Leave aside whether Cecilia and I are advanced.

Now it's important to know what to do about the Ugandan problem.

There is a plan that we can solve now.

"All right, let's get Yuga to bed."


"Mikana is heavy, so please leave this to me and Yoki."

"No, I got it."

You can't just let an adult man carry you.

Pregnant women and lovers.

Happiness... Raven's gonna tell me something.

"... gaze"

It's my fault.

I didn't want to hold Yuga in the princess's arms... so I went out of my way to strengthen my body and grab the roots of my neck and move.

Cecilia is the only one I hold the princess.

Just don't move them to bed.

I need Mikana to help me a little.

I asked the girl to sit down and put Yuga on her lap.

"... so I followed the instructions, but why do I have to kneel on Yuga?"

"Look, it's a lot of stories.A heroine kneeling to a brave man who is exhausted and says good luck.When you wake up, tell him you don't have to work hard anymore.Then Yuga smiles so good..... "

"That's not going to solve it!"

Yuga reacted to Mikana's rage, but she didn't just turn around and regain consciousness.

However, when I turned around, Mikana's stomach was in front of Yuga.

I began to rub my stomach gently, whether it was instinctive or not.

Rub with your right hand and keep your left arm at Mikana's waist.

I think he's awake.

I'm telling you, you're going to be born healthy.

Do you have such convenient bedtime stories?

"Uhh, uhh... no, what are you doing... nh?"

Hey, Cecilia, Mikana's face is bright red.

The upset is not hidden in my face.

The arm that tried to push it stopped raised and lost its way.

"Speaking of emptiness, recently, Hero was working hard for Mikana.She has shown herself to act vigorously as her husband.It's been a long time since I've been sweetening up like this. "

"The longer I've seen him, the harder he is to react to his lovely appearance."

"Perhaps not."

"... convinced"

"Don't calmly analyze me. Help me!"

Rescue Mikana because we can't put excessive stress on pregnant women.

When I was forced to remove it from Mikana, I started to move my arms to ask for something, so I had to hold the substitute.

"Thank God you still have the pillow."

A pillow created with the help of Cecilia and Happiness.

Mikana's old clothes used to deceive Yuga with pillows made of fabric.

Now she is sleeping on her face when she rubs her pillow.

I'd like to beat you up if you'll excuse me.

It's not a problem that can be solved by violence, so hold your fist and take a breath.

Let's figure out what to do.

"Isn't it just Yuga that's a problem?"

"Oh, my God, I'm telling you there's a reason for this."

"No, that's not it."

I think Yuga's sweet words are also responsible for the mellow Mikana, but I'll leave it here.

There's one man and three women here.

I have no chance of winning the discussion.

In fact, I think I have more to pay attention to than Mikana.

"It's him, it's him!"

I pointed to the holy sword standing beside the bed.

"This is giving Yuga too much punch and weird power.Even though I still forgave the wings of light.I don't know if it's this juncture or a sanctuary. I'm telling you, stop expanding the space. "

"Certainly, because the brave man has acquired these abilities, he is able to restrict Mikana's movement."

"Even Yuga won't hold him with ropes or chains.I did it because of my convenience..... "

I was a little worried when I said it myself.

If not, I wouldn't have done it.

A rope in the chain... No, Yuga is a brave man, so don't do that.

Yeah, definitely not.

No matter how many yuga...

This brave man has every possibility, good or bad, so he can't deny it completely.

"Youki, don't you need to worry about something?Hero, I won't go that far... "

"Cecilia finally lost her confidence.Hang in there, I don't want you to go that far... "

"... everyone is weak"

"No, that's not true. I won't go that far.Let's get back to business. I mean, the Holy Sword is bad. "

I have come to the conclusion that the Holy Sword does not add much power.

"If you can't take the Holy Sword from Yuga and use your weird abilities, you won't be helpless.Then Mikana will be better off flying Yuga... "

Funny, I can't say what I did.

There's a lot of uncertainty when it comes to Yuga.

But I think this is the only way.

"But, Mr Youki, it makes no sense to say that I will take the sword from the brave."

"When we went on a trip together, we got the ability to get close to ourselves, even when we were away."

"That's right...."

It didn't make sense to take it away.

What a mess, this holy sword.

You didn't have much power when you fought me.

Sometimes I wake up at weird times.

"If it doesn't work, I'll have to fold it."

"No, if you break the Holy Sword, a proof of bravery, what will the kingdom of Clarines say to others?"

I was just kidding, but you can't break the sword.

You can't let him not rely on the power of the Holy Sword?

"No, wait. The sword belongs to Yuga."

"Of course not. What are you talking about?"

"And now Mikana is home to Yuga's children.If you think about it, you can use the Holy Sword on Mikana. "

"Yoki, the Holy Sword is not inherited from generation to generation.As soon as the owner dies, he will be naturally transferred to the national shelter.Sometimes I go looking for the next owner on my own, and in the case of the brave one day, when I woke up, it seemed like I was in bed. "

"This sword will be too free."

If you don't think you can deal with the troublesome sword situation anymore, I feel that the air in the room has changed.

I thought it was because of my mind that Cecilia looked around in surprise.

Apparently, it's not my fault.

Cecilia, no way.

"... perhaps Youki-san's imagination is correct.The atmosphere in the house has changed. "

Yuga's expanding sanctuary is gone.

Because Yuga is asleep.

They were tilting their necks.

"... attention"

When Happiness said to him, he looked at Mikana, who was holding the holy sword and murmuring and talking.

Did it work out as a result of trying?

What's going on even though I don't own it?

"You... if you give Yuga any more weird powers, I'll break you.Some of us here have an impossible power.Even if it doesn't break, I'll definitely throw the magic of Atashi's maximum thermal power into iron chips over and over again.If you don't want me to.... "

Mikana threatened the Holy Sword with an impending expression of wisdom.

Even if you don't go near it, it conveys its power.

Yuga sleeps with a pillow on the bed, and Mikana threatens the Holy Sword near the bed.

If someone had just entered the room, I wouldn't know what the situation would be.

"Okay, that's settled."

"Can I say a solution?"

"Now that Yuga can no longer use her abilities as a brave man, there's a couple problem.Mikana won't be confused by Yuga's words. "

"... heavy pressure"

That's what Happiness says, and I'm sure it's okay.

Did Cecilia reassure you by checking Mikana's condition?

"I see. Shall we go?Mikana, please let me know if there's anything else. "

"Yes, I understand. Thank you for today.... that's always helpful. I'll make up for it next time. "

Goodbye, Mikana returns to threatening the Holy Sword.

Looking at it again, I feel the same fear as when Yamamura is sharpening her knife.

Try not to look too much.

We left the house quietly.

Well, maybe it's up to the Ugandans.

"If the brave man doesn't be indifferent, he's going in the right direction.Just in case, I'll ask my mother if there's a gathering where she has lectures for pregnant women so she can give proper consideration to pregnant women. "

"Well, Yuga said she was studying too.Mikana, as a pregnant woman, might want to hear about someone who has the same problem. "

Cecilia and I are having a meeting.

"... questions"

Happiness raised his hand modestly.

"What's the matter? Anything bothering you?"

Something wrong, Happiness?

"... necessary?"

Happiness asked me by pointing at myself.

Yes, this disturbance was about Happiness' song.

Cecilia and I were trying to reach a solution as usual.

Even though I don't feel like I'm leading the way to a solution at the moment... let Happiness do his best.