Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I walked around the ceremony with my lover.

"I didn't expect to see you in this way at the ceremony...."

Cecilia, who has finished his prayers, has taken me to a given rest room.

Sometimes I don't want to be heard, and in public, I can't have a lover-to-lover conversation.

I'm also folding my hands and praying to find Cecilia.


"No, I was in love."


Why are you looking so surprised?

Sure, I was surprised, but I felt more than that.

"A mysterious atmosphere emerged from Cecilia, where prayers could be filled by the light of the day that plunged through the window.Of course, Cecilia is elegant and beautiful, but its performance adds even more appeal.There is also a clean space called this ceremony hall, and the vest looks better than usual.And you have a beautiful side when you're praying.I thought it would get in the way of the right work, but I couldn't help but notice..... "

Because I've seen a lover that I don't normally see, I can't stop being direct.

It must have been because of the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman effect.

I was in a good mood, and I didn't stop talking when I noticed Cecilia's change.

Cecilia also thanked her modestly at first, but gradually her face fell down, and it was time to deal with it... with her narrow voice.

"Um... that's enough..."

With these words, the time to tell me why I fell in love was over.

We still had something to talk about.

"... I'm sorry. It's okay now."

"I'm sorry."

"No, it's not good for me to be illuminated like this.We have to deal with it more calmly. "

"I'd miss it if I could express my feelings of love in words and deal with them calmly."

"Running each other around is becoming important.So, why is Youki in this ceremony?I know it's a request. "


Cecilia's recovery finally allowed us to talk, so we talked about each other's situation.

As I expected, Cecilia was asked to destroy a bad image of the Mirror raid.

In fact, unlike Yuga's Holy Sword, there seems to be some magic that creates the Sanctuary.

Cecilia used magic with her prayers to restore the image of the world.

"I couldn't stop it quickly because I was on the scene.I wish I hadn't destroyed more buildings. "

"I had no choice at that time.It's what happens when we have all the talented people. "

"You defeated him with the power of friendship with the steel arm of the pale flame."

"It seemed to me that Mr. Soleil had taken his weapon."

"... the most familiar weapon would be..."

"I wonder why I became the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder."

I have a little sword training.

It's best for me to strengthen my fists and hit them. [M]

The sword for the Black Thunder Magus sword is also a special sword that is jagged... well, it's not impossible to fight.

It's okay, it's okay.

"Now, I'd like to finish my break and get back to work...I guess I've done a lot of research. "

"I'm not a time-consuming ritual either."

"Shall I report with you?"

I don't know the person in charge together, but I'm an official at the ceremony, so I think I can put it together.

Walk around the ceremony hall with Cecilia to report.

It's a beautiful ceremony, even though it's been renovated.

At their wedding, Yuga was busy dodging Soleil and fighting Miller.

It is also good to look around slowly.

There's Cecilia next door... good.

Walking without leaving the floating place to not destroy the image of the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.

"Nh, why don't you look at us and run?"

That's right.

An employee is running toward us.

I don't think you need to hurry.

"Are you here, Madonna?"

Two Cecilian names you've heard a long time ago.

Well, Cecilia gets angry when her family tells her, but there are places where she forgives being called by ordinary people.

I am still dealing with it with a smile and there is no problem.

"I'd like to have another job meeting on Mikana's behalf."

"On behalf of Mikana..."

Cecilia's reaction is immediate.

Maybe it's something you haven't heard?

I'm not upset, so it doesn't seem like I can't remember anything at all.

"I hear it's a simple job that I'm about to finish."

"Immediately... it would be helpful if you could spare me a little time"

"What kind of work?"

Sure, that's what matters.

The wedding place was supposed to be Mikana's job.

All I can think of is an interview about the legendary wedding with Yuga.

"I made some new dresses to commemorate the renovation of the ceremony.If only the Virgin could walk through the ceremony dressed. "



Cecilia and I echoed each other.

I mean, I want Cecilia to walk around the ceremony like a bride in a wedding dress.

Quite simply, it was shocking to me, so I repeated it in my brain.

The one from Mikana... oh, my God, you pushed my client to Cecilia.

Are you going to see Cecilia in a wedding dress even though she's not married yet?

Of course, I don't want to see it.

I want to see it again. I want to keep it in my memory and in my records.

The Black Thunder Magic Swordsman's helmet is useful at times like this.

Now, I'm glad my face is hidden because I think my emotions are messy and my expression is unstable.

Now, do you accept this request?

Leave aside what happens if you don't take it.

What Cecilia will do.

My opinion... I want to see it, I want to see it very much.

The level you want to walk next door if you can.

After some reflection, Cecilia gave the answer.

"... okay."

Looks like you've decided to accept the request.

"Thank you for accepting my sudden offer."

"No, I wonder if Mikana has asked me at this difficult time.I don't know if I can take my place. "

"Of course not. I'd like to ask all the staff to keep their heads down.Thank you so much for your patience. "

As a result, Cecilia took up work on behalf of Mikana and went to change clothes with several female staff.

I was left behind.

"I checked the building all the way.I wrote my opinion on the drawing of the building that I received, so please use it as a reference. "

I was reporting the completion of the request to the staff.

Black Thunder Magic Swordsman quickly and perfectly executes the request.

Just because you want to see Cecilia's dress doesn't mean you can't postpone your request...

"Yes, I did."

I wrote down what bothered me in the drawings of the building.

Well, I guess I'll break in from here and the strength of the wall.

It is unclear whether this opinion will be useful at all.

I'm not involved in this ceremony anymore.

I will only leave the ceremony hall if I am not involved.

Cecilia's dress is in custody.

Dear Black Thunder Magic Swordsman

"... something?"

Did you realize that I thought about breaking into the ceremony by pretending to have left the ceremony?

What did you check for?

Because it is a helmet, even if it appears on the face, it should not be known.

I can't believe you're giving me a negative aura...

"As a matter of fact, not only the Virgin Mary, but also the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman can keep his face hidden, so could you please put on a costume for the bridegroom?"

Unexpectedly, I was asked to do the same.

... I don't know what to do.