of interaction is countless, so I won't go into it in particular.

As I was walking through the conversation, I heard voices coming from the garden.

It's a familiar voice.

"Listen, Seek. The Guardian God sent me out of the inn today to be careful.The Guardian God is doing a dangerous job, and he worries about me every day.The Guardian God is still the best. Last holiday, he walked with me in a standing position to protect me because the path of the carriage is dangerous.... "

"Seek, I want you to tell me how the medicinal herbs you received as a souvenir from your previous trip worked.You must have had a lot of them! "


As always, Seek is being chased around the garden.

Hot guys are tough.

"... Happiness, Seek has grown."

"... agree"

"Seek who played with us so foolishly."

"... Captain, exclusive"

Am I the only one playing?

Well, in retrospect, I think so.

Still, that Seek is being chased by a girl.

"Youki-san, why don't you help Seek without immersing yourself in memories?"

"Happiness, how does that end all the time?"

"... capture, termination"

"It won't be over till we get caught."

Seek was also training in the woods near the castle of the demon king.

He's light, he's healthy, and he's supposed to be training since the mirror hit him.

What's going on with Teal and Fiora's stamina?

"Hey, Cecilia, what's going on with those two?I don't think Seek will lose easily. "

"Teal is taking her own powerful medicine, and Fiora is chasing after her on the ceremonial god when she gets tired."

"What are you doing!?"

The mighty medicine and the formula god... are they beyond the scope of play?

"Children grow up."

"Whoa... whoa, Mr. Sofia."

Sooner or later, Sophia was joining us.

I still carry the cleaning tools.

"Fiora and Quinn are growing up without me or my husband knowing.It's a good thing you two were able to be enthusiastic. "

"Mr. Sofia....."

It seems that my child has something to think about.

I don't know what kind of trouble that is.

Cecilia also feels like she needs to speak up.

I don't understand why I don't have children in the first place.

I'll leave this to Cecilia.

I play my part.

"Shhhhhhhh, now is the time to clear up the resentment of the atlas. Be prepared."

Clear the sketch resentment you saw on your trip now!

Captain, you're on my side.

"I'll catch you, I'll spin your head around, and I'll hand you over to both!"

The demonic trick that became three quickly came to an end.

By getting Seek.

Why are you even joining Youki?

"It's convenient...."

"Don't forget your purpose."

"It's disgraceful...."

When I saw Seek, I thought this was an opportunity.

Such Seek is getting along with the two of them.

Hot men are tough.

It seems that if I was pointing my consciousness towards the Seekers, I would have turned my gaze.

"Are you listening to me properly?I don't think my gaze is right. "

I bought Cecilia's wrath, no good.

"Come on, I'm listening."

"Then don't hang around."

"Yes, I've been reflecting, and it's time to help Seek...."

"Happiness sister."

Seek, who cut me short, asked Happiness for help.

Hmm, I wonder if Happiness can handle it.

When I was worried and watched, Happiness returned to Seek.

Remove the fan made of its own blades and generate a burst of wind.

They pulled Seek to protect themselves from the wind.

"... seize"

"That's my sister Happiness. I can count on you."

I wonder if Seek is happy to be rescued, hugging Happiness with a smile.

That's a good picture... I'm gonna cry.

"Originally, I think Mr. Youki needs to be in Happiness's place."

"Fu, we've grown up over and over again.That's why I had to pay Seek back. "

"Really? Well, let's make sure you can't lose your temper from now on.I wondered if that would lead to spiritual growth. "

"That's the iron code of the four of us...."

Do you have one?

"I don't..."

Try not to boil your head easily from now on.

So the two of you who were after Seek gave up?

"Senpai Happiness, Seek's monopoly is bad."

Oh, yeah.

"... break, over"

In one word, Teal ran away in a hurry to get back to work.

Something must have happened to that hasty guy before.

"... forced exit"

"Excuse me today."

Fiora also left on the ceremonial god.

Looks like something happened to me before.

"... salvation, complete"

Thank you, sister Happiness.

"... self-reliance, happiness"

"Yes, Happiness, my sister is tough."

Lastly, I was advising you not to make trouble on your own.

With this feeling, Happiness can solve it alone.