Sadness, there is no awakening of Yuga.

I have a feeling that I will struggle if I really fight.

This may be the first time I've ever felt like I was in trouble fighting.

It seems that Yuga's awakening has become embarrassing.

That's why I can't leave you alone, brave man.

I don't know what to do... wait.

Why don't you call an expert and learn how to treat the right pregnant woman?

"Yuga, you could be making a big mistake.Doesn't it deal with pregnant women in our own way?Ask a veteran or a specialist. "

"It's okay, I'm going to the hospital on a date and time that I can hear from the specialist.I'm studying to support Mikana myself. "

Are you studying this misery?

I wonder who taught me and what books I learned, and this situation would arise.

"Well, I'll introduce you to someone who's had a baby in my legend.I won't say anything bad, so listen to me. "

"Well, I'm glad you're taking care of me.But if it's Youki-kun's message, shouldn't Youki-kun rely first? "


Unexpectedly, it turns into a disgusting face.

I'm worried about your response.

No, I'm counting on you first.

That's what I'm talking about, and I'm not married yet.

Wedding arrangements remain opaque.

Now my emotions and expressions are all messed up.

I wasn't the one who missed it.

"Yoki is getting married to Cecilia, right?Yoki has to watch Cecilia more than I do. [M]If you give too much priority to others, Cecilia may be worried. "

I managed to swallow the word "you".

Regrettably, Yuga is right.

Did you wake up and improve your ability to argue?

Or am I just a slug?

"I don't want to tie Mikana up, either.If you promise not to, I'll lift the restrictions. "

Well, you can't do that.

Here comes Cecilia, the Savior.

How relieved I was to hear a voice from behind.

It's pathetic, but Cecilia would be in the right direction if she came.

"Cecilia... how long have you been listening?"

"Youki-san told me to introduce you to someone who has had a baby."

From there!

I covered my eyes with one hand out of awkwardness.

Why did you come from there?

I wish you'd come a little later.

I was told about the birth.

What should I do if I become conscious?

"Let's leave Youki-san in trouble for a while."

"Cecilia, isn't Yoki a mess?"

"We're going to have a long relationship with Yoki.I'll be waiting for you even if things go too late. "

Does this mean you are trusted?

All right, let's not be disappointed.

"... that's funny. Me and Mikana are newlyweds and they're not married yet.When you look at the interaction, it looks like a couple you've been with for years. "

"Take it as a compliment."

"I'll take it as a compliment."

"Come on, that's where you mesh up."

Speak something similar to something you weren't aware of at the same time.

Yuga is also slightly smelly on this.

I want to put my fist in that face.

Cecilia and I are especially suited when we're working on a resolution.

"Fu, me and Cecilia...."

Well, let's get back to business.

"Cecilia, it's really unforgiving....."

I feel a sympathetic gaze from Yuga.

Hmm, I know what I'm saying, so this is a message from Cecilia that you don't have to bother talking about it.

I can see that.

So don't look at me so pathetic...!

"What the brave man is doing is like pushing, if you say so.I know you're working hard for Mikana.I also think about the child in the stomach.That's why Mikana can't even say it strongly. "

"Yes, I have to do my best for Mikana and the baby she's going to have."

Kirikki is holding his fist and displaying his will.

Do you ignore the case of pressing?

As it stands, I have my own opinion.

"... how does Mikana look to you, brave man?Is Mikana a woman who gets weak as soon as she gets pregnant?Are you a woman who has to take care of herself without restricting her movement? "

"That's... not true.After all, the situation is different. And.... "

There are circumstances where I don't want to say anything about mouth shutting.

Ah... uhh... don't say that, just spit it out.

When I tried to open my mouth to the pursuit, Cecilia hit me with her index finger and stopped me.

I don't appear to be here, so let's keep it quiet.

After all, Yuga slowly opened her mouth after losing Cecilia's sight.

I have to do it.

"Why, that's it...."

