I secretly planned, prepared and hosted a party for Cecilia and me.

Neither I nor Cecilia could notice.

I can't believe you even asked me for a wedding cake without knowing.

"Wait a minute, let's see what happened at the ceremony..."

"It's true that the ceremony was about to host an event.When I asked for a favor, I was told. "

"It seems to have become. Mikana is the originator."

Cecilia must have come around as if she had pressed Mikana's request.

Then the planner is Mikana.

"I'm the originator."

It was Cecilia's mother who walked in her dress.

I somehow retreat to gracefully walk with a glass.

I felt the mysterious feeling of Las Boss.

Is the originator really Happiness, or is it actually this person's wisdom?

"Youki-san, I'm so suspicious."


Celia could have done that.

Aren't you behind this?

"Oh, it's not good for you to look at me like that.All I did was ask the ceremony.I didn't tell you to move for both of us. "

I was going to move, Celia adds.

Happiness said that he would deny it.

"I told you we might not be able to have a wedding at the Mansion.I think I made up my mind at that time.I couldn't see the two of us leaving ourselves behind and trying to move around. "

Cecilia and I lay face to face on Celia's words.

Whatever we decide, it's embarrassing to be spoken of.

I thought I'd do something about the wedding later.

I don't think everyone will show their determination to help in this party format.

"Come on, it's time to hold on tight.I'm going to say hello to everyone who's gathered besides us. "

"Yes, you should ask what you're going to do for us."

"I'm going to work a lot behind the scenes for the wedding, so I look forward to it."

Duke and Mikana pushed their backs to walk around the venue.

Are you going to ask us what you're going to do?

And Celia said... what are you going to do?

Cecilia, what exactly is Celia doing in this way?

"... Youki-san, I'm really scared of my real mother."

What does Cecilia know about Celia?

Do you have a face that I only show to my family?

I got a little scared, but Celia was just smiling at me and Cecilia.

No further information can be obtained.

Extra prying is said to destroy himself, and I don't think I should stick my neck in a bad way.

"... let's move."

"Yes, Mother, I'll see you later."

Have a good time together.

I said goodbye to Celia and wandered around the venue.

I have to say hello to all of you.

Well, I guess I'll go where I care most.

"Um, Mr. Irene."

Thank you, Captain.

Duke and Irene on their way home.

is sitting on a chair in a slightly shorter green dress.

There's food and drinks on the table nearby... a dinner party, right?

No, it doesn't mean you shouldn't sit separately.

Cecilia is wondering, so let's ask her why.

Irene gave me a blessing for hesitating to do something.

"I heard from Duke.I'll do my best to help you both get married. "

"Well, thank you, by the way, why is Irene sitting alone in a chair eating?"

"Duke told me not to move here.I've got food, drinks, and dresses.I don't think this is too sweet for Duke. "

Mr Irene thinks so too.

This is my prediction, but a short dress is meant to reduce the risk of falling.

If someone hits the table and chair, it's troublesome, so if you look at the food carefully, soup dishes aren't served.

To keep you from spilling and panicking on your dress with heat.

Duke's... perfect follow.

"After all, you can't just let Mr. Duke keep it that way.Okay, I'll give Duke a drink, too. "

"Ah, you'd better quit...."

My advice was not in time, and Mr Irene headed for Duke.

"Mr. Duke, are you okay?"

"You'll be fine."

I understand Cecilia's concern, but if it's Duke, there's no problem.

"I'm honestly worried because I know Irene on her honeymoon with Hero Mikana."

"I'm trying to be a good person because Irene and I have a homecoming incident.Sometimes they guard a party like this or the Knights, and fail quickly.... "

"It's hot!?"

"Ahhh. I'm sorry. Duke."

When I was talking to Cecilia, I heard the cup cracking from behind, shouting and apologizing.

"... Mr. Duke, it looks like you have to work hard."

"Duke's a master at that, so I'm sure he'll do well."

"Mr. Duke, I brought you a cold drink."

"No, Irene. I have to wipe the floor first...."


"Listen to people and act!"

I also heard screams and screams from behind, so I decided to move.

Get along, Duke.

Now, who will we meet next...?

"Oh, here he comes."

"Good work, young lady."

While walking around the venue, I ran into Clayman and Sophia.

Both of us rarely look like suits and dresses.

Clayman's hair was adjusted differently than usual, and he wore a suit, so he didn't feel like he was covered at all.

I wish the guild had dressed like this.

"What are you looking at?"

"No, normally, if you're worried about dressing up, there 'll be more adventurers in line with Clayman in the Alliance."

"You can't help worrying about your clothes, can you?I wish I had made up my mind when I made up my mind like I did today. "

Apparently, this Clayman is limited to today.

Cecilia said that while I was talking to Clayman.

"Thank you very much, miss."

"Well, I don't remember doing anything to thank Sophia."

"The other day, I was confused by my son's arbitration in a quarrel with my husband, and the settlement was delayed.I was surprised that my son and I were indifferent when we had a fight and he was just reading a book. "

"That's right. But why did you suddenly settle...."

I heard your daughter is getting married.

"Eh, that has something to do with it!?"

"I've been watching my daughter grow up as a maid of the Aqua Rain family.The young lady found herself a marriage partner.The young lady's determination was strong, and Yoki looked straight at me without escaping my sight.Not if you're confused about your child's development.I think the happiness of my daughter is the most important thing, until I support Yoki's wedding with my whole body. "

Cecilia was crying at Sophia's words, and they were embracing each other naturally.

Wouldn't it be better if Clayman and I weren't close?

"Both I and Sofia are grateful.Quinn was somewhere cold, but now he finds himself obsessed.I guess Fiora was just interested in the world I cared about because she looked like me, and she didn't have any friends.Now I'm having fun with your acquaintance every day. "

"It's hard for me to tell if Quinn was happy with that.Fiora-chan is... getting along with Teal. "

"Well, it doesn't change that it was a good change.I'm telling you, I don't like to get serious. "

"I know."

Anyway, these days, you'll want to do what you have to do and get some rest.

I hate trouble with a man named Clayman.

"Ah... you know how to hang out there.I'll help you with that.We will succeed. I won't bother you with a reflection meeting, and I won't let you.I'll hang out with you in a second party. "

Does it mean you won't let it fail?

I saw Clayman work seriously in the guild several times, but it was a level move that other staff were desperate to follow.

I can count on Clayman's sincerity.

It's pretty reliable that we got the help of this couple.