Despite Cecilia's surprise, I managed to recover, and I was able to get home.

Cecilia went back to the Mansion saying she was worried about Mikana.

When I came home with my bride's lover, I was all alone in a big house.

What a lonely situation.

Cecilia's words hastened me, take my place now.

Cecilia will come home in a few moments, so she may ask you to wait that long.

Until now, however, it was no exaggeration to say it was a happy climax.

Don't you think it's okay to be in a state of miss?

What's left of me now, it's my eternal black history and a lifetime battle suit, Black Thunder Magic Swordsman Set.

And Cecilia in the wedding dress I painted earlier, my painting hanging on the ceiling.

"Do you want to decorate it somewhere...."

I thought there might be a donation to the ceremony.

I also worked to keep it at home and eventually brought it home.

"But I'm doing fine."

It perfectly expresses Cecilia's beauty.

It was an overall white painting, but there was a black thunder magic swordsman in it, so I felt out of place....

"Hey, I feel like I'm drawing something good."

Don't you miss me and Cecilia in the first place?

Weddings are like group photos.

Let's create it by practicing.

We have time until Cecilia arrives, so let's focus.

Well, do you want to do it?

I started the work.

Imagine an invitee who will come.

However, it is not boring to draw normally, so it triggers a little evil.

Since regular group photos are drawn in real time, let's try adding and subtracting a lot this time.

I was concentrating on painting in my room with that and this.

"Youki san...."


You can hear me crying modestly and turn around.

There was Cecilia peeking into us, opening the door a little.

"Dinner's ready."

"Ugh, you're lying."

"It's true. I knocked on the door when I entered the house, but I didn't hear back, and when I entered the house with the key I was worried about, I thought Yoki was working on something in the room.I thought I'd speak up, but it seemed like I was concentrating, so I wanted to speak up again after dinner was ready. "

"I was. I'm sorry."

I didn't think I'd be so immersed in time.

I wonder how seriously you've been drawing this.

How about dinner?

"Yes, I'll ask you later what you were drawing."

We had dinner together.

I'm tired of today's work, and I'm pretty hungry.

It's good to get obsessed with eating, but it's a meal for both of us.

We were eating in silence, but it's time...

"By the way, what did Celia say?"

It's about Mikana.When I asked him why he kept quiet, he said it would have been more interesting. "

"You plotted it, Celia....."

You gave a lecture to Mikana today to get Cecilia to ask you to attend the ceremony.

That's not what Celia can do.

Well, I'd say it was good for me.

"It's not a bad experience."

"I'm glad I saw it too..."

"When will you have the next chance to wear it?"

"I want a future that's not that far away.No, absolutely not. "

I will not fail in my efforts to do so.

Dinner is over after we have reconfirmed our determination to get through the wedding.

We decided to have Cecilia evaluate the painting that we had just done.

Cecilia entered her room and saw a picture.

"This... I don't know where to go from here."

"That much?"

"Youki-san, you're not accumulating stress."

"Hahaha, there's no way you're going to get stressed in your current life living semi-husband with Cecilia."

What are you talking about?

"Really... well, let me explain it in turn.First of all, Raven and Happiness. "

Cecilia points to Raven and Happiness.

I made it feel like I was putting my arms together from Happiness to the extent of the two figurines.

I think it was more realistic and Raven's illuminated expression was also well expressed.

Was there a problem?

"Mr. Raven's eyes are bloody."

"I felt this way considering the expression of love from Happiness and the hard work I was doing as a Knight Commander.And then there was Happiness to protect, and I wanted to create a man atmosphere that I could rely on. "

As a result of the thinking, we decided to place emphasis on eye strength.

Actually, I thought about the wounds on my face and body, but I thought it might be too much.

"I feel that the direction is different... than that, Happiness is the problem.How many years did you plan to paint Happiness!? "


I've gone too far on Happiness, admit it.

Happiness is clearly different from what Raven is wearing today.

