Cecilia shows off her bride.

I will present myself as the bridegroom... in a renovated ceremony.

It will be a very good memory.

I still want to walk next to Cecilia in a dress.

I have quite a desire for that.

I'm the one wearing the helmet.

The ceremony is sunny today, and the sun is shining brightly into the ceremony.

Really, it's a perfect situation.

What do you think, Black Thunder Magic Swordsman?

"Hmm... no, I'm sorry, but I have to say no."

I wonder if my answer was unexpected, or if the staff member who sent me the request looked surprised.

Well, he talks a lot about his love for Cecilia in the state of the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman.

I suppose you didn't think I'd say no.

I want to walk next to Cecilia in a bridegroom costume.

But not now.

I'm wearing a groom costume as a yoke at a well-prepared live wedding.

"Cecilia's bride will suffice today.This time I'm not walking next door as a bridegroom, but as a knight to protect her. "

This is my choice.

"Really... I'm sorry to say this, but I couldn't understand that it wasn't originally included in the request.Don't worry about it. "

"I'm sorry I can't help you.If there's anything else I can do to help, I can help. "

"Could you please escort Cecilia, whom the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman mentioned earlier?It's a short day, but we're going to open it up to the public. "

"Very well. I'll take care of it."

After a brief meeting with the staff, I suddenly realized that Cecilia was wearing a dress.

I'm starting to wonder what a pity I've done... no, I'm the Black Thunder Swordsman now.

Calmly analyze the situation, don't get hot, stay rational.

Determination is strong, and the reason for not wearing a costume makes sense.

Cecilia in her dress will be able to handle it as usual...

It's all right, it's all right... I'm sitting in a bench waiting for you.

"Thank you for waiting."

I heard a call from behind.

Cecilia's voice, no doubt.

When he stood up and turned around, there was Cecilia in a wedding dress.

How do you like it? I need to tell you how I feel before I ask if it suits you!

No, this is an early reward. Should I thank you?

Wait, should we apologize for not standing next to Cecilia in her bridal costume?

"Thank you. It's beautiful and looks great on you!"

"I can't read the mood of the Magic Swordsman because I have no experience of being thanked and praised and lowered my head."

As a result of the lack of cohesion, there was also a problem with words and deeds.

"Are you really praising me?Do you think it's beautiful? "

What a mean question to ask.

... I don't know why. Even though I know it's because of my behavior, I think so.

It's pointless to hide your face with a helmet anymore.

Cecilia sees through me.

I suppose it was a happy scream because it was so intimate.

Even if you make a bad excuse, you're the one who gets caught up.

Let's be honest.

"Actually... I declined your request to wear the groom's costume."

"The more that happened, the more the Magic Swordsman felt sorry for me and went crazy."

So it fits roughly.

They already know.

Is this a disillusioned pattern?

"May I ask why you declined?"

"I didn't want to be the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder, but I wanted to walk next to Cecilia as I was.And... I didn't think we were going to make it today. "

Slowly whisper to avoid being asked.

I wondered if we could walk together in the form of a favor.

I wonder what Cecilia thinks.

I didn't choose to walk here with you. Am I a jerk?

Waiting for a response from Cecilia.

"... that's the only way to convince me."

It settled down in the form of a reluctant understanding.

It seems unfortunate when I look at it expressively.

Did I screw up or did I miss?

The word rattling around in my head.

"You're thinking of something extra.I've thought about it myself and come to a conclusion, so I just need to be firm.Can the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman hang easily? "

Cecilia, who used to call me the Magic Swordsman, said he was the Magic Swordsman of Black Thunder.

You're saying this isn't good for Black Thunder Magic Swordsmen.

Yes, the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman is not a rattling character.

An adventurer who does requests quickly and perfectly.

"By the way... will the Magic Swordsman who refused to wear the bridegroom costume leave me alone in the ceremony?"

"I don't think so.I'm with Cecilia as a guard. "

"I'm relieved to hear that."

This does not create a strange groove with Cecilia in particular.

I decided to attend the event at the instruction of an official.

First, before opening the ceremony to the public, work to see what the bride actually feels like walking through the ceremony hall.

Seeing Cecilia walking in a beautiful way, the male staff fall in love.

Of course, so am I.

Cecilia is amazing because the one who stretched out under her nose didn't get the wrong idea about the rest time.

Praise, praise, praise... finally.

"I'm glad Cecilia is my lover.I'm happy. "

I told you.

The men looked desperate.

Well, Cecilia was pleased, but she cautioned me not to say it now.

Some male employees will be further damaged by the words.

Seems Cecilia was going to save the men's crew... but it's in the back.

Well, I was comforted by the female staff... so I decided to stick around a couple of times.

I was told by the staff that I was continuing to escort him while he was looking at me with jealousy.

He said he wanted me to escort him when he was open to the public.

Well, I wonder if there's a Black Thunder Swordsman near Cecilia in a pure white wedding dress.

Don't even try it, Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"Fu, don't worry, if anything happens to Cecilia, we'll be on our way."

That's how I disappeared.

Among the amazing staff, Cecilia alone calmly prepares for general opening.

There are certainly few places to hide in the ceremony hall, but they can't.

I can see Cecilia being praised in a premium seat.

When the general opening began, people came in... rumors spread about Cecilia.

After an hour of starting, people were overflowing.

In the meantime, Cecilia was behaving according to the meeting with a smile without feeling the pressure to be seen.

Beautiful, mixed with the words "beautiful", I heard you murmuring that you wanted to get married.

Unfortunately, I'm the one marrying Cecilia.

Well, I don't do anything because I admire freedom.

The one who really sucks is the one who invites Cecilia at this time.

There was an idiot who said that he could eat even after this.

Hey, you know Cecilia and the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman announced their engagement.

The staff didn't freeze and move, and I didn't smile when I got to Cecilia. I'm sorry, but I just said...

The more you do, the better I can say the rest.

I quit sticking to the ceiling and went down to the ground.

Dark Thunder Magic Swordsman, join us!

I decided to pose tightly.

The gaze on Cecilia gathers on me.

Now, all I need is a young man who invited Cecilia, who is hardened in front of me, to a meal.

"Don't worry, I didn't show up here to hurt you.... I knew it. If Cecilia were to wear such a beautiful dress, there would be no runaway.So let me tell you something.Cecilia is my fiancée.That's all I have to say.If Cecilia were to take the invitation, I would..... "

Don't you want to stop it?


I tried to muddy my words and disappear.

It's out of the question that Cecilia is asking.

I don't think a man with a strong bond hates him, and it's a good idea to cut him short.

Will you stop it?

I can't push you any further.

I can feel your gaze in a different way than before.

The young man who invited Cecilia to dinner looks sorry.

Don't look like you're sorry because of me.

Absolutely... that's fine, even if you show your monopoly desire.

Looks like Cecilia and everybody is expecting it.

"I have no right to stop it.Such a thing is in front of the building. Let's be honest.I want to monopolize Cecilia. "

I heard voices from around me, but I don't know.

I won't stop!

"I'm the one who eats together in the morning, day and night.It's me who wakes up and says good morning, and I say good night when I go to bed.I'm here to say hello.I'm the one who dates and makes memories.... I haven't said enough yet, but I'll leave it around here.It's time for Cecilia's clams. "

"Magic Swordsman, it would be helpful if you didn't say anything more than I expected."

Here, your attention is flying.

But it's a pretty soothing crowd.

I wonder if more sharp clams will fly in.

"... I didn't expect you to insist so much."

Is it too much to say?

We need to reflect on this.

It was me who had a smile in the light and turned to jealousy again.