It seems that Yuga, like us, was not informed about the party.

I understand the reason, but I'm sorry for not participating in the preparation.

"Haha, the power of the Holy Sword is still not coming back, and I don't want to participate in the preparation of a party for my friends and friends.What am I? [M]I don't know anymore. "

When this brave man comes out, he's out of control.

Well, I don't have to listen to you.

You can't use the power of the Holy Sword.

"Rest assured, you will have Mikana.Whatever happens, Mikana will not abandon you.Worst of all, even if you lose your job as a brave man, don't worry, Mikana will feed you. "

"I don't have anything to worry about at all!"

"Brave, let's not be too sweet for Mikana's kindness."

"To Cecilia!?"

You look surprised.

I'm doing something I can't help but say it.

It is quite striking to poke at the reality.

No offense, no offense.

I'm just being brave.

"Well, cheer up. Because the Holy Sword is powerful in times of need.Or is that it? You can't protect Mikana without the power of the Holy Sword. "

"That's not true. I will protect Mikana no matter what happens."

"Well, that's about it, then. I suppose Yuga kept her mouth shut about the preparations for the party because she had a hard time studying for Mikana."

There may be other reasons, but there is no need to tell them everything.

It's important that Yuga understands and is reassured that there is something she can do, rather than being sidelined.

I wonder why I'm comforting my friends at the party where I'm the star.

Brave man, should I have told you?

"Hero, Mikana is going to give birth for the first time.The brave must support you, so keep yourself strong for a little while. "

When I was wondering what to say, Cecilia told Yuga.

Yeah, that's exactly right.

It is more specific and understandable than my abstract argument to be firm.

If this is the case, so is Yuga...

"... yeah, I'll do what I can.I'll remember what I can't do now.That's how we support Mikana.Talk to him to make sure he doesn't get upset. "

Yeah, we need to talk to Yuga.

"Yes, Hero should report it to someone before he does anything."

"Cecilia, don't I look like Yoki?"

I think it is true of Yuga's words.

My behavior is negatively affecting Cecilia.

No, this is mostly Yuga.

I had trouble interacting with Yuga.

If Yuga is strong in the first place, I will not treat her like this.

The more, I mean.

That's because of Yuga.

"Why me?"

"My spicy words are often used by Ugandans.If Cecilia saw it and remembered it... do you think you're guilty, Yuga? "

"Is there such an argument!?"

Yuga screams, "You can't admit anything."

It seems that the dark atmosphere has disappeared.

I glanced at Cecilia lightly and smiled and winked.

The operation succeeded... and...

You're a brave man to take care of.

Without a prior meeting, the more aggressive the flow of ideas allowed us to work together, the deeper the connection between Cecilia and me.

Thanks to Yuga, we were able to reconfirm it.

Thinking about it now, Yuga's strange mistake develops into a problem, but it often leads to being noticed and growing.

There is no doubt that Yuga has something to do with Cecilia and me getting here.

Roots are good, huh, yuga?

"Thank you so much...."

"Why are you suddenly thanking me for being so damp?"

"Thank you for saving me.Looking back, I wondered if Youki-san thanked you again. "

"How do you know Cecilia...."

Yuga doesn't understand why.

If Yuga works with me on the same level as Cecilia, that would be a bit...

"Yuga, I said hello to both of you."

Mikana will meet us here.

Look, here comes the person that Yuga understands best.

Come on, show me how much you and Mikana know.

"Oh, Mikana, I said hello to both of you.Sometimes I'm not involved in preparing for this party. "

"That's right... I'm sorry I kept it a secret.Yuga is in a lot of trouble right now, so I don't want to put any more weight on her. "

I'm sure that's what seeing Cecilia like that is all about.

It's okay, Cecilia and I both know.

"That's right. Mikana thinks of me...."

Well, that's what I mean.

"You're always helping me, aren't you, me?Is there anything I can do for Mikana right now? "

"You're going to ask me that."

Mikana squeezes her mouth slightly.

You want to think about it yourself or notice it from your usual behavior.

However, it seems that Yuga has evolved as a husband.

"Hmm, I know when Mikana's in a good mood or when she wants you to be nice."

"What about it?"

"Look, you have your favorite glasses before you go out.There are some fashionable clothes for disguise.I often see other people messing with my forehead, but I bought a new dress to make sure it suits my hair.If something bad happens, sit by the window and look out. "

Yuga sees a lot of detail in Mikana.

