"At first it was a small theater troupe.We were moving from town to town to entertain our customers.It's delicate to be asked if you had an understanding. "

"Why do you understand?"

"I was told to go to war if I had time to do that."

Westa answers Seek's questions.

The harder it became, the harder it was.

"I continued this activity.Because I believed that the brave would lead us to peace.In a world of peace, we will need a presence like ours.Slowly getting accepted... my wife ran away. "

"Seriously, you've just been in orbit."

"Yeah, my wife put up with it a lot.It's my fault. You've put your daughter through a lot of trouble.Originally, my body was weak, so I couldn't.Still, I was working hard on the weapon of the customer service technique and the idea of an artifact that I had acquired in business. "

"I don't know, but what does that have to do with the way you laugh?"

"More friends, more negotiation.No matter how tired I was, I didn't want my daughter to look like that, so I smiled.Then my daughter told me.I'm afraid of that smile. Apparently, my smile was overdone, and I was scared of my little girl... so I tried to change the way she laughed. "

As a result, she smiled as if she was planning something.

At that time, Mr. Weldi seemed to like the suspicious smile very much, and he kept using it because Wester wasn't bad.

Mr. Weldy told me to be nice and laugh normally, but Wester didn't want to change.

Don't forget your beginnings, you're warning yourself not to bother your daughter any more.

"I mean, that smile doesn't mean I'm doing it deliberately, and I'm thinking about something particularly difficult."

"That's right."

Westa lowered her head with a suspicious smile.

Is that what this is all about?

... I did it!

I was just a kind father to my daughter.

"Give me a moment to talk to you."

I decided to discuss it in a circle with the three of us a little further apart.

I came here to investigate with suspicion, but I didn't expect this kind of trouble.

"Well, this is what I heard."

"Captain, it's not good to judge people by their appearance."

Duke, my brother's right.

Will you be the first to criticize me?

Well, this started because I doubted Wester's smile.

"I know, but I'm sure you're all following me for Happiness.As a result, Wester had no problems at all.It's good to know. "

"Well, I guess so. She doesn't seem to have a bad personality either.I didn't have the mood to investigate. "

"Did I feel safe knowing the area too?"

If Happiness goes to Wester, he'll be fine.

Is there anything else I can confirm?

Ah, um...

Wester spoke modestly during the consultation.

"Actually, apart from what happened to Happiness, I wanted to ask you something."

I hear you have a favor to ask. Is this a different matter from Happiness?

I wish the three of us could solve this.

I decided to break the circle and listen to Wester.

"Um... about my daughter.I was able to move around freely with medical treatment and my own efforts.He wants to help me with my work.I'd like to ask you both for your daughter's guidance, who was doing a great job earlier. "

The more I'm done, the more I want Duke and Seek to practice for Mr. Weldy... me?

"I see... I don't care at all about that."

"Uh-huh... I'll help you, too..."

They're laughing at me for not asking.

I'm sure I'm the only one here who hasn't shown any movement.

Not that I can't, I can move too.

But asserting it here is either ugly or something.

"I think I'll take a tour."

This is how Seek and Duke began to teach.

The place of instruction is the practice hall that I went to earlier.

Wester brings her daughter and teaches her how to move.

I'm just watching on stage sleeves, in a supervisory state.

What is the key outcome?

"There is no problem with the motivation of the person.You're moving your body correctly.I guess it's because I've been watching the crew's movements since I was a kid... but I don't know. "

Unfortunately, I didn't follow it from my body.

I heard that she was sick and weak, but is that the cause?

Perhaps there is a considerable difference between the movement that the person is imagining and the actual movement.

Seek and Duke are working hard, but it seems difficult.

"What about my daughter?"

Next to me is Wester watching Mr. Weldy.

I don't care what they say.

"I think the first thing to do is train your body.It's a fundamental problem. Whatever Seek and Duke's movements were good in the first place, I think it would be better if someone I know told me about them. "

Maybe you can't do it. Did you do it?

Wester answered my question slowly.

"Of course, the troupe members also instructed my daughter.But when she was young, she was sick or weak. "

Well, then I'll just run in.

