What does it mean to think that I was messing with you just by telling you in private?

I think it's time to get used to this kind of reaction.

"So that was Wester just now...Someone who invited Happiness to the troupe. "

"... oh, I'm quite in love with Happiness.Happiness said that his singing resonated with many people's hearts.I was hoping you'd join the troupe somehow. "

"I don't know. Happiness... No, I'm still thinking about it."

It is still too early to make a decision.

When I ask what you think here, I think you'll answer.

You should talk to Raven carefully when you're alone.

Depending on the situation, I'll talk to you.

"... hold"

"It's about Happiness's future, and you should think about it carefully."

Cecilia followed me well, and I'm relieved.

... in a direction that I don't care about, even though they're going to ask me to put the problem forward.

"By the way, I feel very tired, but are you okay?"

"... the Knights are doing well.I just haven't been able to get tired lately. "


Aren't you asleep worried about Happiness?

Maybe Wester goes to Happiness every day to solicit.

I wish Happiness had done something to heal Raven.

"Happiness, I'm sure we should do something together that will cheer us up."

By letting your lover put it in your mouth, it will help you recover from fatigue, boost your strength, and relieve stress.

Now, put it in your mouth for Raven!

"... role model"


This is unexpected.

If you think I'm going to give you my consent, why don't you set an example?

Ah, there must be no role model.

"... I just brought some tea from Wester."

Raven served a small assortment of baked sweets.

Speaking of which, I tried to avoid saying that I had finished eating the sandwich.

As soon as possible, there is no escape.

I have no choice but to embarrass myself as a man.

"All right, Cecilia, open your mouth."

Eh, are you sure you want to do this?

"One sandwich won't be enough for lunch, and I want you to take my snacks."

I can pick it with my left hand and approach Cecilia's mouth.

Cecilia opened her mouth small.

After that, if you put the baked goods in your mouth, it will be alright.

Wouldn't it be said that this is just a mess like before?

Raven is tired, and he wants healing from Happiness.

If you do a normal one, the happiness one will fade away.

That's why neglecting to pay attention to Cecilia is the worst thing for a lover... okay.

Turn on the kitchen switch lightly.

I acted the moment Cecilia put the baked confectionery in my mouth.

Turn Cecilia's back with her free right arm and hug her so she can't escape.

Then I expressed my daily gratitude to my ears.

"Thank you all the time...."

This is my heart.

He's coming to make us a little dinner.

I often eat leftovers for breakfast.

You'll gently tell me how to clean better than I do.

The brewed tea is delicious, and the tea confectionery you prepare is handmade or bought at the shop.

I am healed in my casual days with Cecilia.

It's possible to talk for a long time, but that's what we should say when we're alone.

Also, I was troubled if you were dissatisfied, so I tried to respond with action to the feeling of liking it.

Words should be minimal... so that's how it turned out.

"What do you think? This is it."

Away from Cecilia, tell them success with a proud face.

I thought you were impressed...

Neither of you will look at me.

It's not what I expected.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I told you to show me your example."

"... no, it's far from what I imagined.I don't know what to say anymore. "

"... bold"

"I just wanted to say thank you for every day with the baked goods."

He said he didn't do anything so weird.

If I wanted Cecilia to agree, it wasn't that bad.

I don't know the expression because I cover my eyes with both hands.

It seems that there are still baked confectionery left in my mouth, and my mouth was moving.

"Eh... that?"

This is a pattern of illumination.

I don't usually have enough expression of affection, so did this happen?

They both shook their heads vertically, pointing at themselves silently as if it was because of me.

Cecilia seems to have taken a heavy toll on her, even though she only expressed her daily gratitude.

I think there was also an alarm.

And the way Cecilia is illuminated is pretty fresh.

Besides, this is what I said and did.

"Uh... I'll try to thank you more often next time.I suddenly wonder if it was cowardice to say this. "

An excuse for what?

I don't even know what I'm talking about.

I wonder if Cecilia has heard my words.

"... it's starting to shine."

"... hot and sweet"

"... Happiness, I want to change my tongue."

".... nh"

Happiness usually put baked sweets in Raven's mouth beside me.

Hey, do something more lovely.

"... this sweetness is just right"

"... agree"

I wonder if you two could pay attention to me if I don't taste the sweetness.

Cecilia's recovery took time, and Raven's break is over because of what I envied.

"I'm so sorry!"

This is what I was trying to do as soon as I put it in.

"... no, it's fine. At least I was able to reconfirm that Yoki and Cecilia are doing very well.They will be able to overcome whatever difficulties they face. "

"Thank you, Raven. I'll make it up to you someday."

"... I think I'm in a position to make it up to you."

I feel like I owed Raven money.

"... return"

"Yes, I'm sorry, Mr. Raven.I still have work to do. "

"... don't worry about Cecilia either.I took a good breath, too.I was told I had to do my best to show my friendship with Yoki. "

That's how Raven stares at Happiness.

Happiness, I hope you'll see Raven next time.

"... Happiness. I'm on Happiness's side.Let's talk about the troupe together now.I don't have to decide what to do before we meet again. "

"... acknowledging"

When they decided to meet next time, they said goodbye to Raven and left the Knights' headquarters.

I have no plans for the future.

Well, I don't know what to do.

"Well, we're all on our way to a solution, but there's one last push.Happiness, I'm ready to sing. "

Is that a round throw?

"I can't help you with the song.If it's going to be a little party, let's arrange food and drinks. "

"Well, let me arrange the venue.I'll arrange for you to rent it all day.Let's split up the decorations. "

"Sure, I'll leave the Happiness costume to Cecilia."

"Yes, Happiness, I'll go tailoring on a convenient day."

It seems okay if we talk about it together.

The rest is up to Happiness, but he looks at me and Cecilia and keeps quiet.

Was there any inconvenience?

"What's wrong, Happiness?"

"What's up, Happiness?"

"... the two of you are worried"

You're worried about Cecilia and me.

I'm Cecilia anyway.

"Oh, come on, I certainly don't know what to do when I get tense."

You're aware of that.

"Well, but this time, there's no particular problem."

When I told Happiness it was okay, I shook my neck to the side.

Is this a mistake in my interpretation? [M]

Then what do you mean...?

"... the wedding of the two of you"

Looks like Happiness is worried about my wedding with Cecilia.

I don't know what to say at this time... but I was worried.

When Celia told me, she didn't say anything in particular.