A few days have passed since Wester's suspicions cleared up.

... I was just mistaken.

Happiness still seems worried about joining the troupe.

It seems Raven is also worried about seeing him like that.

We didn't actually meet and talk, we got information from Duke and Seek.

It's just a matter of the two of us, so I'm going to tell you to do your best.

Of course I will respond if you consult me...

I can't say anything because I haven't heard from you.

I haven't seen Cecilia, and are you ready for Happiness to sing?

I also named the person in charge of meals, so I can't afford it.

First, we need to work in the Alliance today to fill a hole without Clayman.

I thought so, but I came to the Alliance in the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman style.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa."

"Yes, Associate Alliance Master"

"I think I leaked my autograph. Come on."

"Sorry, Associate Alliance Master!"

"Formula, don't lose to God for workload and accuracy.You're not going to multiply the Guild Chief by my salary. "

"Good luck, don't abandon me, Associate Alliance Master."

Clayman was resurrected and the guild was in hell.

The feeling that the injury has healed is good, and the feeling that it should be reduced a little bit is about half by half.

Well, I'm here for work, so if you have Clayman, I'll go to the reception where Clayman is as usual.

"You're returning to the scene quite quickly.I thought it would take a little longer. "

"Wow, I was planning on going a little slower in the hospital, too.Sophia brought in the lady the other day.A monk at a brave party is amazing.I can't move at all. I've recovered enough to move. "


Maybe you should still be in the hospital.

Even though Cecilia's healing magic is better than its surroundings, it's obviously impossible.

Return to work in an incomplete state.That'll take you back to the hospital.This is my colleague and employee.And leave it to this Dark Thunder Swordsman! "

I decided to pose tightly and said.

The staff also stopped, reacted and looked at me as if they agreed with me.

I thought it was settled, but Clayman sighed annoying and said a word.

"I'll get some rest, too.You can't sleep on a bed with a child growing up.I'll have to show you the cool adult's back while I'm working on it.Adults who are close to children are parents. "

Clayman's words engulfed the Alliance in silence.

Guild members who were consulting on work, parties who were meeting clients, and adventurers who were drunk.

Even the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman couldn't say anything.

That's what Clayman said.

Clayman... this is my father's charming back.

"Hey, what are you doing? You're suddenly quiet.Do your job. Do your job.Don't stop the meeting.You're a stick, too.You must be here for a favor. Come on. "

Clayman threw me a request form.

Black Thunder Magic Swordsman nomination request.

Is it a nomination request to me, or is it a very difficult request?

However, any request made to the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman to quickly and perfectly fulfill the request....

"I want to be an event staff member.Hey, Clayman, is this really a nomination request for me? "

I don't know what kind of event it is, but I need to call the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.

I don't suppose it's an escort mission for a party of nobles.

"Oops, it looks like the building is broken.It seems that it has finally been repaired.So they're doing something to commemorate the new building.I want to ask for that help. "

"Is it... the ceremony where the brave couple had their wedding?"

Is it caused by the mirror breaking out?

I couldn't stop it without getting hurt.

There were other Ugandans, pale flame steel arms, and the Knights.

I can't help it.

The revival of the ceremony hall is essential for couples celebrating their wedding in the future.

There is no reason not to help.

"Leave it to me, I'll show you the best results as usual!"

"Ooh... it's been a long time since I've been depressed.I went if I was willing to accept the request.I'm busy too. "

Clayman pays you to chase me away.

I can't believe you're busy with that annoying clayman.

This has happened before... but this mode of work will last for a while.

"Alright, you're ready till noon to eat Sofia's lunch.Prepare yourself, Sierra. "

"Why are you naming me only...."

"Well, of course I'm thinking of setting up a meeting place for you."


"I'll introduce you as a good guild employee.I hope I won't be better than I've ever been before. "

Clayman's charm improved Sierra's work efficiency.

Let's see if it went well this time.

Good luck meeting Sierra, who works with her eyes closed.

As I prayed, I went to the ceremony.

On the way, I arrived at the ceremony without anything in particular.

The walls broken during the battle against the mirror were repaired and the ceremonial staff were busy running around.

The clerk who saw me called for the man in charge and ran away.

A moment later, the clerk came to talk to me.

"Thank you for accepting my request this time."

"Fu, Black Thunder Magic Swordsman doesn't like requests any more.Let's do everything quickly and perfectly. "

"Yes, what about the content of the request..."

According to the staff's explanation, what I want is a security check.

The Knights helped us out, but at the wedding of the Ugandans.

Raven told me I was working on my own.

That information led me to a request.

They want advice on areas that are likely to be intrusive, security holes, and more.


I pretend to think with my hands on my jaw.

... I don't know what to do, I usually rely on sensory enhancement to investigate.

It's hard to be honest even if you say it's technical advice.

I don't care if you give me the building drawings... how do I answer them?

The result of the thought.

"Again, there's something you can't see on the drawings alone.Would you mind if I showed you the ceremony because it moves so that it doesn't get in the way? "

Special, on-site inspection.

It's a plan to say something like that and get out of here.

"Of course, I am aware that I have asked the staff of the ceremony to see the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder.Please use the waiting room. "

Do you have a waiting room or can you take a lunch break?

Well, I'm not going to spend that much time checking the ceremony grounds.

I broke up with the staff who guided me and looked around the ceremony.

I wander around the ceremony hall at my own pace while the staff is busy moving.

Check the checked room by looking at the drawings.

I can see the brittleness of the walls in a place where we can infiltrate, even if it's confirmed.

The staff don't want to build a wedding place with iron walls.

The ceremony where the brave couple held their wedding is popular.

However, the negative aspects of the raid were also noticeable.

That's why you want to renovate it and have an event to get rid of the bad image.

Propaganda would appeal to the fact that the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman checked the security aspects of the building.

If you spot a problem, you'll fly over to me... yeah, of course, but let's be serious.


A monk is praying in the hall.

I wonder if it's a nasty one.

... no, there's something more important than that.

"Isn't that Cecilia...."

Cecilia was where the couple vowed to love.

I can't believe we're meeting here.

I mean, it seems like you're concentrating on prayer and you don't notice me.

I fold my hands and close my eyes. Is that natural?

Yeah, the sunlight coming in through the window just feels good, giving Cecilia a mysterious vibe.

If I was careful, I'd fall in love.

Cecilia, who finished her prayers, fell in love with me until she noticed me and called out to me.