Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to protect my ex-commissioned men.

"What are you talking about?Happiness. I'm sure I need your song.We need another push for the yuga we just saw.Duke is going home with Irene, so you can sing like a blessing.Sophia is your boss.Let him hear a beautiful voice. "

"... convinced"

I thought it would make me feel depressed, but I was easily convinced and saved my life.

Well, even if you solve everything first, you might decide to party with Happiness.

Cecilia will look into the venue and I'll go to cooking and grocery shopping.

"Why don't we stop by Raven?"

It's just noon, so let's plug in some dinner.

Go to the Knights headquarters with their approval.

On the way, I stopped by the bakery and bought a slip into Raven.

Of course, don't forget your share.

Happiness cares about Raven's health or buys sandwiches with healthy meat and plenty of vegetables.

I bought two or the same products myself.

I made a sandwich sandwiched in gravy steak.

Cecilia used to sandwich dry fruit.

I arrived at the Knights' headquarters ready to plug it in.

"... oh, did you rub someone with Raven?"

As I approached the Knights' headquarters, I saw two figures.

There's no doubt one of them is Raven, the other one doesn't know.

A little bearded uncle.

I don't think he's asking for directions.

You don't look like an adventurer, you're dressed like a fine gentleman, and you're a nobleman.

"I wonder if I can talk to you, that.Maybe we should just wait and hide until it's over. "

"That's right. If we go like this, we might break the story. Let's wait a little longer."

"... Raven"

I was about to see how things were going.

Happiness whispered Raven's name and ran into the two people talking.

I was surprised at this, but we're both hiding, so I chased Happiness.

Raven's opponent, the old man, noticed the rushing happiness and sparkled his eyes.

"This is Happiness.Thank you for saving my troupe the other day.... and then there was a voice saying that I wanted to hear Happiness sing again.I don't have to join the theatre..... "

This old man came closer and spoke fluently.

You're with the theater group Raven was talking about.

The attitude and the content of the story suffice to understand how much you are entering happiness.

Happiness suddenly got nervous and hid behind my back.

Well, I'm not good at happiness.

Let's use it as a shield.

"Hi. I'm Happiness's... brother.Something for Happiness? "

"Is this your family?My name is Westa and I am the head of a tour troupe.Could you join us in the theatre today, Mr. Happiness?I'm here to negotiate whether you can continue to appear in the form of an exclusive opening in Minerva, even if you don't want to join the club. "

This commander is desperate.

I'm convinced that Happiness' song is worth it.

Raven is struggling to cope, and Happiness is in such a state.

Let me tell you something.

"I'm sorry, Happiness."

Um, excuse me.

Cecilia took my place.

"My name is Cecilia Aquaraine.Happiness worked as a servant of the Mansion.Suddenly I was told to join the theater troupe.Happiness hasn't confirmed her intentions, so I wonder if she can respond if you can reschedule the day. "

Perfect response with care for happiness.

I have nothing to add.

You're in such a bad dress by naming yourself brother.

"I didn't know you were a servant of the Aqua Rain family... I see.We will also reschedule and hope to receive a good response at that time. "

Westa left after bowing politely.

I wonder why, I'm not good at making that smile.

There's no doubt that Happiness' song is worth it.

It's a bit confusing to leave Happiness in person...

"... thank you, Cecilia, for saving me. And the yoke."

"I just named him."

Nothing in particular.

Cecilia made it, that's all.

"I brought you a slip."

"... I see. It's been such a long time.It's not a good place to stand up. Let's go to my room. "

Take Raven to the Knight's Office.

It's like Raven's tired.

Are you busy with the Knights?

Looking at the movements of the other knights doesn't look like a busy time.

When he entered the room, Raven sat in his seat, and the three of us sat in the guest chair.

No, wait.

There are two benches for guests.

You should sit with me, Cecilia, Raven and Happiness.

Raven, why are you trying to eat lunch by yourself looking at the paperwork?

"Go ahead, Mr. Youki."

Thank you, Cecilia.

I received a sandwich from Cecilia, and I could no longer eat it.

"... nourishing"

"... thank you."

I don't think I'm particularly worried when I see you two eating your matching sandwich.

After all, the theater has become a source of concern for Raven.

Happiness is not sitting on a chair and is cheeking on a sandwich next to Raven.

Now is your chance to talk to Cecilia.

Hey, Cecilia.

Speak quietly to Cecilia.

The sandwich has already finished eating, so it does not violate the manners.

What is it, Mr. Youki?

"Raven looks a little strange.I wonder if you're worried about the troupe. "

"Happiness is involved.At first, Mr. Raven relied on Happiness.Is it good for Happiness to take a walk?Maybe you're wondering if you should push. "

"Happiness didn't sing in the theater troupe...."

I think Happiness songs are powerful.

The race of Harpy can be judged irrelevantly.

The voice is beautiful and the number of mouths is small, and the ability to express and think makes a normal conversation.

If we don't get Happiness's intentions right... we're still working hard.

However, it's different to sing as part of a theater troupe in front of many people.

"I think it would be better to do it with me in a way that doesn't come out often."

"Really? I miss Happiness from the Mansion, too, so I'd like you to stay as long as you occasionally star.Of course, it's my personal opinion, so ultimately it's up to Happiness to decide. "

"That's right. After all, no matter what people say, it's ultimately up to me to decide."

Raven and the others finished eating while we were having a private conversation with Cecilia.

Raven is looking at us like he's sorry.

"... Yoki, Cecilia. There may be a Knights in the room.I'm sorry, but I'd like to ask you to do something romantic at home with Cecilia. "

"I didn't."

"That's not what I was talking about, Mr. Raven."

We both deny it.

No, no, I was just talking to you.

I don't remember having such a hard time talking to you.

"... unconscious"

"... it seems so."

No, no, that's not exactly what I'm talking about.

Mikana also told me that I was an advanced person.

I'm just having a normal conversation.