"Well, you smiled at my doll... tell me honestly, Seek!"

I laughed.

"I did it!"

A few days after making the sermon scene doll.

I was visiting the Aqua Rain house because I was curious about Seek's reaction.

Cecilia is unfortunately not at work.

My healing... is my job, so I have no choice.

More than that, I don't know what to do with this rude former subordinate now.

Once he escapes, he uses his lightness to escape everywhere, so now he grabs his neck and hangs himself.

Now, why would you do that...?

"Speaking of which, you're not with Teal or Fiora today."

I can't see the two of them fighting over Seek.

I'm always chasing after people who say they won't give me Seek next door.

"Teal is taught a job by Happiness' sister.I was telling you I couldn't get out today.Fiora hasn't come today, so I don't know. "

I see.

Sometimes it's unusual.

No, is the previous Happiness saying working?

... that's possible.

Everybody's in trouble.

"I don't think my head is always a flower field like the captain."

"Well, you want to dash it all with me so much?I'll give you a special training day in a long time today. "

That's it ~ yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I seriously thought I'd grab my collar and take you to the forest nearby.

But I was worried about something.

A man named Wester is inviting Happiness.

I wonder if it's too suspicious of me.

I think he's doing something back there.

That smile really stinks.

It is also possible that it is that way of laughing.

I don't know what happens to Happiness's choices.

Is it okay to act as a family?

"... Seek, no training."

"Training means you have to do something else."

It's a good guess.

"You got it. In fact, Happiness songs are invited to a respected theatre group.I'm the captain there, Wester. I'm so fuzzy.I'm going to set aside what Happiness is going to do, and I'm going to find out in advance. "

"Hee, you're Happiness' sister.Happiness, if it's for my sister, I'll help you. "

Seek is now ready.

Though the mood shop Seek was for Happiness, he said he'd help in one shot.

The adult captain will reward you.

"All right, let's go to the cake shop where I go first and buy you a cake."

I did it...

Seek to be happy as a child.

Hey, don't wave your arms because you're happy.


Seek's swinging arm hit my jaw because it was still suspended.

The pain pressed her chin and she was agonized.


Seek, who suddenly let go of his arm and landed without falling in particular, did not feel bad, and looked at me and laughed.

I guess I'll give you all the training you need.

It was me who was really lost while enduring the pain.

"Oh, it's closed."

Captain, I can't help but forgive you. I brought Seek to Amy's, Muscle Patisserie's, and Andrei's shop.

It's usually open... but I can't believe it's a closed day for new creation research.

"Captain, where's the cake?"

"Hmm, the bad news is that it's a regular holiday....."

"Er, I wanted to eat it."

There's nothing I can do about it.

Damn, most of the sweets were eaten here, so we'll have to go into the first shop.

I don't want to withdraw the foreword after I said I'd buy you a drink.

Ah, isn't that Captain Seek?What a strange encounter. "

"Ah, brother Duke."

Seek jumps on Duke.

Hey, don't let your helmet fall off.

If I get my head off here, it's gonna be a big deal.

"Wow, a little shy. It's dangerous to get off."


Today's Seek is childish and tense.

They always chase me around and ask me to give you some medicine.

Maybe you want to be sweet in front of me and Duke.

Even so, it's unusual for Duke to walk alone.

"Oh, Duke, you're off duty today.What happened to Irene? "

"Irene is working to take a long vacation home."

"You good?"

"I'll be fine. I'm not accumulating any work."

That way, Mr Irene sounds like he's accumulating a lot of work.

Are you sure you don't want to follow me?

I'm worried about Irene.

"It's time to move steadily without me.I decided it wasn't good to rely too much because I decided to work hard together from now on. "

Is that what you're saying?

"Duke, my brother is tough."

"I'm going to be tough because I'm expecting that much."

I say that the severity is kindness.

By now, Mr Irene will be doing his job whispering.

"Well, I had time like that, so I thought I'd show my face to the captain.I'm going to buy you a souvenir. "

"Well, as you can see, today is a closed day."

"I can't help it. I will enter a different store.I have a date with Irene, so I'll show you. "

Duke is supposed to show us the way.

Thank goodness, this will preserve my dignity.

... I don't know if it originally exists.

"That's good, Seek. Duke's supposed to lead us to her."

"Yeah, Duke, my brother's hanging out with her here and eating cake."

"I don't want you to think about anything extra...."

She said to eat delicious food without thinking about extra things.

Walk with Duke and arrive.

It's not far from Amy's shop and I've walked enough.

It's not a cafe shop, it's a cafe-style shop.

"I can't believe Duke's bringing Irene to this fashionable shop..."

Duke, let's do this.

"Whatever Seek is, I don't think the captain can tease me."

Oops, if you say too much, I'm going to get killed.

Let's start with our own weight.

"Well, we'll talk about it again."

Ah, you ran away.


"I'll buy you a drink. Please be quiet."

Sit at a table with four people and order it properly.

Seek was merciless because it was a luxury, and ordered a lot and ate it.

Hey, don't bother.

"So, what's the purpose today?Captain wouldn't take Seek out just to buy dinner. "

"Well, you know Duke.We're talking about Happiness being invited to a theater troupe for singing.The commander over there feels suspicious. "

Hmm. So, let's check it out.

"If it's my worries, it's fine.I thought I'd help Happiness make any choices in the shadows. "

Happiness, for my sister.

Seek is motivated enough for Happiness.

I thought Duke said we should stop.

Something gets worse with my behavior.

That's how I'm going to disagree...

For Happiness. Then I'll help you too. "

This has had unexpected results.

I can't believe you chose to cooperate without thinking about it.

"I thought Duke would stop."

"Well, for Happiness's sake.If nothing happens, that's fine.But I can't forgive you for using Happiness's pure singing skills. "

"I want my Happiness sister to be happy, so I'll do my best."

Happiness is our family.

It feels good with Raven.

Would you like to investigate by yourself for the future of Happiness?