Cecilia has an unexpected look.

I don't know why I'm looking so far but I don't know what's causing the problem.

I'm sure Cecilia and I think the same thing.

"I'm going to try my best not to overdo it.I can't stand to be alone. "

"Fu, huh. Of course not. I'm going to be a father, so I'm going to need you to set that goal."

I can see you're strong enough to deceive the embarrassment.

I wish I could show you a couple like this.

"Yeah, that's right. When you sleep with others, it's easier to sleep when you stroke your head, or when you hold it, it's easier to relax with your hands on your shoulders...."

"Don't say that!"


You went too far.

A flat hand pressing against her mouth completely blocked Yuga's mouth.

Mikana desperately stopped Yuga from telling her to go quickly.

Let's follow the instructions here.

We slipped away from the two of us.

Yuga is a brave man after all.

"How should I react to that word?"

"Don't just say yes."

"That's right...."

I found out that I was getting along, so I wonder if it's okay.

I wonder who I haven't seen yet.

Looking around, I found Seek and Fiora, Quinn.

I thought I'd say hello...

What do you think you're doing?

"Seek, as a master's apprentice, I cannot forgive you."

Quinn, I'm angry.

"Don't you know Fiora?Seek said Mr. Teal and Fiora were all he had.They're making more girlfriends and chasing after them.We don't have to run around anymore. We have to decide whether to schedule or narrow it down to one person. "

"Seek, what are you going to do? Quinn won't stop until we decide."


My painting seems to have come true. [M]

Seek says he's been chasing after a new girlfriend recently.

Three more, that's Seek.

"It was Seek that you two couldn't stop."

"The fact that Youki-san's painting is real..."

"No, no, it's a coincidence."

Who's your new girlfriend?

Would you like to ask directly?

"Hey, Seek."

"Ah, Youki and Cecilia.Congratulations on your marriage. "


"No, I haven't, but thank you for the blessing.As a matter of fact, what kind of girl is Seek's new girlfriend? "

Looks like a girl from a theater troupe.

Mr. Weldy.

You're still connected.

I went with Duke and Seek, but that's not all.

Seek, what are you talking about?

"If I was playing, I wouldn't see you in town once in a while.This is what happens when you talk about wanting to refer to my movements near my age. "

He said he got along by chance.

Perhaps Weldy was also motivated to look at the Seek of his age and wonder again.

"I don't want Seek to be a sinful man.It's hard to distribute love evenly. "

Quinn, I don't know what you're talking about.

I don't know.

"Kh, it looks like my experience isn't enough yet.I'm sorry, Master.... "

What is this exchange?

Quinn has grown up a few steps too soon.

Fiora, Seek hasn't caught up.

"Good luck...."

I was the only one who could cheer you up.

Today's best event starts around here ~

Duke's voice echoes in the hall.

What's the matter, Duke?

Turning in the direction of her voice, she saw Duke holding on to Ms. Irene's arm.

I think I decided to put it nearby because of the flipped beverage earlier.

You're right, Duke.

I'm worried about the deflection, but that won't happen.

"A new song by Happiness and Raven will be presented.I want you to listen quietly if possible. "

"What do you mean...."

I know Happiness, but it's true with Raven.

Are you saying you two are singing?

"Raven sings?"

"I'm surprised, too. Even though Happiness is with us, Mr. Raven...."

I can't believe Raven, who had a complex in his voice, performed a song.

Raven, who was consulting with his neighbors in that writing...

"I'm about to cry....."

"Won't you stop looking at me?"

"Something impressed me."

"Today, you seem most impressed."

Everyone is touched by the various words.

He was ready while he was talking to Cecilia.

Happiness and Raven in costumes appeared on stage.

Happiness is a light blue dress-like costume, and Raven is a black based costume... is that it?

"I think Raven's costume resembles that of the Black Thunder Magus Swordsman."

"Happiness looks like the dress I'm wearing."

What does this mean?

The introduction of the song began when the two of them were tilting their necks.

"... this time, the song I sing at Happiness was provided by an acquaintance.To make the wedding between Yoki and Cecilia the best possible... sing for both of us. "

"... struggle"

The name of the song that starts with this kind of prefix is that two people rest in the waves.

Let's make memories before we get together, a deserted island, mermaids songs and gifts in our hearts...

"This is completely from my previous trip...."

Now let's listen quietly.

Cecilia sealed Zuccomi.