"I mean, before and after getting married, Mikana is struggling a lot.I have a duty to work hard. [M]As a good-looking, dependable husband, you have to support Mikana, be a father, and live with your family. "

"Why don't you fall down before you get there?"

Don't hesitate to say what you think.

'Cause obviously Yuga can't do it right now.

Instead of displaying illness in front of Mikana, she restricted her movement and took care of it.

If you move like that, you'll fall down one day.

"Let's go to Mikana for a minute.I'll show you who you are. "

"Wait, Yoki. If you rest a little, you'll be in perfect shape."

"Well, asshole, there's a limit to being a brave man."

Grabbing Yuga's annoying neck and dragging her to her bedroom.

Cecilia murmured that there was no choice this time.

I suppose it's about my ability to use my powers.

Returning to the bedroom, Mikana and Happiness looked around.

Because the situation is the situation, there is no surprise.

He relentlessly threw Yuga into bed, still resisting.

"Wow, Youki. It's not rough."

"Sleep, that's it!"

"No, that's not it. I have something to do."

Master brave?


Here comes Cecilia's Holy... Laughter.

An invincible smile that won't tolerate any resistance.

I thought Yuga would give up too.

"Ugh... but I still have to work hard."

I can't believe Cecilia's holy laughter.

"Youki-san, can you stop naming yourself?"

"I'm sorry... but it doesn't really make sense to say no."

If you think you can't do this anymore.

"Absolutely. I knew I couldn't do it."

Mikana stroked Yuga's cheeks with such a blue face and murmured with astonishment.

This fills Yuga with words.

Mikana chases Yuga after her without saying anything.

"I'm so nervous that I have to work hard.I'm in trouble if Yuga falls now. "

"Me, I won't fall.I decided to support Mikana without bothering her anymore. "

"Nothing bothers you.I don't know how much Atashi has supported Yuga from the shadows since she was a child.I won't be angry if I get bothered by one or two! "

Unconsciously, Mikana looked good.

Cecilia and Happiness applauded lightly.

Let me tell you something, it's amazing how far I can go.

"That's why I'm already here."

"Yuga, I don't think you've forgotten."

"Well, what happened?"

"It's a proposition. I didn't say that myself.He wants me to scold him even if he gets in trouble.I'll scold you as many times as you want.Stop caring too much about your balls. "

Yuga shut up without saying anything.

I remember because I was at the scene.

I'm sure Yuga herself said that.

"... okay, Mikana. I'm off for a little bit today."

Yuga finally broke.

After all, Mikana's words seem to work best.

No, that was a little cowardly.

If you ask me that, I'll have to listen to my wife.

"I'm sorry about Yoki and Cecilia."

Well, do it right.

"Consult with your body and Mikana to act."

"Yeah, I'll go to bed for three hours, and then I'll get back to work."

It feels like you're going to take a nap, so I hope you get tired.

Wait, I told you to sleep slowly for a long time...

I have a bad feeling in my brain, just to be sure.

"Yuga, how much sleep have you had in the past?"

"Er... I wonder how it went.Sometimes I wake up and act after seeing Mikana go to bed.I'm not afraid to take a nap, so I'm fine. "

"Don't dare!"

I was strangled in a hurry.

Unable to escape a perfectly defined move, Yuga immediately loses consciousness.

I'm sure it makes perfect sense.

"... I should have noticed.I can't believe Yuga was so overwhelmed.My wife is disqualified from being able to support her husband properly. "

"Rest assured, Yuga has the title of beginner to her husband."

"All you have to do is graduate as a beginner."

"You're not married yet, but you have the seniority title."

"... agree"

What are you two talking about?

I suppose Cecilia would be anyway.

Cecilia's two names tell the whole story.

"Youki-san, are you thinking of something bad?I'm sensitive to that. "

"Yes, I'm not thinking about anything."

"I knew you weren't a superior."

"... confirmed"

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Even though I'm not married yet, I'm going to be told.

I wonder if you want to get married soon.