Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

My former subordinates worried about me.

Happiness is worried about Cecilia's wedding with me.

Now, what should I say?

It's not good to think too optimistically.

I'm worried, so I'd like to refrain from making worrying remarks...

Cecilia is worried about returning the word, but... yes.

It's not like me to get weak.

"Fu, Happiness, who do you think I am?I'm your ex-boss, and I've solved a lot of problems.And... it's okay with Cecilia.We'll figure it out. "

"I don't make very unfounded remarks.I think it would be strange if I was with Yoki.So you don't have to worry about us. "

"Yes, in the sky when it's time...."

That's the last resort.

"Whoa, they're gonna hire me."

"I'm kidding."

They laughed at each other saying, "That's right."

Yeah, I can handle whatever happens.

Happiness would have been relieved to see our interactions.

When I asked you about your expression... that's a reassuring face.

My mouth is open and pounding.

It's a rare face, I want to show it to Raven.

I want you to tell me that it's going to be the same as usual.

I can't find any words that might cause unexpected reactions.

"Happiness, what's wrong?"

Cecilia calls out because she's worried.

"... forgotten things"

"You forgot something, Raven?"

"... sure"

I forgot something at Raven's.

I don't think I have anything to forget.

Doesn't it mean I forgot something?

It's wild to dig into what I forgot.

"Well, then, shall we dissolve today?"

"... thank you"

"Never mind. Go on."

Happiness lowered his head to Cecilia and returned to the Knights' headquarters.

Hey, no greetings for me.

He said thank you, but I don't really care.

"Youki-san, that's what Happiness left behind."

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

I didn't have to say anything.

You're just saying you wanted to be alone.

Raven has a job, and I don't think he's staying long.

"Well, it's halfway through the time.Are we going to break up too? "

"If Mr. Youki wants to dissolve, he can dissolve."

"I think I want to be with you more."

"I could have stayed with you all day today.I can't help it if Youki-san feels that way. "

"Change in a day"

I'm in good shape.

However, breakfast is finished and dinner is early.

It's a delicate time to go somewhere.

As usual, I'll drink Cecilia's brewed tea at home and laugh.

Even if it's called a pattern, it's good because it's the happiest...


A souvenir shop caught my eye on the way to Cecilia and the house.

When I came to Brilliance on my pre-wedding trip, I had a cropping experience at Albis' facility.

We didn't participate, but we made a gift for each other.

"Hey, Cecilia, I think I'll make something today."

"Making... oh, that's enough. Is that what this is about?"

Cecilia seemed to know what it meant by my gaze on the shop.

"It seems like it would be a good opportunity for Youki-san to leave it to me.Now let's buy ingredients. "

"Oh, it's a secret what we make of each other."

"Yes, let's keep it a secret."

The two of us go into the store to buy ingredients.

I wish I had said it myself... but what should I make?

Cecilia has gone where the cloth and thread are.

What I've done so far.

The first thing that comes to mind is that Guy has become a variety of stone statues.

But I guess my artwork is pretty bad.

I can't even sew.

Cecilia can sew, can't she?

You're definitely better than me, and you're going to have to compare.

It's impossible to fight in the same dungeon.

I have a hand in drawing.

"This is...."

What I saw was a wooden carved doll with a wedding souvenir written on it.

Yuga and Mikana's doll are holding hands.

That's a pretty tough doll... and that's where the price goes.


I was wondering if I could draw a picture, but I also have a doll.

It takes time to carve it into the tunnel.

If we can clearly control the magic of the wind, we should be able to produce it at an early pace.

It's okay, I'm confident in the controls around here.

I just have a problem with my sense of art.

Just relax a little without stretching your elbows to make something good.

I made up my mind to buy lumber.

Cecilia seems to have finished shopping, so the two of us went home.

"What you make is fun."

"Oh, I'll pull you upstairs."

"I work in a private room on the ground floor."

We split up and act in the same house.

And to surprise them... to please them.

Enter the room and activate the magic of the wind with one hand on the lumber.

"Fu, if it were me, I wouldn't be making this much."

I had the finest Cecilian doll in my hand.

The artwork I've been working on has been chewed on, but I'm sure it's perfect.

It's a shame I can't color it, but I'm going to make it pretty elaborate.

Cecilia will be satisfied.

"All right, just give it to Cecilia...."

My conscience hurts here.

Cecilia will be making something for me by now.

The sewing relationship is magical and can't be short.

I make it all by magic and carefully by hand.

Am I satisfied with this?

