"Untie me... no, Mikana.I thought you decided to take a rest in your room today. "

"You made up your mind...."

I won't forgive you for arguing, but I'm approaching Mikana and hugging her gently at an amazing speed.

Cecilia was also surprised by Yuga's movements.

Yeah, that's right.

Even though I'm not in a combat position, I'm surprisingly fast.

I tried to push it into battle, but it was still Yuga's turn.

"It's okay, Mikana has our children in her belly.We can raise the children alone, but Mikana will give birth.What can I do to support you? [M]That's why I want you to sweeten me while I have the baby.I want you to leave it to me. I don't want you to be inconvenient, I don't want you to feel lonely.Tell me where you want to go.I'll talk to you about my condition, but I'll take you anywhere. "

Fix your hips with your left hand so you don't miss out, and gently pound your head on it for peace of mind.

Mikana could not contest the motion that had been calculated so much that her face turned bright red and her mouth turned into a cross.

I wonder what Cecilia and I are being shown.

Unexpectedly, I turned away and saw Cecilia next to me.

The fact that my eyes met is similar to mine. [M]

After all, that's what happens.

"Oh, I'm sorry. You came all this way, and you didn't even serve me a drink.I'm going to brew it now, so please relax. "

A refreshing smile was directed at us... ah, she smiled kindly at Mikana.

After leaving his wife with a special face, Yuga left.

"Cecilia, let's go home as soon as we have a drink."

"Wait a minute!"

"Yes, Mr. Youki. Please join Mikana in the consultation."

"No, I mean, come on... what are you unhappy with?"

I saw a good husband caring for his pregnant wife in my eyes.

What are you complaining about being so handsome about wanting to be sweet?

"By the way, has Happiness ever said anything?"

"... love"

Happiness stared calmly at Yuga's interaction with Mikana all the time.

It's like pulling it a little.

"The bride of the swordsman is right."

"... marriage, denial"

"What are you so embarrassed about now?When I see a swordsman who meets occasionally, I know that he is obsessed with his lover.You should realize that you're the swordsman's wife now. "

Happiness can only say daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law.

I know you talk a lot about Happiness when you see me.

You seem to be behaving normally.

"So what was the dissatisfaction?After Cecilia showed up the other day, Yuga said it's not good to worry around. "


Does it feel like something else has happened from there?

Does that have anything to do with what I just said?

"Yuga's sword shines."


Is he still awake?

Will it evolve without limits for my wife?

I've never heard of such a brave man.

"What does it have to do with the sacred air filling the house?"

"Cecilia knows.This is what Yuga did.I think the air is clearer and warmer than usual. "

"What's wrong with this strange space?"

"... I can't get out of my room when I'm trying to do housework."

"What about it?"


Neither Cecilia nor I can think of anything else.

It's conditional, but I can't get out of the room.

Mikana tries to get out of the room.

I walked open the door and went outside the room... where my legs stopped.

"No, I can't move on from here."

"Eh, you're lying."

"You're kidding..."

Cecilia took Mikana's arm and tried to get out of the room.

There is no word for this strange phenomenon.

What do you mean?

"I can't get out of the room at all.If that's the case, I'm also in trouble.But it's troublesome not to be able to move around freely in the house. "

"I got out of my room, I did some chores, and then I tried to do some chores."

If you can't get out of the room at all, there's a way out.

"When I tried to figure out what would happen to my body, my body stopped moving on the spot.I noticed you were sitting on the bed in the bedroom. "

Mikana leans her face and says it was a strange experience.

Are you developing something like a special sanctuary that works exclusively in Mikana?

I wonder what kind of yuga you have.

Did you feel the holy air because the power of the Holy Sword was working?

That Holy Sword still seems to have hidden abilities.

What is the specification that Yuga's daughter-in-law is released when she exerts her power?

It's just speculation.

Now, what's the word for Mikana?

You're loved.

"You... that's the first word that comes out describing this situation?"

"Because he is a precious man in this.We'd like to speak from a perspective that we don't have. "

"… responsibility, significant"

You don't have to expect that from me.

Caius might have given me some good advice.

There is a saying that you are doing as much as you want.

Love for Mikana is the act of the dead.

Lucky Quebec didn't seem to work like before.

"Still, I'm overdoing things like this sanctuary.If this behavior becomes radical. "

"When it gets worse... what is it?"

The attention of the three of you will be drawn to me.

I can't think outside, so I can't move from the bed and Yuga can take care of her.

You won't, you won't.

I can tell you never... but I'm sure something will happen if you leave me alone.

I can't be sure, I can't be justified, and I can't tell you what I think and confuse you.

It's not good.

All right, let's pull back.

"Yuga's, it's too late to come back for a drink.I'll see what I can do. "

The effect of the sanctuary was limited to Mikana, so I was able to get out of the room without any particular problems.

"... escape"

I heard Happiness complaining from behind.

Don't say that. Don't say that.

It's going to be like he really ran away.

I just made a strategic retreat.

Ignore Happiness's gaze and head to the kitchen.

There was Yuga on her knees.

I rushed to see if something had happened.

"Hey, are you okay?"

"Ah, Yoki, I'm sorry. I was just a little fluffy. Don't worry about it."

Don't worry... you don't look so good for that.

I feel perfectly fine trying not to smile.

"Maybe it's hard to maintain this space."

There's no such thing as risk-free power.

Perhaps your health consumes magic to maintain something like this sanctuary.

"Oh, I wonder if Mikana told me.What I do to Mikana. "

"Well, you've done too much. Maybe there's a little more way to do it."

Yuga shook her neck to the side, drawing attention to the feeling of being bound.

"Yeah, that's not true. Compared to what Mikana did for me.It's only natural. "

So you're going to restrict Mikana's movements that far?Use this kind of force. "

"But if we don't, Mikana won't be able to do it."

It would be Yuga who is forcing it right now.

"Mikana has been supporting me since I was a child.Then I got married and had a baby.Now is the time for me to push it.And I told you earlier.I can only do what I can when I give birth. [M]At least I should do all the chores. "

"So, as a result of your thinking, did you create a sanctuary like this to restrict your movement?"

"I don't mind telling Mikana not to push me.I'm still trying to do my chores. "

I don't think so.

It seems that this time it is not a runaway or something, but a behavior that is the result of thinking about becoming a yuga.

Why is the brave man in front of me so extreme every time?

Even if Mikana complains in Mikana, she seems to be bound by sweet words.

I don't think I can solve it with my fist, rather than with a song.

I feel faster than being induced by discussions or songs.

Think of it as a last resort.

Let's try to convince him now.

"Why don't you listen to Mikana and make a decision?I'm not familiar with it either.I don't suppose you can't move right away because you have a child.Restricting your movements and putting stress on you is going to end up falling. "

"I'm also paying close attention so that Mikana doesn't feel any unpleasant.Even if it's a restriction, it shouldn't be that far. "

This brave man said he was okay with his face.

I'm talking like this because it's not okay.

There are other points to point out.

"You looked ill just now.If Yuga falls, who will support Mikana? "

"I won't fall. Mikana and our children will never fall."

It's not a heroic dialogue to break through with gut theory.

This guy has such a brain muscle.

I figured I'd change my mind if I fell down once.

"I'm evolving every day, too.Even if mikana's strong enemies show up... we'll face them. "

After that, the light leaking from the Holy Sword envelopes Yuga's body.

Have you learned new abilities besides the sanctuary?

My daughter-in-law is too powerful.

How am I supposed to move this determined yuga?