Even though I was working on my plan, I was scattered by Clayman.

Clayman has a long relationship with me.

They noticed a little change.

But Clayman's murmur is, fortunately, deaf.

We haven't been told yet, we can continue the operation.

To that end, Clayman should explain the situation.

"All right, Clayman. This is my idea of a plan.It's all about revealing myself without confusion. "

"Can you change your clothes little by little?"

"Yes, suddenly, what does Clayman think of the sudden change?For example, if I had eaten the same dish for two days in a row.I would be surprised if the taste suddenly changed. "

Well, yes.

"But what if the taste changes little by little?In that case, even if you were told later that it had changed, you would have received less shock.In other words, it is this operation that suddenly does not represent who you are, but gradually melts around and takes it in a direction that shifts.... "

"Ah... I see."

Even though it's a pretty confident operation, Clayman just replies with a little impulsiveness.

Hey, could you be a little more interested?

Clayman asked for an explanation, so I told him, but he wouldn't react like this.

I'll tell you one thing.

"What is it?"

"Look behind you. That's what happened to your plan and your operation."

Clayman with his cheek stick pointed his index finger at me.

Looking back at what's going on.


Kid, I don't know who you are.

Guy abandoned me early.

Well, that's not impossible.

After all...

Magic Swordsman, can you come because I have some business?

Long-lasting smile of the Holy Spirit...

It looks like this has gone soft.

While Cecilia's guild is annoying, I won't resist.

"... yes"

Well, shall we go? Mr. Guy, please come with me. "


I decided to follow Cecilia with great care.

Do not defy Cecilia in this state.

Turning around, Clayman with his cheek wand shook his hand.

He doesn't want to help, of course.

Walk ahead of Cecilia and get into the carriage.

The air is heavy, have I done something terrible?

Cecilia was the first to open her mouth.

"First, please explain how you dress."


I explained this operation.

"That's enough. Why did you ask for it with Guy?"

"If I put a gay guy next door that stands out more than I do, maybe I can blend in more."

That's why I asked Guy to help me.

I think it worked.

Even if I changed my clothes more and more, I didn't get stuck around.

"I wanted you to talk to me before you go into action."

I was expecting a sermon from Cecilia.

I missed my expectations.

I feel that it is peeling rather than angry.

Was it wrong to act silently?

"I'm sorry, Cecilia. I'm sorry I didn't talk to you.But while everyone's moving, I don't think I'm doing anything.I wondered if there was anything I could do.... "

"I know. Youki-san doesn't act without thinking...."

Why did it take so long, Cecilia?

This is not the place to pursue it right now, so I won't be thrilled.

However, Cecilia deliberately coughed and changed the air as if it had appeared on her face.

"You're off the topic.Yoki's feelings were conveyed.But, Youki, try to organize your current movements.What moves are there to do our wedding? "

Organize your movements. Selia worked on a noble relationship, and Yuga and Mikana were diplomats.I wonder if Raven's working in security.... and Cecilia's doing something. "

Cecilia must be moving silently with me.

Cecilia nodded lightly, as if my expectations had been met to some extent.

"Yes, that can be a problem."


"Who is the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman?"

We arrived at a story about who we were.

After all, the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman should be revealed.

My plan is not wrong. [M]

But Cecilia's story continued.

"Mother, brave man, Mikana, Raven are moving.Even if you say it in secret, you'll find out, right? "

Well, yeah.

And what does the Black Thunder Swordsman have to do with it?

"People who are close to me are acting.Because I don't know who the Black Thunder Magic Swordsman is, some people think it's me who's giving directions for the wedding. "

"to the extent that"

I don't know if I'm close enough to ask the Ugandans for anything.

I've done things together several times, but I think Cecilia is inferior to me.

Would that be a composition in which all Cecilia's acquaintances are moving?

"In the meantime, the magic swordsman took off his gear every day.There's been a very disgraceful rumor that I'm going to work with my fiancée stripped off one by one just to reveal who I am for the wedding.... "


I sat down in a narrow carriage.

I can't believe my actions have led to Cecilia's image down.

"Cecilia... is not such a woman!"

"Um, who are you trying to explain?"

To the people of the world.

Please, I hope you hear my voice, but unfortunately it only resonates in the carriage.

Could you go to the square, this carriage?

Guy sighed at me.

"In the future, I will tell you to consult me whenever a kid tries to do something."

"Do it."

I have a head on my own. [M]

How can we restore Cecilia's image?

"Cecilia, I don't care what happens, so I want you to think of a solution together.I don't care if my honor gets hurt, so I have to reassure the world of Cecilia's... innocence. "

"What does Youki want from me?"

"Of course that's my position as the Virgin Mary....."

Yabbe, I rushed to say something I shouldn't say.

Cecilia's expression is already changing late.


"Ha, yes...."

"I was thinking about the future and wanted to talk slowly at the Mansion.But I had to talk to him before I got there, so I asked him to take a little detour. "

"Well, there's Guy, so maybe we should go straight to the Mansion."

"... Nightmare Sleep activated"

"Hey, hey!"

Guy cast his magic on himself and fell asleep.

You abandoned me.

"Guy seems to have fallen asleep too... so let's talk slowly."

We cannot escape Cecilia in this state.

On my way to the Mansion, I heard a story from Cecilia.