"It's an unexpected loss of health....."

It was time for a break, and when she entered the waiting room, Cecilia sat on her chair tired.

It's not like I'm going to exercise, but it seems like I use a lot of nerves to move around the meeting to keep my dress from breaking down with a smile.

I still have wrinkles on my dress, so I have a neat way of sitting.

I've always been firm, but this is a different story.

I'll just hang on to the ceiling and escort you.

Can you heal Cecilia?

I wish there was something I could do.

"... don't look so worried.It's not impossible. "

"I don't know why I can't see my face, but I can see the look on my face."

I shouldn't have seen your face with a helmet.

That kind of thing has increased since a while ago.

He said I was wondering.

"That's because Youki is easy to understand and I'm Youki's lover and partner.I've been thrilled in two ways since we met. "

Should I be happy or apologize for half joy and half guilt?

It would be rude to just shut up.

I have to return something...

"I'm sorry for the excitement!"

Anyway, I decided to lower my head.

But Cecilia didn't want to apologize and shook her head.

"You're not apologizing to your lover.Sometimes it's not a bad thing. "

I'm sure it's cool not to get excited about a romantic relationship.

But it's not good to do too much.

"From now on, I'll be modest."

"Youki-san won't be able to do that.If you're careful, it's Yoki who goes diagonally above my imagination.Please continue to do your best not to cause trouble to others. "

Ah, yes.

Perhaps Cecilia knows me better than I do.

I feel like I know you look like a jerk right now.

I also want to be able to understand Cecilia.

Think about what Cecilia's tired of doing... there's got to be something I can do.

I wish I could stop relying on magic.

Cecilia does not seek such healing because of healing magic and fatigue recovery.

How about shoulder rubbing and massage?

Don't wrinkle your dress, decline.


"Yoki, have you twisted your neck many times?"

"No, I wonder what I can do for Cecilia when she's tired... ah!?"

You can't say this.

It is right to act subtly.

I concentrated too much on thinking and replied.

I thought this was... amazing.

"That's all you need to think about."

"I'm glad you laughed."

Cecilia laughed at me as a result, so let's say it's okay.

But I couldn't get tired.

Is it okay to wait for the second half like this?

Are you hungry or something?

"I'm a little free, but I can get through the second half of the job.I can't go to dinner with my dress on.I took it off and thought I had to wear it again. "

Certainly I know Cecilia's point.

But I can't believe I'm not eating while I'm still standing around and I have to act like a meeting.

I took my lover's health into account and decided that I had to act.

"There's still time for a break, right?I'll get it. As soon as I have the speed of the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman.... "

The door was knocked at a good time.

What can I do for you at a time like this?

Cecilia asked me to come in.

"Cecilia, the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman.This is lunch.I've received some other plugs, so please pick them. "

Staff brought snacks and drinks such as sandwiches and bread.

The rest is the sweets that I put in.

I left them on the table and asked them to come back later.

My turn to show off the speed of the Black Thunder Swordsman... is gone.

I was depressed when I was robbed of the show.

"Now you can move in the second half with plenty of room.Youki-san is out of space... so don't even think about it. Let's eat together. "

"You know what I'm thinking."

"You were obviously depressed.I think I could have guessed before I went out with Mr. Yoki. "

Looks like he was in an attitude.

Cecilia invited me to dine with her.

Of course, think about what I can do while eating.

What only I can do... what can I do to heal you?

Wouldn't Cecilia be tired if she did what she liked?

I tightened up the operation with the sliced bread on my cheek.

I swallowed the last bite and decided to move on.

"... nnh, okay, let's do it"

What do you mean, do it?

"I'm going home to get some tools.I'll be right back. "

I disappeared by magic and jumped out of the ceremony.

Move from roof to roof and head home the shortest distance.

We used the fastest and shortest route to get back before the break was over.

When they arrived at home, they hurriedly grabbed their tools and headed back to the ceremony hall.

"... hmm?"

I found a couple I knew on the move.

I can see the brave man laid on my wife's butt.

Should I say hello?

I lifted the magic of disappearance and got down in front of the two of them.

"Black Thunder Magic Swordsman"

"Eh... what a surprise!"

"I thought it was the enemy, yo...."

"My name is Black Thunder Magic Swordsman!"

Oh, yeah.

That's right, bye.

Stop trying to call me Sarasaki Yoki.

If I hadn't stopped you, I'd have told you.

Well, I'm sorry I did this.

"You know, normal people don't come down from the sky."

"Fu, I'm out of standard.By the way, where are you going with Cecilia? "

Wearing a wedding dress at the ceremony was originally a job for Mikana.

Cecilia's working hard on behalf of me... but I don't suppose she pushed me to work to date Yuga.

"I'm going to introduce Cecilia's mother to the right course of action for pregnant women that her husband needs to know."

Is that what you're saying?

You two were about to go and study properly.

"I thought I was sorry to Cecilia because I wanted you to come here today.Cecilia's mother said she'd be fine if she were Cecilia.I'll make it up to you next time. "

"I could have seen Cecilia's dress anyway... and if it was useful, it would have been useful.It was pretty tough and tiring. "

"Ugh... I'll go see you early and apologize."

Well, if it was Cecilia, I'd come and apologize, but if I asked why, I'd bless you.

I wonder why the brave man next to Mikana has been silent for a while.

"Actually, something terrible happened."

"What do you mean?"

Did you have any trouble with Mikana?

You look so serious, I don't know what happened.

Is that what you can say in so many people going and going?

"I can't say it out loud.The power of the Holy Sword can no longer be activated successfully.... "

Or else!

The story is that Yuga is bad about the matter and the Holy Sword heard Mikana's voice.

Mikana didn't explain.

I suppose you decided that it would be more convenient.

"I believe that the Holy Sword has entered a period of dormancy in preparation for new threats to humanity."

I don't know what you're talking about with confidence, this brave man.

I'm not going to sleep any longer because of the habit of waking up with my daughter-in-law's power.

"I can't discard the possibility that an existence with more power than the Demon King was born.No, I can't believe he sealed some kind of holy sword to sharpen my power... "

Whoa, we're starting to deal with a threat that we don't even know we're here.

Mikana, you're not tired of laughing.

I'm laughing, too.

"More power than the Demon King... hah!?"

"Ha, no. Don't look at me."

I told you before, it's not a backboss.

"Hahaha... right?"

It seems that Yuga did not seriously certify the threat.

"It's not like I can't use my powers at all.However, anxiety remains. It's hard to do less for Mikana. "

"To tell you the truth, you're not married because you're a brave man who can use the Holy Sword.I can't let you use the power of the Holy Sword freely. "

"But Mikana...."

"Atashi liked Yuga even if he didn't have to be brave.Look, you're going to learn, right?Or maybe Yuga can't stand next to you unless she's a brave man capable of using the power of the sword. "

It's not a man who doesn't get excited when his wife tells him to.

I hope Yuga changes in the right direction.

"Fu, don't listen to Yuga.The next time I see you, the answer will be what you look like.I'm counting on you. Farewell. "

I bounced off unilaterally to say goodbye to both of them.

We need to get back to Cecilia.