Hair extends all the way to the waist and the body grows as a whole.

Yeah, that's exactly what Happiness will be like in a few years.

"Maybe I imagined the future a little too much."

"It's true. In exchange...."

What Cecilia pointed out next was Celia and Sofia.

Let me be clear, I painted it with the image of a young day.

"Is your mother holding on to your weakness?"

"That's not what this is about. Not all of us.Clayman wasn't particularly conscious. "

The result of trying to make a father feel better than a young one.

I had a refreshing smile on my eyes from my usual lazy drooping eyes and made Quinn's head my favorite daddy.

"I don't think the Sophia-san family I know is anymore... Fiora is with Seek."

"Oh, Seek is always with Teal and Fiora."

Seek the flowers on both hands.

I'm sure he's not as young as Yuga, but I think he's going to follow a difficult path for women.

"Well, Teal is hugging Seek's left arm, and Fiora is hugging her neck with a peek from behind.Who is this, hugging your right arm?I only draw my arms because I'm at the edge. "

Seek's third girl. She's going to be my friend.

"What are the plans....."

He's not the one who ends up with two girlfriends.

"What kind of trust?"

There must be a third girl chasing Seek...

"Mr. Caius and Mr. Shea... have turned from a coffin into a doll."

Caius, the painting I drew, does not carry a coffin.

Instead, a doll resembling Shia-san is drawn next to him, holding a mule in his right hand and a sticky bill in his left hand.

Kaius will do this in the future.

There's no doubt you're not going to the wedding.

"Given the power of Kaius' love, I'm sure we'll get there."

"The more it becomes... um, can I ask you about what I thought the most about this painting?"


"I want an explanation of the doll's giant golem.And about Mikana and the brave around the heart of my chest. "

He wants to hear about Yuga's Golem, which is the hardest I can draw.

Imaginatively, light leaked out of Yuga's body and turned into huge armor.

Now the Holy Sword is out of Yuga's league due to the persuasion of Mikana.

But Yuga would still be awake because of Mikana.

I think one day we'll reach the level of manipulating something huge.

"When the time comes, Yuga will fight with it."

"I feel like Mikana's face is depicted in a panic, but is it my fault?"

"No, that's right."

Mikana is in a hurry to reflect on what Ugandans are doing.

"You see me in a dress and Yoki in a suit at the center of this."

"It's definitely not a group photo.I don't know if anybody's going to see me, but I'm going through with a joke. "

"Are you going to decorate this... by the way, Mr. Duke painted it normally?"

Cecilia points to Duke in his usual armor.

Duke's been very kind to me.

It was a sign of my gratitude, so I decided not to play too much.

"Duke was the first person I talked to.During the time of the Demon King Castle, I had a hard time.I was just messing around a little bit. "

"Even if I said a little, I wasn't anywhere....."

Apparently, he noticed my prank.

I scratched my eyes and looked closely at Duke's painting nearby.

I didn't believe you at first, but I think you've changed your mind.

"Yoki, this is Duke's armored waist belt.I look like a man's arm.And I put my knees on my feet. "


"That's not the right answer.Why is Duke the only one who's afraid of tricks? "

"No, I'm not scared. It's just that Irene hasn't hugged her from behind."

"I didn't think so when I first saw it!"

I couldn't see my face or anything from the front, so I only drew my arms and legs, but it was a mistake.

Should I draw Irene's face later?

"We have to do something about our wedding so we can all get together."

Before that, there was a party to perform Yoki's Happiness song.

Ah, that was your priority.

Happiness needs to sing a song to solve the problems of the Ugandans... Problem Solving?

"Hey, Cecilia, I've noticed something terrible."

What is it?

"We were talking about how we could manage everyone's fuzzy atmosphere with Happiness songs."

That's right.

"Do you think it's our fault we're in a state where things are almost resolved?"


It seems Cecilia has also noticed.

This is usually a Happiness song, and it looks like we're about to meet.

It's not a bad thing.