"Did Happiness say I was getting ready for the party?"

"That's right, Yoki likes to surprise me.I didn't realize you were preparing for this in secret. "

Yesterday, Cecilia laughed, saying that it was an act she was in a hurry to show.

It wasn't an act, so I was in a hurry.

How do I handle this mysterious situation?

Cecilia can't help but be confused by herself.

Explain the news from Happiness and Duke telling me to come here.

I was quite surprised to learn that I wasn't ready.

I wonder if I could do it alone, even though I had to practice singing, such as preparing the venue and arranging cooking.

We have an ally.

"Happiness, it's impossible to prepare everything in such a short period of time."

"I see. I'm suspicious around Duke who sent me here."

"... if Happiness and Duke are together, isn't Seek involved?"

Three former subordinates, maybe.

I suppose they could have collaborated and prepared it separately.

I can only imagine that.

"Let's go to the party venue anyway.It was in the invitation. "

"Yes, it's remarkable to walk in this outfit and I'll arrange a carriage."

I'm coming with you.

It seems that this shop will arrange a carriage that will take a long time to tell the clerk.

The noblemen's shop is well serviced.

However, I told the staff member who was guiding me at the entrance about the situation.

"I've already been asked to arrange a carriage."

"Um... from whom?"

You must be Mr. Duke.

Did Duke's name come up here?

Looks like Cecilia and I were expecting trouble with the move.

She doesn't seem to be at the store anymore.

Hmm... as usual, you're smart here.

Begin the journey in the carriage arranged with the guidance of the staff.

The topic on the road is still the same.

"I'm sure Duke's involved."

"Yes, I didn't think we'd even arrange a carriage."

"Because it's Duke. Maybe he arranged for me to disappear and stop flying."

"It's not an emergency, so let's stop flying over Minerva.I stopped it. "

"I can't jump from roof to roof in this outfit. Come on."

"Let's use regular means of transportation."

We arrived at the party while we were having such a conversation.

What I thought about getting off the carriage was...

"You're feeling too good..."

As far as I'm concerned, I'd like to rent out a tavern or a larger venue.

That's what I was going to do.

"Isn't this a building where nobles usually gather at night or something...?"

The venue is not too big, but the exterior is pretty.

Isn't it a little overwhelming to party with your family?

"Your mother seems to be working with you on this."

Is that what you're saying?

Let's go inside.

Enter the venue with Cecilia.

The receptionist showed the invitation and was instructed to proceed to the back of the building.

The interior doesn't have such a rustic decor, it feels simple and calm.

I feel like I'm coming to a party hosted by a nobleman...

I mean, this isn't my party anymore.

"Youki-san wanted a place where Happiness could sing to sort things out."

"Well, that's the way it feels. I didn't think about it this far."

Is it like a party where Happiness sings and eats and ends?

Walking with his neck tilted, he reached the door.

It's the door to the venue.

"There's a sign that says," Youki-sama is hosting a party. "

I just came up with a plan.

Because I didn't do anything else.

Well, I wonder how many are in there.

Cecilia and I opened the door and entered.

The first thing that jumped into my eyes was a draping curtain hanging from the stage.

Yoki, Cecilia's wedding is said to be a resolute party.



Neither I nor Cecilia got in and solidified.

I mean, I don't know what that means.

The goal of this party is to play Happiness songs and bring them to troubleshooting... what happens?

It wouldn't be impossible to be confused.

But they don't seem to be waiting for us to recover.

The main character is here ~

It was too late.

Duke and Mikana stopped by.

I'm Duke, Cecilia is pulled by Mikana and taken to her seat.

You're just showing me around today... no!

"Hey, Duke, what's this all about?"

"What do you mean... it's right there?"

Duke points out that the answer to my question is that.

No, that's not what I want to hear.

"It's totally different from my plan, but I need an explanation."

"That's right. It's a very good story for me and Youki, but I'd like you to explain how we got there."

Cecilia will join in and inquire about Duke and Mikana.

They both explained with a little laughter.

"I think the captain and Cecilia are wrong."

"We don't have to run around asking questions about our neighbors."

"Sometimes I've relied too much on them before.That's a point of reflection. "

"That's why... we talked about working together for both of you this time.And I planned this party to surprise you. "

After listening to the two explanations, I somehow understood.

I mean, if our wedding is in danger and you're taking care of it.

That's why we're all here to help.

And then I decided to hold a party to surprise her.

"Well, I figured it out somehow.Who are you talking to? "

"Mr. Duke? Or Mikana?"

If you say either of these two, you know.

Well, there's no chance of Celia.

"What are you talking about?The originators of this party were the first two to act happiness. "


Happiness planned it?

Sure, me, Cecilia and Happiness went around a lot.

I didn't look weird back then.

Cecilia also has an episode... that seems to come to mind.

I can't help but remember the look on your face.

"Speaking of which... Happiness had time to be alone with Irene and Mikana."

Even when I went to Raven's.

The three of us left the Knights' headquarters, but Happiness was the only one back and disbanded.

No way, did Happiness really tell everyone and plan it?

"That's right, Captain, I'll get help from the cake shop you're going to.Looking at the table. "

When Duke asked me to look at it, I found many kinds of cake on the table.

Some things you recognize, some things you don't.

Is there a mix of new products?

"Actually, I'm asking for a wedding cake."

"Hey, you're lying."

"It seems I've never been asked to do this before, and recently I've been closing my shop for research."

Is that why you were off when you went with Seek the other day?

There's something else Cecilia and I don't know.