Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to support my former subordinate's back.

"Irene is a bad bow.The sword is so good, but you don't bow at all.So I couldn't hunt, and they didn't see me very well back home. "

May I ask, Duke started talking about Irene.

Are you asking the customer for permission?

"And Irene... can't read the movement or is it dangerous?"

"Naturally, you're a dodgy."

"Youki-san, could you soften the way you say it a little bit?"

No, this is the best way to put it.

Duke is nodding, too.

"That's why my wife didn't let me out.I feel like I've come to Minerva and become a knight to find my worth. "

"You were a knight, Mr. Irene, for a pretty good reason."

"That's right, I was born a knight and I was breathing in my family back home.Isn't that a fine goal?And you can't take me home. "

Something went wrong with the verbal connection.

Why can't you take Duke home?

"Duke, don't you want to go because you don't think you deserve Mr. Irene?"

"It's not like that. If you don't think you deserve it, you won't confess.However, Irene asks me to train on holidays because training with the Knights is not enough.I see you're working so hard... I'm sorry if you took me and denied the power I've built up with Irene. "

What have you done so far?

Where did Duke go when he had the old charming vibe?

Go ahead with confidence.

"Duke, if you don't do it, who's next to Irene?I can't find anyone to take care of me that brilliantly.I need you to follow Irene. "

"Youki, that sounds like a guardian, not a lover."

"Ugh... well, as I said earlier, Irene is in danger.There should be someone close enough to take care of Duke.Nobody loses the power to follow one of you.I know what I've been through at Demon King Castle. I promise. "

"I don't like the way you praise me.Ahh... the hard memories of the demon king castle come back to life. "

Duke is holding his head.

I suppose it reminds me of a nostalgic memory.

"Youki, what did you do when you lived in the Castle of the Demon King?"

Cecilia asked me what happened to Duke.

What did you do?

"Fu, the boss is going to pull it off with the cooks.My colleague is a little harpy and a little pixie.I don't know what Duke's struggle is with those guys. "

"I'm not proud of you."

That's all Duke is a hard worker.

As for me, if Duke is lurking in the Shura area of the Demon King Castle, I'm sure he can support Mr. Irene.

"Who will do it without you?Duke, you don't have to worry about us anymore.This isn't Demon King Castle.You can already struggle for your favorite child... "

"You can often use that refreshing smile to arrange words of persuasion you can't say anything about."

Cecilia's cheeks hurt.

But there are also words that can only be used because you have worked hard.

I want Duke and Irene to go home with peace of mind.

My persuasion worked, Duke raised his face.

"Hah... the captain's words are always a waste.Why can't I say words that resonate with my heart? "

I was complained of in a stupid tone.

If that sounds good to you, I'll tell you.

"Respond to the other person's feelings with actions!"

How about that, it's easy to understand and a hot word.

This should have reached Duke's heart.

But Duke reacted differently than I thought.

I can tell from the helmet I've been with for years.

You look confused.

You don't know how to return my famous quote.

Hmm, that's what the captain meant.

"Um... Cecilia is looking at the captain with her mouth shut."

Turn around when you know.

Why did you say that, Duke?

Didn't I respond with my actions?

Rather than reverberating in Duke's heart, it's the result of worrying about his behavior so far.

In a delicate atmosphere, Happiness brought Irene home.

The Saviors are here to change the air.

I want to organize it in my brain, Happiness, so change the story.

"Duke, I... I like Duke even more."

Elaine hugs Duke with a lot of momentum.

She is holding the lock tightly by turning her arms around her neck.

It's getting harder to take it off when you're hugged.

I'm sure you're used to hugging... Duke only.

"Wow, hey, Irene. What's going on?"

"Don't want to leave now or ever again."

Are you excited? You chewed at the end.

Nevertheless, Irene expresses her feelings in her actions by saying she likes it.

This is Duke's face, isn't it?

I have to work harder as a man.

My gaze from Cecilia hurts too...

"Well, I'm thinking about something like gathering before I go home.Say hello around here. I'll buy you a drink. "

"Hey, I'll leave you alone, Captain.I want you to do something about this situation. "

"No, I won't let go!"

We'll always be friends with Mr Irene.

Leave a word with Mr. Irene with a treat he can't shake and won't be able to get away from Duke for a while.

I took Cecilia and Happiness out of the store after making the payment.

"I knew Duke didn't need any help.I think I can handle the rest. "

"Yes, if you act on the feeling that you like it, that's fine."

Cecilia, let's go somewhere together next time.

I'll do my best to behave more.

I didn't have time to laugh at Happiness with my nose, but I arrived at their house while I was thinking about how I would behave to Cecilia.


When I tried to knock on the door, I felt uncomfortable.

It's not my fault... I don't know what it is.

Happiness has tilted his neck many times, but he doesn't seem to know what it is.

"Wonderful, I feel the sacred air coming from the house of the brave and Mikana.It's like coming to a forest with trees that have grown without decay for years.... "

Cecilia is a monk, so she is sensitive to such an atmosphere.

Cecilia seems to have felt a discomfort that I or Happiness did not feel.

But why do you feel the sacred air from a typical single-family property?

I dare to come in.

When I knocked, I got a reply a little later and Yuga came out.

"Hey, Yoki, you're with Cecilia and Raven's girlfriend."

Yuga, who came out of the house, was wearing her usual clothes.

I wonder if it was being cleaned.

"Sorry, suddenly."

"It's okay. Come on, come on in."

I was guided inside by Yuga.

Normal handling, no discomfort in talking.

There seems to be no particular problem.

"Um, brave man, where's Mikana?"

"Mikana will be in the bedroom.Yes, I was wondering if you could tell me about Yoki's trip.Mikana will change her mood. "

"Change of mood...?"

I suspect something has happened at this point.

My gaze and voice tone made you feel Yuga.

"No, no, Yoki, you think I had a fight with Mikana.It's not like that. "

I've told a reliable dialogue that I can't be a troublemaker forever.

The expression is also crisp and dazzling.

I hope there will be no problem with this.

Strange discomfort seems to grow stronger as we approach the bedroom.

Mikana, I'm coming in.

Yuga opens the door with a cry.

Lucky Quebec didn't wake up, and Mikana was inside.

I guess... I've been to this house before, and I've seen the bedroom before.

I wonder if the bedroom I saw at the time was so full of white and green.

The furniture has almost turned into an eye friendly colour.

It is rude to take a closer look, but Mikana is also strange.

The white pajamas suit me strangely, my hair is smooth and glossy, and I don't see any fatigue.

It is impossible to clean up because it is a holiday.

Bedrooms are unusual in the first place at this time of year.

"Yuga, get this off me!"

Mikana's first voice was against Yuga, not ours.

Untie me... I knew you were doing something with Yuga.