"It seems like a lot of people are supporting us, and I can't tell you how much they're counting on us."

Clayman, after Sophia and his wife broke up, we came to the wall for a break.

I looked around the venue and asked what Cecilia thought.

"Sure... I thought I'd have to work hard with Yoki.Of course, I was thinking of asking for your help.But this is..... "

I can also see Cecilia's predicament.

There are many influential faces and everyone is cooperative.

I think we should have a big party so far.

Why did you do that...?

Hmm, there you are.

"Is that a gay voice?"

It was the usual adventurer who approached me.

It's impossible to dress up, but when you wear it, you'll find out who you are.

Were you by the wall to be discreet?

But it's strange to be alone.

"What happened to Teal?You swore you'd never leave. "

"I didn't make such an oath.Well, don't say that.I don't know where Teal is listening. "

Just kidding, don't be impatient.

No, Teal might adopt my plan.

Look around for Teal.

Seeing us like that, Cecilia said.

"You're still communicating in these places....."

I was a little stunned.

So where is Teal after all?

"No way, Teal had a fight."

"I'm not. I had a request to go away, and I had teal and agony."

"Tell me more about it."

It's a subject of great concern.

I wonder how Guy convinced Teal to go away.

Teal inside of me is questioning Guy with his eyes free of light.

"Nothing really changed when I was working at the Mansion."

Really? It was a result of being really convinced. "

"Well... yes."

Have you remembered something you don't want to remember?

Guy was distracted.

Don't wonder if something happened or if it's good to dig deep.

The time of silence lasts while the subtle air remains.

It was... that started this situation.

"Guardian God, I finally found it."

It was Teal.

is leaning against Guy's arm in an indigo dress with a smile on his face.

You've come here in too much time.

"It's horrible to leave while I'm going to get a drink, even though I'm here with you.... no, the guardian gods don't like the food or drinks in this venue.It's my fault, I'm sorry.The Guardian God is not bad.It is bad that I was unable to distract myself.I should have had a drink when I got home.What have I done to leave the Guardian God's side?Oh, it's the first time I've worn a dress at a party.There are so few opportunities for village daughters like me to dress up, I wanted to be next to the guardian god for as long as possible..... "

"Oh, relax, Teal. I was thinking of staying by the wall in this outfit so I wouldn't stand out.I didn't feel well without saying anything. "

"Not at all. The Guardian God has no fault at all.I can't, I can't.Guardian God, please cast a magic spell on me that will make me thirsty! "

"There's no magic like that!"

I wonder what they're doing, these two.

Teal is as heavy as usual.

Teal is in a good mood today.

"No dress, no love for Guy."

"Guy-san seems to be in trouble....."

"It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay."

"I can't see your face, but you know it."

"That's Guy Lori....."


I thought Teal and I were flirting, but they reacted.

But Guy wasn't the only one who reacted to my imprudent remarks.

"I was talking to... the Guardian God.I can't believe you're trying to steal the Protector from me.... "

I can see Teal's voice is angry.

The indigo dress looks poisonous.

It tastes bad as it is, we have to do something about it.

I clasped Cecilia's shoulders in a hurry.

You'll be all right if you show Cecilia your friendship.

I should have appealed normally.

Was there a rush or a mood in the venue? Trying to say something cool.

"Sorry, Teal. I have Cecilia.I won't take Guy.I can't pretend to have two arms. "

I told you it didn't look so good!

I'm scared to see what Cecilia looks like.

It's not the usual cook, it's the wrong guy.

I didn't think I could get around it.

"Ugh, I envy you...."

Something went wrong.

Guy wants me to say something like this.

Well, I don't suppose you're actively involved with Guy.

You're jealous because of that.

Guy, let's satisfy Teal.

"Don't talk to me gently. At all, today's star will not be ours.Don't worry about your surroundings and be blessed.Unfortunately, I don't have much cooperation with weddings. "

There's nothing I can do from my standpoint.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm just glad you showed your face to this party.

I'll just accept your feelings...

"Guy, I'm good."

"The Guardian God will also cooperate with me!"

My voice was blocked by Teal's voice.

We're working together.

