"Happiness... pain"

I had my third kick today.

This time, it is not the back of the knee but the tire.

Hold down the painful, kicked part and sit down.

"Nuuuuuu, my tires aren't good. My tires aren't good."

"... Maruto"

"That's right, because it was like leaving Happiness to the solution and Youki went out to play."

Cecilia suffers in agony, feeling the loneliness of not defending her.

It hurts both physically and mentally.

But that's where Happiness is.

"The right material."

"You're using the wrong word."

"... incompetence"

Mental damage is only increasing.

"I thought Yoki was the guardian of Happiness."

Sophia can question it.

Parents are guardians.

When the three of you came after me, I really wanted to live alone until I found a job.

I guess all three of them became more independent than I expected.

I was a boss at Demon King Castle... but I think he was at least respected after me.

I don't mind listening to it in person.

"... gaze"

"Oh, sorry."

I turned my gaze unexpectedly.

I just heard from Happiness that the comics are starting at their usual rate.

"I'm more like a facilitator than a guardian.Duke is strong and Happiness is looking to his future.Seek is like that, but I do it when I do it. "

I think you should talk to me when there is really nothing I can do about it.

No, you're on a lot of advice, aren't you?

Unless you're landing beautifully.

"Youki-san looks after you somehow."

Well, that's all.

"... thank you"


Happiness is thankful.

It seems to say that there is nothing in the usual flow.

Does it mean that there are some parts that you are grateful for?

"Youki-san has a strange charm.Doesn't Happiness feel that too? "

Cecilia followed me somehow.

Probably because I was expressing an unconvinced look.

Because now...

"It's embarrassing to say it myself, but I'm not majestic."

"That's the good thing about Yoki...."


Cecilia, if you don't put it into words, I won't know.

Explain to me that Happiness is not laughing either.

"Not only Happiness, but Duke and Seek-kun trust Youki.So rest assured. "

"No, I want to know why."

"That's the rationale... I can't put it in words."

"Cecilia abandoned her lead..."

I'm curious, but if Cecilia can't do it, I won't do anything anymore, so let's give up.

My unspeakable charm remains a mystery.

"Well, leave my charm alone.I'll go back to the parents.Because I used to have a family relationship with my boss and subordinates.They're sensitive to each other's growth. "

"... agree"

"Everything has changed since I started living in Minerva, including the environment.Because I am blessed and consulted.I feel like I'm steadily starting to walk my own path. "

"... agree"

"Sometimes my family grows up without realizing it.Sometimes I'm confused... but I think it would be nice to get excited by the noise. "

"... agree"

"I've been agreeing to this for a long time, but what's the matter?"

I'm afraid you agree too much with me. [M]

Cecilia has nodded many times... and I haven't said anything so good.

"But we need to think of another way to celebrate Cecilia and her family."


"The stupid thing about Cecilia... I don't know what to think."

I can't imagine it.

The Dukes either have a drinking party at the tavern or at home.

But not Cecilia.

"I want to do something memorable in a shop with a private room with an adult atmosphere."

"Every time I celebrate, if I go to a high-format shop, I will scatter money.When we get married, we'll discuss it carefully and decide between us. "

I feel Cecilia's eyes are shining.

This is the pattern of being held by a wallet.

Don't disobey... we have to negotiate a mutually agreeable amount.

Thinking about the battle to come.

"Yes, your daughter is getting married."

Sophia closed her eyes and murmured as she nostalgically remembered.

Speaking of which, I've never heard how long you and Cecilia have known each other.

I'm sure you'll be able to answer me... but I wonder if I can hear you in this atmosphere.

Sophia's sharp gaze pierces me with one eye open.

It feels like it's being determined.

We can't turn a blind eye here.

I made a grand proposition and got a good answer.

I don't have any bad feelings.

It was only for a little while that my eyes were right.

"... let's get back to work."

Sofia turns her back and leaves.

I thought you were going to say something, but I'm flattered.

Are you convinced about the parent's story?

"Finally, I feel like I'm finished with indigestion."

"Me, too, Sophia. I was worried."

While they twisted their heads, Happiness said.

"... process"

I was convinced by myself.

I don't know, but there was something that only Happiness felt.

I can't do any more of Mr. Sofia's work, and I'm on the move.

"Next time... I have a lunch appointment with Duke. Let's go see him."

"You're ready, Mr. Youki.I can't believe you've already made a promise. "

"Fu, my plan is ahead of schedule.I hope you follow me with peace of mind. "

So he went to the store where he was meeting Duke.

... my plan was supposed to be perfect.

Choose a dining room where you can overlook and speak in a private room away from the Knights Patrol route.

I thought there was nothing wrong with that.

"Mr. Duke, what kind of meal is this?I don't know because I followed you without listening! "

"I'm sorry, Irene came by herself.I can't get away from you. "

No mistake, Irene's with you.

I didn't expect it to catch on.

As always, Mr. Irene can't read.

"So, Captain, I was hoping you could tell me what kind of dinner it is today.Cecilia seems to be with us.Is this some kind of celebration? "

It's not a celebration.

For my part, I'd like to congratulate you on Duke.

I want to push you forward somehow so you can't get rid of it.

I'm the one who wants to hear the trouble while I think Duke is okay.

That's why I wanted to push Duke's back, but I didn't expect him to follow me.

I don't know what to do, you and Irene going through it together.

"... accompany"

"Eh, who is it? Have you met her?Um, where are you going with me... Duke! "

Happiness took Ms. Irene out of her private room without consulting us.

There is no escape from Happiness, Mr Irene, who was asking for help.

Happiness must have something to talk about.

"Um... I wonder what Happiness is going to do."

"I'm going to take it off for Duke."

"Happiness hasn't solved any problems with Raven either.I don't think it's a good idea to take him around. "

"It's okay because it's my idea."

I think there's a problem.

Unfortunately, Duke doesn't trust me.

Unfortunately, as captain, I won't change my plan any further.

"So why does Duke hate to go home?"

I think Duke would agree that it would be fine.

"Ah... that's it. Irene is leaving town without being very well escorted by her parents."

I have a feeling it's going to be a pretty heavy story.