Well, the three of us decided to investigate Wester for Happiness.

"I don't know exactly how to investigate."

"Isn't that easy?All you have to do is sneak in with magic to disappear the captain.You'll never find out, and when you're alone, you might show some weakness. "

Duke has proposed a rather realistic and less risky operation.

Sure enough, the operation can be investigated without being caught in suspicion.

But it's a little hard for me to sneak out in that way, even though I'm in a good mood.

"This is a straight-facing operation.If I'm wrong... I'll be just a trespasser.Duke, I can't let Cecilia grieve for failing at this time. "

"Sadness always feels like Cecilia's bothering her head."

"Agreed -"

Stop it, you guys.

Don't tell the truth.

It should have calmed down recently, so I'm fine.

But now that I'm sorry, let's put in some sweets.

"Well... it doesn't matter to me.We're going to break through for Happiness! "

Roger that.


Both of you have a good answer.

Okay, let's go... no, wait.

"Okay, it's rude to suddenly go first, so let's go buy some souvenirs."

From there...

"Courtesy is important. Remember, Seek."


"I wonder if this loose feeling is okay..."

Duke seems worried, but he'll be fine.

"Rubbing contractor, me and Duke, the original counselor, will probably manage."

"Rubbing contractor... the captain will play an active role in the rubbing"

"Hey, don't say things that make people's problems worse."

I'm not that bad.

Hey hey, who am I?

Seek pulls my arm and asks my two names.

He didn't like it when he didn't think of it and didn't say it.

Even if they suddenly said two names of Seek.

Was there any notable track record?

"Uh-huh... I've got it.Seek is a flying pharmacist. "

What's a jumping class?

"I feel smart even though I'm a kid."

The word is used incorrectly, but Seek doesn't care so much.

"Hmm, the captain also knows how smart I am.Then I'll be a jumping pharmacist "

Seek to appeal to joy by jumping.

I'm glad you didn't hesitate in a strange direction.

This is how the happy threesome of us bought sweets before heading to the theater troupe where Westa was.

"This is this. Isn't that Yoki from Happiness's family?"

Westa was polite to his sudden visit.

Hand over the souvenir and I will lower my head and ask what business I have today.

I can't tell you came to investigate because you are suspicious.

I wondered what the theater group that was soliciting Happiness was doing and explained that the whole family came to see it.

I was told to take a look, so I decided to wander around the facility.

Well, it's time to observe.

Wester seems to be leading the way.

Listen to the explanation and look around to see if there are any illegal slaves or people being bullied.

Sensory enhancement... is a last resort when considering personal information.

"Captain, isn't that fun?"

"Nh, oh. Aerial blanket. It's a classic place like this.The one next door... hey, you're going to jump a ball launched by the magic of the wind with your scaffolding. "

There is a stack of blocks made of earth magic, and they are scaffolded.

Looks like you're looking for lightness.

A large number of soft pillows are laid on the ground in case it should fall.

Can the impact be absorbed by this?

I'm going because it looks fun.

"Ah, hey!"

Seek ran without asking me to stop him.

The next time I say no, I launch the ball while being confused around.

Demonstrating the lightness of his hand, Seek jumped around and easily picked up the ball.

As it goes around, when it turns around and decides to land, cheers and applauses come from around it.

Wester was surprised at this.

Well, Duke was struggling to beat Seek.

I used to teach you how to dance with a sword wrapped in fire and water magic.

The Knights really talk about the treatment of the sword.

And Duke's sword is pretty good.

The actor had tearful eyes.

"No... I didn't expect Duke and Seek to have this kind of skill.Even so, the theater crew is trained hard every day. "

"Well, we grew up with environmental problems."

"Really... I want you to be a human resource."

"Each of them has a job."

Scout to Duke and Seek.

I'm sure it matches the theater group's performance.

They were both seen with respect.

I didn't show you anything.

No, I can move lightly like Seek.

If you're good with a fist instead of a sword, you can create a feeling of struggling well.

... I don't know, the excuse stinks and becomes vain.

"Are you okay? You're not feeling well or pale."

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm fine."

I just got depressed and took moral damage.

Not so worrying.

Afterwards, Wester was summoned by a squad member and asked him to bring it to the reception room as soon as he would be back.

"It's about time...."

"Captain looks weird."

"Captain, I'm sorry, but a cool detective doesn't look like a captain."

Leave me alone.

There's nothing that suits you or doesn't suit your imaginary face.

It is not good to hear the contents of the conversation, so go to the reception room and make sure there are no signs of people before starting the meeting.

"Well, what's it like for both of you to investigate?"

"That's right... I tried talking to the crew, but I didn't hear Mr. Wester's bad story.He said he was a hard worker who raised the troupe while taking care of his sick and weak daughter. "

Well, how's Seek?

"Hmm. I wonder if the monsters they're used to are being treated badly.I don't feel like I'm in bad health, and I didn't take any weird medications. "

"Neither Duke nor Seek has been successful..."Isn't this a healthy theater troupe with nothing? "

"That's what the captain says.You were the first one to doubt me, Captain. "

That's right, that's right.


Too right to say anything back.

Was it wrong of me to turn a blind eye to suspicion?

Both eyes are cold.

But if anyone sees that smile...

"Sorry to keep you waiting.How was the theater? "

Wester came into the reception room.

You're done with your errand.

"Ah, I thought the theatre people were practicing seriously, they were highly professional, and they were trying to unite and thrive."

"That's how I feel.I would teach you hard, but I felt like I would definitely absorb the technology. "

Me too.

The theater group did not feel bad, so the three of them express their feelings.

Wester's joy appeared on his face as if he was feeling better.

I had a suspicious smile, and Duke and Seek both twitched their shoulders and reacted.

I knew it was suspicious.

"As long as the troupe seems to have made a good impression on me, I'm happy to be the moderator.I wonder if you could leave Happiness with our crew. "

I guess we'll get there after all.

Because the true meaning of Happiness is unknown, we cannot judge by ourselves.

Well, there seems to be nothing left for the troupe.

And then there's Wester... what's that suspicious smile?

Excuse me, Dad.

A girl came into the reception room when I was worried.

You have the paperwork in your arms.

She wears a white robe as clean as Seek.

You just told me about Wester as your father.

"Oh, Weldy, what's going on?My dad is talking to a customer right now. "

"I forgot to receive the documents from another customer, so I came to deliver them...."

"I see, I'm sorry.Forgive me, Weldy. "

It's an unprecedented parent-child exchange, but I didn't expect a suspicious smile there.

I can't believe you're smiling at your daughter.

He said we were a little surprised.

"Father, you'll see that face again.You have to laugh normally. "

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"Be careful... I'll go now... if you'll excuse me."

Weldy left the reception room after giving us a light interpretation.

What a strange mistake...

"Um, can I ask you something?What does it mean not to laugh normally? "

"... it's going to be a little longer, do you mind?"

This is a pattern of suspicious laughter.

... after all, I wonder if my guess was off track.

With that in mind, I decided to listen to Wester.