"No, I can't give Cecilia a gift that I made fun of."

Make it feel more handy.

In general, Cecilia's doll is too lonely.

Let's take a two-shot like the Yuga and Mikana dolls we saw at the store.

Cecilia and I are in a relationship... No, there's no trick in making what we saw in the shop.

Yuga's wedding souvenirs, huh?

Then I'll meet Cecilia.

Cecilia reached out to me, who gave up living at the Demon King Castle.

There should be no mistake in this composition.

I quickly started working on it... but it's harder to pose than just standing dolls.

You need a more delicate touch.

There's been a lot since then.

A lot has happened since we met at Demon King Castle.

"Cecilia's been preaching too much to me now, me."

Recently, it has decreased, but I used to sit down often wondering if there were too many behavioral problems.

Cecilia would have scolded me very gently for what was wrong with her.

Recently, I've calmed down too, so I don't have much chance to sit down.

No, it's a good thing.

I feel a little lonely...

"It's not a good memory that I've been having trouble with."

Work while murmuring with bumps.

I think I'm immersed in memories because I'm talking to myself a lot today.

It is not good to work while thinking like this.

Because for some reason, as a result of the unconscious progress, it may become irreversible.

"Do it...."

The finished product on the table was different from what I had planned.

You were supposed to be making Cecilia with me, crouching down and looking up at Cecilia.

Why did you make Cecilia's doll, who bends forward with me sitting in the seat and raises his index finger to preach?

"Unconscious is scary...."

You'll have to concentrate on making it.

We need to recreate it quickly.

The door was knocked while it was warm.

"Youki-san, are you still making it?I finished a little early, so I was just finishing my dinner. "


Has it been so long?

It would be a result of being too focused while immersed in memories.

I don't know what to do. I can't tell you that I haven't had dinner yet.

I can't say it's not finished... just the first Cecilia doll I made.

"I'm sorry, I'm coming!"

When I got out of the room and went down to the ground floor with Cecilia, dinner was ready.

Bread, salad, soup, meat... oh, Cecilia's cooking is on the table.

This is heaven...

"Thank God."

"It's important to pray, but let's eat before it gets cold."

"Thank Cecilia even more."

"Compared to God, I'm in trouble."

Sit opposite each other in a chair and enjoy dinner.

I was aware of the daytime and looked at Cecilia's mouth several times, but I didn't notice.

Help me clean up the dishes... finally.

"I'll be right here."

Cecilia gave me a black scarf.

Embroidered... I wonder what pattern it is.

"I tried to embroider a black scarf expressing Yoki's favorite thunder... is that weird?"

Is that what happened?

This means a new piece of equipment for the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.

Did Cecilia think so much about it?

"Cecilia, thank you...."

I feel impressed and cry.

Compared to that, I...

"What is this from me?"

Hand over the doll to Cecilia in slow motion.

"My doll... you're doing well.Did Youki-san make it? "

"Yeah, you cut wood or you carved it."

"... you have bad tooth cuts. Are you hiding something?"

Cecilia saw through my upset instantly.

It's impossible to hide this apology.

"I'm really sorry.Will you come upstairs...? "


Take Cecilia upstairs and enter the private room.

I showed Cecilia the work that remained on the table.

"If I was working with memories like this, it would be something different."

Explain to Cecilia as she scratches her cheeks and looks everywhere.

Then Cecilia will be angry too...

As Cecilia watched the doll carefully reproducing the sermon scene... fufu, the laughter leaked.

What, did you smile?

"Youki-san saw me like this."

"No, it's not."

"It's not a bad idea.I thought it was really well made.At first, I was troubled by Mr. Youki's strange behavior. "

I miss it now, but I stroke the doll.

Cecilia, you're not angry.

When I tried to make an excuse in a hurry, I was relieved.

"At this time, does Youki-san think I'm quiet?"

"No, it's this way.I was aware that I was running wild.It's not important to be scolding me. "

"I was relieved that Yoki would say that.I was wondering if you were careful and bound to anything.I'm worried, too. "

"Cecilia feels the same way."

"Yes... every time I see this, I think I'll remember my days with Yoki."

I was just preached at first.

Sure, if you look at this, there may be a lot of episodes to remember.

"I'm going to take it back to the Mansion and brag to my mother. Is that okay?"

"Cecilia would love that."

Thus, the Cecilia room of the Aquaraine family was decorated with woodcarved sermon scene dolls.

I will definitely laugh when I see the one around Seek, so I will ask him next time I see him.

If I said I laughed... you know what I mean, Seek?