I heard a thankful story from Cecilia, and I was walking inside the mansion, paralyzing my legs.

Cecilia finally arrived, and we're going to have a lot more to talk about next time, that's all.

Guy put a sleeping spell on himself called Nightmare Sleep, so he didn't wake up from sleep and left it in the carriage.

You abandoned me, and I'll pay you back for it.

It's totally eight, but it's bad it doesn't happen on its own.

The person I was looking for walked in at the right time, so I called out.

Hello, Teal.

"Hello, Youki, may I help you?I have to do my job perfectly, make no mistakes, and return to the Protector. "

Still in love with Guy... no, it's a faithful teal.

Don't make a mistake to get home as soon as possible.

Or do you want Guy to see you perfectly?

I don't know what the reason is.

My actions are one. [M]

"Actually, my boys fell asleep in the carriage.I want you to wake me up. "

"Why didn't you wake me up when I got off?I have a job to do, too. "

"They're gay."

Guardian God!

Teal ran away.

Heh, you did a good thing.


Cecilia, who was walking next door, looked at me with an astonishing face.

It might not have been a compliment from someone who knew the circumstances.

However, by my actions, Teal took advantage of the useful situation of waking the sleeping geese.

"It's the maid's job to guide visitors to the Mansion."

"I'm not mistaken...."

"Guy's getting used to Teal, and it's okay. It's okay."

Nothing strange will happen.

I persuaded Cecilia to worry and headed to her room...

Cecilia, can I borrow some Yoki?

When I met Celia in the hallway, this was it.

Are you talking about Cecilia's bad rumors because of me?

Sophia is behind Celia, too.

Shit, this is gonna be a discussion between the two of us.

I threw away my pride and looked Cecilia in the eye like a puppy...

That's fine.

Cecilia agreed and finished with two replies.

"Thank you, I'll return it as soon as I can."

Well, shall we go?

I was dragged away by Mr. Sofia.

I wonder if this is the response because what you have done is what you have done.

I didn't stop looking for help until the end.

But I didn't get my prayers.

As soon as you get to the reception room, you will be seated.

Now, what kind of sermon do you take?

Let's start with a sincere apology...

"We sincerely regret that my actions have damaged Cecilia Aquarain's honor.To restore my honor, I move with the desire to powder myself..... "

"Oh, you should apologize to Cecilia for that.I didn't rent Yoki from Cecilia because I wanted to talk about it. "


"Sofia seems a little angry."

That's not what you're laughing at, Celia.

I was dragged and I was told that Sophia didn't like it.

"I think you're thinking about Cecilia because Sophia has a lot of trouble with her husband."

"... because my husband can trouble me too.Thinking about your daughter. "

This is not the first time I've bothered Cecilia.

No, it's strange to think so.

You're feeling more pressure from Sofia than usual.

"I've seen the young lady running about about Yoki.Sometimes I was angry because I looked busy.When I married Yoki, I thought that my daughter would be more troubled and acted upon than ever before if we started our lives together. "

Sophia is seriously worried about Cecilia and is angry with me.

I don't know what to do, there's no excuse.

As my position became worse and worse, Celia offered me a helping hand.

"Oh, Cecilia certainly did.I told you to swell your cheeks and say... but eventually you were laughing.I think Cecilia will continue to expect Yoki to act.Except for this one, of course. "


But I can't believe Cecilia said that.

Even in this situation, I can only do it a little bit.

"It doesn't look like a very reflective face."

"I'm sorry."

I guess this is it, me.

"... there was an apology to Cecilia today, and it's a really bad day."

My mouth slipped because I was too depressed.

There's no way they're going to miss me for saying something naughty.

"I don't know what to say. I want you to tell me more."

I'm curious too.

"Ha, yes...."

I accidentally told you two names for Cecilia.

I can't help it, I felt pressure from both of you!

"That's what happened. Hmm...."

Celia seemed to be thinking about something when she heard the situation.

I thought this was where I'd be blamed.

Sophia doesn't pay any attention to me either.

I wonder why...

"Don't tell anyone you don't want to.But Cecilia's about to... hey? "

Celia is trying to get something from Sofia, not me.

Sophia nodded with some thought.

I mean, what does that mean?

"Um... I just don't understand."

"Oh, if Yoki doesn't understand, I think it's all right."

"That's right, leave this to me and my wife."

"May I ask why...."

"Secret. Then it's pathetic to keep Cecilia waiting any longer.Sofia, show him around. "

"Yes, sir."

So I was dragged back to Cecilia.

Sophia, are you still angry?

Dragged in the hallway, I saw Happiness.

I don't think I'm cleaning it.

"... work"

"Senpai Happiness, I wasn't skipping my job.I was looking after the guardian god who slept in the carriage. "

"... awake"

"Can you wake up where the Guardian God is sleeping so pleasantly!?I thought it would be best to keep an eye on them. "

"... confused"

Happiness is having trouble with Teal.

Guy is still asleep.

Teal, didn't you wake her up?

Happiness saw it, and it developed into that controversy.

Not only me, but Sophia was seeing the two of them.

"Yoki, I'm very sorry, but I also have a role as maid director.Could you go to your daughter's room by yourself? "

Yes, I understand.

"Thank you, take your time."

Sophia went to Happiness and Teal.

Why do you feel fast when you're not supposed to be running?

Quick to walk without dust.

Is this also a made-to-measure skill?

"Teal, I'm sorry."

I thought it would be helpful, but I think it would probably be about Sophia's sermon.

I apologized in my heart and went to Cecilia's room.