To get Yuga to beat him up, break the mask, and execute Operation Face Detection.

I was taking Guy and Cecilia to visit Yuuga and Michana's house...

”Heart-shaped plaque... this isn't happening, is it?”

I've never been here before.

"Are you proud of your newlywed love?"

I don't think he's rambling again.

I knocked terrifiedly.

I heard the sound of running from inside the house.

It seems that he is not away.

When the door opened, Yuga, wearing an apron, came out.

"Hello, which one..." Yoki-kun, Cecilia... and the hypnotic adventurer! "

Cecilia turns her gaze to me and says, "What are you talking about?"

I introduced Guy to that setup when Micana couldn't sleep because of the loneliness she went on a business trip.

I will explain later, so I will put it on my face and return my gaze.

He nodded a little to see if it had passed.

Okay, let's move on.

"Actually, I wanted to ask you something, but are you busy?"

"I was just preparing lunch."It's okay because I can do it already. Come in, come in. "

Enter the house guided by Yuga.

"Oh, there you are... what's going on?"

In the room was Micana, who was sitting on the sofa and knitting.

Is it children's clothes by size?

It seems that you are steadily preparing to welcome your baby.

"It looks like Yoki and the others have some business to do."I'm sorry, but I'm almost ready.I wonder if you can wait until then. "

I'm sorry, but Yuga disappeared into the kitchen.

You're not trying to do everything like before?

The power of the Holy Sword was threatened... it was sealed.

Looks like you're trying to be a good dad.

"... there's one face I don't really know."

"Ah... what shall I do, Cecilia?"

“I'm talking about Yoki-san, and I think it's okay to talk about Guy-san.”

Mikana was a trustworthy opponent.

Maybe I should check with Guy.

"Do as you please. If it's just the kid, I can trust the monk's daughter to decide."

"Hey, what do you mean?"

"That's exactly what I meant."I've seen what kids do.Think back on your actions.I can't complain about my opinion, can I? "

Guy provokes me to tell you if I can.

... I'd like to argue, but I can't say anything.

In fact, the operation has just failed.

"Cecilia, Cecilia..."

And I said, "How about you as my boyfriend?"


Mykana chased me and I fell to the ground.

"Yoki-san is finally able to put it together well... so you can be confident in that part."

After all, Cecilia didn't abandon me.

"Hey, I said that part."

It's just that part, right?

The field is noisy, but I don't care.

Now it's time to stabilize your mind by holding Cecilia's hands.

Well, even though it was before I introduced myself, we both worked together.

"Leave me alone and explain the situation first." I can't talk about it. "

"That's right. Well, I have a general idea."It's a monster, isn't it? "

"That's right. Lost to stray." And now I'm a good working gargoyle guy. ”

"Hey, don't include unwanted information."... it was originally a nameless gargoyle.He's calling himself Guy. Thank you. "

Mikana, it looks like you've been taking care of Yuuga before.

Introduce yourself to each other and shake hands lightly.

I think we both like each other.

"Guy is Teal, and Mikana is Yuuga.there's something going on between people who are troubled by each other's companions..... "

"Then Cecilia is on this side too."Come on, Cecilia. Come here. "

Micana pulls Cecilia's arm and leaves me.

Guy and Mikana, Cecilia, face to face.

"You wanted to say this, didn't you?"

Yeah, well, Guy nodded again and again.

"I just want to argue..."

"Cecilia... I'm sorry..."

Well, what should I say when I do this?

You can just say, "Hold on tight" like you normally do.


The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman had just been disarmed, so I couldn't say anything.

Let's get down to business when we hit an unexpected counter.

"That's why I wanted to ask you to do something for me."Yuga seems to be cooking.I thought I'd get permission from Mikana, my daughter-in-law and guardian. "

It depends on the requirements.


I explained this incident to Mikana and talked about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman disarming incident.

I knew it wasn't on your side.

I was told that.

All this can do is to take words.

I firmly swear to talk to Cecilia if I do anything in the future.

So I thought about the mask cracking operation, so I'd definitely like to ask Yuga for help.

"Hmm... so much so. Then it might be convenient."


What do you mean?

I thought it meant something to me that Yuga was going to do it.

"I wanted to ask you a favor, too."Look, you're not using the Holy Sword, are you? "

"That's probably because Micana is threatening me."

Mikana threatened the Holy Sword not to do any more, so it was in its current state.

"That's true... but since then, Yuga hasn't been chaotic either."Now we're helping each other out.I thought I was good.

"The one who appreciates the people around him."

"Yes," Micana nodded.

That's how much Minerva was flying around.

I quit and couldn't wave at all, so I couldn't help thinking it was weird.

"There are speculations that you are still accumulating power for an unseen enemy, or that you are using too much power to fall asleep.Among them, there are rumors that Yuuga is no longer qualified as a brave person, and that the Holy Sword is no longer recognized as the master.... "

I'm qualified to be a brave man.

If it was a condition that I could use the Holy Sword, I knew that Yuuga wasn't a brave person.

As for Mikana, it must feel good for her beloved husband to be said badly.

"I know you're saying something selfish.Still... please, give Yuga a chance to use the Holy Sword. "

"Is that what you want?"

I was just trying to get you to fight and punch me properly.

This is mutually beneficial, and there's no reason to say no.

But it was Cecilia who waited here.

"Well, why don't you tell Micana to steal the brave man's eyes and resurrect him to the Holy Sword?"because it reacts to Micana's words..... "

"It's true."I don't want to be mistaken for a new threat to humanity.That's why I want a reason to wake up. "

I'm not a threat to humanity.

It is neither the boss behind the story nor a new threat to humanity.

What do the brave men and women think of me?

"The awakening of the power of the Holy Sword means that you will fight accordingly."Even though we are meeting, is Yoki-san and Hero all right? "

Cecilia is worried about me and Yuga.

That's holy... yes, Cecilia.

Danger, danger, mine must be avoided in your heart.

Here Guy, who had been silent until now, opened his mouth.

"The kid's strength is immeasurable, so I think it's okay."I don't know what kind of power the Holy Sword is, but can I have more power than a boy?If there is a difference in strength, it will be possible for the mask to be broken during the battle without injury. "

"That may be the case, but at the moment of marriage, it's a bit like a fiancé fighting a powerful man..."

I'll complain with my eyes that you understand.

Yeah, that's not very good.

You're worried about me.

I'm strong, so I'm fine... I don't think I can convince you.

I don't think you want that kind of word.

"This place is still..."

“It's inevitable to marry Cecilia.I can't say I feel safe at all.Still... I want you to keep an eye on me, because it's important to be together. "

Is this the right word to use?

I've already done it with my actions.

I don't want to get the words of persuasion wrong.

"... don't you think Mikana-san and Yoki-san are mischievous?"If I say something like this, I can't stop it. ”

"If you get married, it will be even worse."You'd better get used to it now. "

"Hey, stop that advice."

I wonder if they'll ever tell me that you're used to persuading them.