What should I do?

The day after seeing Cecilia's bride, she was blessed.

I was worried at home.

I was planning to solve the problems around me with Happiness songs, but it turns out that I'm almost at the solution stage.

I told Happiness to leave it to me, and I can't stop using it now.

I have decided to meet with Cecilia to move forward with the division of roles as previously proposed.

I'm supposed to cook at the venue, Cecilia is supposed to arrange the venue, Happiness is supposed to sing.

You should make it feel like a stand-up party.

Ask Amy and the tavern to arrange the meal.

Good, troubleshooting!

Work with Cecilia to prepare.

I heard a knock on the door when I made up my mind.

Cecilia made breakfast and went home.

Have you come to discuss the Holy Sword with Yuga?

I thought of someone and opened the door.

"... oh..."

There was Happiness in the servant's clothes.

Hey, you're out of work.

"What's the matter, give up your job?"

"... denial"

"That's right, I'm kidding.You can stand in front of the door and let me in. "

"... acknowledging"

Invite Happiness home and lead him to the living room.

Have guests sit in their chairs and prepare tea.

I often drink Cecilia's brewed tea.

I can brew tea there too....

"... fail"


"... role model"

Happiness steals a tea set from me and brews tea.

She was given a cup containing tea and took a sip.

Cecilia's tea fattened my tongue, I know.

My complete defeat...

Gu, when you become a servant of the Mansion, you'll learn this kind of technique.

"... maid length"

"Sophia taught you."

"... Miss"

"Cecilia taught you that."

If they're in the back, I can't win.

I'm angry to be proud of you, but I can't win anything I can't win.

I'll forgive you for letting me drink delicious tea.

"So I guess you didn't come here to brag about how to make tea. What are the requirements?"

"... party"

Oh, about that.

Happiness was worried too.

I'm asking you to sing, and of course I care.

I haven't made plans for the venue, meals, or schedule yet.

I would be angry if I told you that I didn't have anything to do with my whispering habit.

I may be played more than usual, but this is due to my negligence.

Take any word without letting in as much as possible.

"Actually, Happiness, I'm sorry to tell you this...."

"... invitation"

"What about it?"

Happiness gave me an envelope.

I checked inside and found an invitation with the venue location and dates.

What the hell is going on here?

"No, no, no... I was going to do a lot of preparations right now.Why are you already ready? "

"... Miss"

What happened to Cecilia?

"... Captain, secret"

Is that what you're saying?

You mean Cecilia was working on everything in private with me?

Did you think it would be troublesome if it was too stretched and empty?

I told you I'd prepare the meal.

Yesterday, I was talking about what to do, but I was actually ready.

"I suggested it.Did Happiness shut up and help Cecilia? "

"... underwater, action"

"I didn't realize it at all."

No, maybe when I was with Duke and Seek at the Wester Theatre.

Happiness and Cecilia weren't there.

I didn't know there were plans there.

Hiding and acting is my area of expertise, but this time Happiness and Cecilia have been defeated.

"... so if I'm not mistaken, it's tonight's schedule?"

"... correct"

"Isn't it too sudden?"

Then we won't be able to gather all the guests.

But you don't have to worry about me, and Happiness laughs with his nose.

"... Captain, last"

"No, no, no, no. Everyone but me has an appointment."

"... correct"

"Really, I was the only one who was isolated."

How long have you been treated as an ambush?

Cecilia didn't propose it, it was Happiness's idea.

The proof is that the guy in front of me is a little bit of a mess.

I still have to punish him.

"... punctuality"

"Ah, hey Happiness!"

You think I'm going to do something?

Happiness jumped out of the house, telling him not to be late.

After all, I know that there are only former employees.

I looked at the door where Happiness had left and said a word.

"Are you going to punish me at the party?"

Don't let Raven find out because he's scared.

Also, the excess is light because it is troublesome if it is ticked.

I swear it was me.

It's too early to have an appointment.

Stop going to the guild and clean and tidy up the house before sunset.

"I only know you, so don't worry about your outfit."

I can't even get the equipment I'm asking you to wear, but I think it's good to go out and dress up.

When I was choosing clothes from the closet, I heard a knock on the door.

Has Happiness visited me like in the morning?

The one who opened the door was before.

Good day, Captain.

"That's Duke. What's going on?"

Duke was standing in his usual armor.

He doesn't seem to be with Mr. Irene.

Duke has been invited, so he should be ready.

What can I do for you at this hour?

"No, it's about the captain. I'm worried about him."

"Worried about... what?"

Excuse me ~

A knight who breaks into a house on his own.

Hey, is it okay for someone in a controlled position to break into the house without permission?

After Duke, I was looking for the clothes I had chosen.

"Hmm, Captain, I didn't expect you to pick clothes from among them and join the party."

Oh, no.

"It's not good. That Happiness sings in public, right?Isn't it your family who looks at you in the right outfit?And the others should be dressed neatly. "

Nah, enough.

Should I put on a suit or something, rather than a rough outfit?

Duke's armor is useless to me.

"I have something to wear, let's wear it."

"No, no, we still have time for the party.I have a feeling it's going to be an important anniversary, so I'll do it better. "

I mean, what do you mean?

"Follow me and I'll find out."

Duke took me out to follow him quietly.

You shouldn't come here and put a catchy element in it.

Is it going to the clothing store?

Walking believing in Duke, you arrive at your destination.

That was a store I knew too.

"This is the store I brought Cecilia to before."

I came to the store when I proposed.

I remember being treated as a dress change doll by all three clerks.

"How does Duke know?"

"I asked Cecilia."


Is Cecilia's surprise still involved here?

All right, that's what you're doing today.

"Very well, you don't need to do that anymore.Let's do it.I guess we should just go into the store. "

"That's right. I didn't have the choice not to go in there."

"Well, yeah. Well then, I'll do what you want.Get dressed as a doll! "

Listen carefully to the clerk

Duke is talking to me with his mother's eyes and waves at me.

I slightly glanced at the Duke and walked into the store.

What happened in the store was not the same as before...

The second time I used it, so it didn't take long for me to change my clothes.

"I'm not used to dressing like this."

I usually live in easy-to-move clothes.

I guess I'm the only one who's using this place to walk like this.

I crossed paths with a few people, but they all walked coolly.

Look, the woman walking in front of me is wearing a dress, but it's beautiful...

Is that it?


It was Cecilia who was walking in front of me.

Apparently, she was dressing at the same time.

I wish there was such a coincidence.

Rather, I have to thank you for preparing the party before I go to the venue.


Thank you, Youki-san


Did I do something to thank you? [M]

In confusion and without saying anything, Cecilia said additional words.

"I heard from Happiness.It looks like you prepared me silently.Youki-san still likes to surprise me. "

Cecilia smiles happily.

I'm stunned because I don't know why.

I wonder what this is all about.