"Hey, Teal, I didn't hear anything.No matter how much teal you ask, what can you do with this conspicuous body? "

"Yes, Guardian God. Look, I'm talking to someone who's trying to protect me and God."


"Yes, if only I had the herbal knowledge and magic that Seek and Senpai Happiness taught me, and the special magic of the Guardian God."

"What would happen... if I had it?"

"You can get information from people no matter how hard they say it."

I'm scared, Teal.

Cecilia is keeping her forehead down.

I'm done with this.

Guy is also stunned... yeah.

That's more effective than what I say.

I put my hand gently on Guy's shoulder and whispered a word.

"Guy's job is more than to keep Teal in peace."

"... I got it"

Teal, who seems happy, crouches down and breaks up with Guy holding his head.

Guy, I asked you.

"The two of you are the same."

"Those two will stay the same."

"That's right. That's why I brought you here so suddenly."


Maybe you didn't like it.

"You didn't embrace me for that reason."

"Of course!"

I also had a bad feeling that I wanted to stick to it a little.

Oh, isn't this too bad quality?

I wonder if it's a good thing to say.

No, you shouldn't think I hugged you just for the sake of the moment.

Cecilia, I...

"Hey, Yoki."

"Sorry, not now."

Please cancel the hero appearance.

What brings you here to say hello, Yuga?

Blue and white suits fit too well.

If you line up next to me, my existence is going to fade away.

Above all, don't show up where you were trying to solve Cecilia's misunderstanding.

"I don't treat you badly!?"

Yuga is screaming something.

I wonder if you would be angry if I told you to come back because it would only take a little while.

"Hero, I'm sorry, but I need you to slow me down for a moment."

"To Cecilia....."

I appreciate you planning and throwing this party.

But it was a really bad time.

I'm sorry, but... I'll let you keep going.

"Cecilia, there's a part of me that certainly held me back thinking about what to do there."

Was it?

"What are you talking about, pinching me?"

Yuga, wait a minute.

I have something to tell Cecilia.

"Talk about it in the usual way.We have to do something that suits this situation. "

"No, it's a party that's especially interesting to us.You don't have to be afraid. "

"I should have been more careful. I'm sorry."

"Youki-san, I didn't ask you that question because I wanted you to apologize."

Did you embrace the question just now only for the sake of immediate success?

That's not true.

"Because I'm in this kind of place, I felt like I wanted to stick a little bit.I don't know if I can say this. "

"I think it's good. They say that there are things you don't know unless you use words.Well, you didn't have to say anything this time. "

Looks like I'm being teased.

I'm just relaxing my mouth a little and laughing.

We can't finish without being hit like this.

All right, let's try not to be disliked as much as possible...

"No, no, no, it's time to listen to me!"

Yuga's patience reached its limit.

Yeah, I can't help it.

When I came to say hello, I thought it might be a Serious Expansion and said that I would enter the world between the two.

Is this what happened to Yuga?

"I want to celebrate both of you.Yoki, Cecilia, congratulations. "

He looked straight at me and Cecilia and congratulated me.

I must also respond to your sincere greetings.

Thank you, Yuga.

"Thank you, brave man."

"I've taken good care of you both, and I'm sure you'll continue to do so.It's only natural to celebrate. "

Do you plan to continue to take care of it in that way?

Let's not trifle on trivial matters.

"I will spare no effort to help you two, so keep telling me if anything happens."

"Oh, yeah, I got it."

This is your fault, Yuga is coming.

It is usual to be linear and actionable, but it seems strange.

What happened, brave man?

Cecilia also noticed a discomfort.

Seems Cecilia's eyes, which have been around longer than mine, could not be deceived.

"Have you noticed... I'm sorry for the two of you.I can't say this. "

"What happened?"

It's not about the Holy Sword, Mikana.

It'll have something to do with me, Cecilia, or both.

I feel sorry for you, so did you do something?

Yuga finally opened her heavy mouth.

"I guess I found out about this party today."

That's why I kept telling you that I wasn't involved in any preparations.

Neither I nor Cecilia figured it out somehow.

Thinking about the past, I think it was wisdom.

However, I couldn't see Yuga's lonely expression.

Thank you, Yuga.

"Thank you, brave man."

Cecilia and I thanked him for the second time.