"Of course, my daughter works on it every day.I'm building a body. "

"I wonder if you're not working hard enough or simply right for me."

Even if you don't have the sense, if you work hard every day, you will be able to do it quite well.

As long as you make a bloody effort.

However, it depends on what Wester's daughter is aiming for.

What does Weldy want to be?

After all, we go on a break without much success.

Earlier, the two of you who were laughing at me were seriously discussing how to teach in the future.

"You don't have enough muscle.Various items should be added as well as simple running and workouts.Think about improving your meal.... "

"Brother Duke, you also need to get proper sleep.It's important not to put too much mental stress on it, so I'll prepare herbal tea with a healing effect "

"That's right... by the way, Seek, do you have any medicine to help strengthen your muscles?"


"Hey, get over there."

I'm not trying to rely on medicine.

I don't think it's a dangerous substitute because it's about Seek.

I'm not sick, so let's not use it that way.

"But, Captain, to be honest, it's pretty tough."

"It feels like I've seen it.I wonder if I've been moving my body lately. "

Duke and Seek are hard.

I wonder what happened to this.

Mr Weldy was depressed to find it impossible to do so and went into the room.

"Captain, this is where the captain comes in."

"What about it?"

What do you mean, pass me at this time?

"Yeah, yeah, it's the captain's job to comfort the girl."

Hey, wait, how long have I been standing like that?

"Are you two serious?I'm the kind of man who takes lectures from his lover over and over from his chef's bizarre words and actions, his bizarre ideas and his thoughts and actions.You can embrace a depressed girl..... "

"I think Cecilia would be angry if she didn't do anything here."

"Ugh... don't poke me where it hurts."

It is certainly better not to take any action here.

Depending on what you're doing, you're not going to do anything.

Captain's turn and woosh.

"... okay."

I also checked with Wester before going to her room.

Seek and Duke will join Wester for a meeting on how to practice.

Are you sure I'm going to attack alone?

Well, when we get here, we're ready.

"Fu, let me show you my power."

To relieve the tension, I turned lightly into a cook and headed to my room...

I recovered quickly and came out of the room.

After all, aren't you going to consult me?

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll be right back.My father told me to call you. "

You're in a hurry to see me.

No, I didn't come here to remind you to practice.

I don't know what to say... it's not like me to think deeply.

"I'm here to talk to you about what's bothering me."

Hey, this is totally suspicious from the first time we met.

I think I failed.

But you're confused by my words.

"... please come in"

I was to be guided to my room.

Counselor, is it okay for me?

I'll just do it when I get here, so I'll go into the room.

We sat in each other's chairs and were ready.

Now, what are we talking about?

"Um... you saw the lesson earlier.How was my movement? "

First of all, do you want to go in there?

Hmm, maybe we should be honest here.

"Oh, I was watching.I'm an adventurer and I'm training my body... but I wonder if you're not training enough. "

"I knew it. I've been training every day since I was able to move my body thanks to my dad and everyone in the troupe.I had to do what I thought. "

"Have you been able to move your body lately?"

"Yes, since the Demon King was crushed by the brave, my father's activities have been acknowledged... and I was hugged while crying that I had saved money for my treatment."

Weldy adds, of course, that it wasn't a complete bedtime.

It's amazing to think that you can move as quickly as you can.

But I can't move that much.

"Now, my two men are thinking about the training for you.If you work on that every day... you'll get results little by little. "

"I can't do it one by one.I want to help my father right away! "

You have a strong tail, Mr. Weldy.

I had the impression that I was going to grow up, but I wonder if my father loved it.

Teal came out in my head.

No, Guy's not my father, it's a different relationship.

It's none of your business, so leave it alone.

Why are you in such a hurry?

"I wonder if there's a reason why it should be so soon."

"Yes. If I stay useless... a singer named Happiness is coming in and I don't want to be a child."

That's where it leads!

I mean, even if Happiness came in, I don't think Mr. Weldy would be the kind of kid I don't need.

Maybe it's because he's a father, or maybe he's thinking in a strange direction.