"In this case, I don't care about my rumors."

This is the first word that came into Cecilia's room.

Why did this happen when I was talking about my softness just now?

What kind of mood changes did I have while I was talking to Celia and Sophia?

"No, no, the rumors that damage Cecilia's clean and innocent image need to be settled quickly.I'll pull myself together, but I can handle it. "

"You don't have to stretch your body so much... please stop."


"Rumor has spread that I told Yoki to take it off little by little.If Youki desperately tries to stop the rumor, there will be another rumor. "

"There are rumors that Cecilia tried to stop me because of rumors against herself....."

That's what I'm talking about.

It seems to be an irreversible situation.

I deeply regretted it.

The more I move, the more trouble Cecilia will suffer.

How can we overcome this situation?

Cecilia is preparing tea in a calm state while I'm bothering her head.

I can't ask you how you are in a hurry.

Should I leave it as it is?

"The more you jump to stop the rumor, the more it spreads.If you stay still, you'll calm down naturally. "

"Is that what this is about...?"

“I'm angry that Yoki-san acted without consulting me, not about his rumors.”

Cecilia shouted with her hips against her.

Is that what happened?

"I'm really sorry...."

"Youki-san's feelings have been fully conveyed.I am glad that Youki has moved actively.But things have to be careful. "

The smile is on the contrary painful.

Saint... has the breadth of heart and kindness that two names deserve.

Even if I do nothing, the wedding will proceed and be held.

Cecilia will come up with a better plan than me.

"Even so, I..."

"Cecilia was right, I didn't move well alone.We should have discussed this more.That's why I think of a plan that Cecilia would be comfortable with.We'll meet again and again, but... let me decide where to put the mask on. "

The Black Thunder Swordsman was originally a character I created.We need to do more to marry Cecilia.

"If you leave me alone, I don't know what to do, so please talk to me.Perhaps this is the place to be. "

"I see. Now, will you listen to me as I come up with a plan?"

"Go ahead."

I had a cup of tea and began to consult.

I quit taking it off, this is definite.

That's the other way around.

"When this happens, hold a press conference and explain."

Unusual for Youki-san, it's a straightforward attack.

If you can't take it off, it's easiest to explain with a bare face that you'll get married, and it conveys your sincerity.

If they ask if it's me, it's a way to shake my head, but it doesn't have to be around.

"A meeting... do you need a meeting to marry me?"

"I do feel something different.Is that what taking a mask is all about? "

"I don't know because I haven't revealed my identity by hiding my face in a mask..."

You're not going to experience it, after all.

When they were twisting their necks, they heard a knock on the door.

"Go ahead."

I'm coming in.

It was Guy who came into the room.

Looks like Teal woke me up.

"Boy... how dare you hit me with teal?"

"Oh, you're awake."

"What a good awakening. Teal didn't wake his sleeping self.My boss scolded me for seeing me skipping my job.My boss woke me up. "

Sophia scolded Teal.

I had such a feeling when we broke up just now.

I asked you to wake me up.

"Do you think Teal will wake me up feeling good sleeping!?"

I don't know.

"You seem to be watching quietly when you think about your behavior."

Guy was watching Teale-chan from the shadows, and things like that suited each other, after all

Kid, are you trying to increase the cause of my anger?

I can see the full aura of monsters in disguise.

Hey, it's in the Mansion, so weigh yourself.

"Okay, I'm sorry. I'll change it so it doesn't stand out from the crowd, and I'll decorate it as a garden figurine."

"Are you kidding me...?"

"Youki-san, you're going to miss the topic, so please step back."

"Yes, Guy, I'm sorry."

"You must be too weak for the monk's daughter..."

Don't say that with a mixed voice.

Where did my anger go?

Cecilia's right, and I'll get Guy to talk to her.

"I thought I'd think of a plan other than taking it off."

“Hmm. So what do you want to do next?”

"I'm thinking about it.It's hard to get a mask. "

"If I just take that suspicious mask, it seems like I'll just have to punch you."

Hahaha, are you kidding me, Guy?

There's no better way to punch and take it.

"... no, that might work."

"What about it?"


Don't say what Cecilia and Guy are saying.

I'm normal.

Cecilia, will you stop trying to cast healing magic with your wand?

Don't let Guy grip his head and regret what he says.

"Let's both hear my explanation to the end.Treating the poor thing from the beginning... it's terrible, isn't it? "

"That's because Yoki-san says too strange things."I'll be beaten..... "

"Hey, is it my fault?" Is this happening because my brother made a joke that doesn't suit me? "

"No, no, it's a really good idea, so listen to me.It's a story I know.It's called a mask break. "

A masked character with a crack on his face when attacked by enemies.

I stumbled across my face, and now I naturally know who I was.

Describe in detail what it's like for both of you.

Once you convinced me, there was no longer any suspicion that I was out of my mind...

"... is that so?What happens after you get hit and take off your mask and see your face? "

"That's... fu, has it leaked out?I am the Magic Swordsman Yoki of Black Thunder.I'm going to make an exalted declaration that I'm the man who's going to marry Cecilia. "

"Who beats a kid in the first place?Do you know your strength?You'll know how much your name sells.Whoever did this to you looks like a farce. "

Guy is right.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman's strength has become worldly and immeasurable.

It's not an easy loser.

You will be told that you were beaten to create a place to reveal your identity.

Only if I prove myself stronger than anyone else.

There will be. Heroes with infinite possibilities over me.

You were going to ask the brave one.

"If you can defeat the Demon King and be as strong as you want for your daughter-in-law, you'll think you can't help cracking your mask."

It should be worth a try.

But Cecilia is either negative or leaning her neck.

Guy was also thinking about it with his arms crossed.

"It's probably a problem that the brave man today will accept such a request.The power of the Holy Sword is sealed face-to-face. "

Ah, that's it.

That's because Mikana is threatening the Holy Sword.

I think I can handle it if I consult around there.

"I've pulled on revealing my identity so much, so I wonder if I could do something that was a little more compelling... isn't that a good idea?"

"... if Youki-san can put it together at the end, I think I can try it.If you hold the meeting firmly, you won't have any problems. "

"Well, I guess it would be better if they decided.I'll give you more support than I've decided. "

All right, let's go to Yuga now.

From now on?

"Yeah, just leave a note if you're not at home."

"You're still capable of action at times like these."

What are you doing at a time like this?

I'm always trying.

Well, it doesn't make sense if Yuga doesn't help us.

Whatever you do, you have to shake your head vertically.