There was no lyrics to suggest that I was a demon, it was a song that felt like a couple before marriage enjoyed the deserted island at night alone.

... this must be the information from Masaki to Shike-chan.

That's what the song is about.

Happiness and Raven's duet are quite successful.

It seems to work if I don't see my face even though I am told it is a women's unit.

I know you've practiced a lot, and I've been singing thinking about the balance between the two voices.

When they finished singing, they applauded, and of course Cecilia and I did.

They got off the stage with their heads down and came to us.

"... how did it go?"

"How did it go? You'll see with this applause. I'm glad."

"... well, I guess I could have been the man standing next to Happiness."

Are you still worried after this?

"Mr. Raven, Happiness looked so relieved when she was singing.I wonder if the presence of Raven next door was quite large. "

"Yes, because Happiness, who doesn't usually show emotions, already had a good face.I was impressed by the growth of my men. "

"... provocation?"

"I didn't. I said it because I really wanted to."

It's not the usual bullshit, it's serious.

I was surprised to hear Happiness say it.

I'm not surprised today.

"... Yoki, it's going to be tough, but I'll do my best to cooperate.Say whatever you want. "

"No, it's too much to say anything."

"... that's how ready you are.Cecilia, if you need anything, come talk to me. "

"Okay, Mr. Raven. Thank you for your cooperation."

"... both of you"

When I heard Raven's decision, Happiness pulled me and Cecilia's clothes lightly.

"What's wrong, Happiness?"

What's wrong, Happiness?

"... commemoration"

Happiness gave me a small box.

When I checked carefully, I found the blue pearl that Masaki gave me on the lid.

I wonder if Cecilia gave it to Celia.

When I opened the lid, I found a metal plate inside.

There's a letter engraved on it, uh...

"This is the lyrics from the song just now!"

"Youki-san, the plate I have contains lyrics for vowing love in the night sky."


There are really metal plates left.

Is this a commemoration?

"... it looks like Happiness is planning to grow."

"... mass production"


All I can think of is a thirsty smile.

But Cecilia is smiling with a box.

Do you like this gift so much?

"Yoki, let's keep adding more memories to this box."

"That's not a good way to say it.... because I can only give it back because it's good."

Completely defeated by Cecilia.

Meanwhile, Raven and Happiness were joining hands that the party was going well.

"... the gift is a success, Happiness."

"... peace of mind"

It's a real success, absolutely.

"It's been a good day, if you say memory."

You didn't miss a word from me, Happiness.

It's not my fault that I felt my eyes shining.

"... report"

"Wait, who are you going to report to?It's Shike-chan, right? "

"This is going to add more plates to this box at the earliest."

"Cecilia, it's too soon!"

"... that sounds fun, Happiness."

"Raven, you too!"

"... the third round, the decision"

It's settled!

Not all of our conversations were heard around us.

Still, when I held my head and screamed... everyone was laughing.

After all, you're such a dick... no, I won't let you.

"We're going to meet again at my house!"

That's how you move into my house.

When the neighborhood was noisy enough not to bother me, the Seek guy brought me my painting.

There were many good reactions.

Raven was tempted by Happiness.

They asked me if I was aiming for the painting I drew.

Having trouble responding, he turned to me for help, but dared to go through.

I'll give my opinion there.

Celia and Sofia said they might still be able to do their best.

Don't ask me what I'm going to do.

Clayman seemed to care a lot.

Teal asked where the guardian god was, so he told her that he was in the painting under false pretenses.

He's somewhere, try to find him.

Yuga said mysteriously that this is my new power...

Mikana murmured that she needed to speak to the Holy Sword later.

Maybe, but you're definitely telling me not to go this far.

Seek discussed it with Quinn.

Fiora will accompany you.

The only thing I ever complained about when I saw this painting...

"Captain, this sucks!"

"Why, Duke hasn't changed much."

"If I could show you a picture that would inspire you to hug me like this..."

Duke and I see Irene talking to Cecilia.

What was it that sparkled my eyes and made me hot?

"Wow, this will allow us to hug Duke without leaking around."

"Um, Irene, if you look at it from the side, you'll find it normal."

"Yes, that's right. But I think I can wear a cloak.I'll try it again. "

"Okay, you're going to try... good luck, please"

Cecilia has seen Duke look sorry.

Maybe it was because I failed to convince him.

Do you want to try it again, huh...?

Well, just once.

"It's not good!"

I guess so.

At the very least, Duke had a slightly pitiful eye.