"I came to call you because lunch is ready... isn't the seat funny?"

"Yuuga is on your side."

Unfortunately, you're next to me.


I force Yuuga to sit next to me, crying that Mikana is a good neighbor.

There is no change in this seating order, there is no choice.

Speak to Yuuga, who is next door.

Actually, there's something I need to ask of you.

"That's why it's strange to be in this seat order."Normally, the customer and the landlord shouldn't break up. "

I'm not convinced by the order of seating, but Yuga won't let me get to the point.

I don't know... you're a brave guy.

"We're on this side."I have no choice but to accept this seat order..... "

"What is this side!?"

"So what do you want me to do?"

"I ignore my question, Yoki-kun."

"Yuuga, please be quiet because we can't talk."

Brave, please keep it down here.

Micana and Cecilia told me, and Yuga reluctantly agreed.

After all, the female formation was strong.

"This is the figure of a hero who defeated the demon king and saved the world and a demon race with more power than that hero....."

Guy muttered to himself so that no one could hear him.

Hey, I can hear you.

It seems that Cecilia and the others didn't hear or react to it.

"I don't know what to do later..."

"So what's your business with me?"If it's for Yoki and Cecilia, I'll be happy to help. "

I see. Well then, I'd like you to hit me in public, but can you do me a favor?


"Yoki-san, there's not enough explanation."Brave, I'll explain. "

Description Disqualified, Cecilia and Baton Touch.

Explain everything you want to do, from my mess to Yuga's.

Cecilia is a proud lover who can do anything.

"That's what I was asking."...... I'm sorry, Mikana. Could you excuse me for a moment? "

Somehow, Yuuga started trying to get Mikana out of the room.

Come on, suddenly.

"Why, it's something I don't want to hear."

"... yes..."

Looking at Yuuga's lonely expression, Michana didn't argue further.

I tried to get to my bedroom...

"Yes, the person there is an adventurer known to Yoki-kun."I'm a great hypnotherapist.It's before lunch, but why don't you try experiencing Micana a little bit? "

Here comes Guy.

Guy and Micana, don't look at me in silence.

Instead of explaining Guy's identity to Yuga...

It would be better to talk to Yuuga later.

I don't know what's bothering me about trying to keep Mikana away.

"That's right, Guy, it's a pregnant woman."Let him have a dream that will calm him down. "

"Well, even if I'm here, it doesn't seem to make sense." I'll take care of it. "

"What is hypnotherapy..."

Guy and Mikana head to the bedroom, and me and Cecilia and Yuga stay in the living room.

Now, what kept my favorite Mikana away from me?

"I'm sorry, Yoki-kun, Cecilia. I can't help myself if I'm honest. [M]I can't use the power of the Holy Sword at all.I think even if I skip the mask like this, even the eight-percent from around me will be released immediately. "

"Could it be that the reason that kept Micana away..."

"Well... you're going to be a father."You don't want to see me throw up.I'm sorry I said I'd help you. "

I don't care if you give me a misleading smile.

You're not laughing at all naturally.

You're seriously troubled, aren't you?

I didn't think it was Mikana who was threatening the Holy Sword to keep her from exerting her power.

What am I supposed to do, this one-man serial atmosphere?

"It's something that only a brave person can do."Can I ask you a favor? "

Even if Cecilia asks for it, Yuga's answer is no.

"There are other suitable people besides me."

I didn't shake my head vertically.

Who's the other one, you want me to call Soleil?

While training with the Azure Flame Steel Arm... there must be such a flow.

But Mikana asked me to do it.

I need to get motivated somehow.

Let's try my tricks here.

"Regardless of the power of the Holy Sword, I want Yuga to do it."It wasn't persuasive.My friend told me that whether I had the power of the Holy Sword or not, I would leave it to you... that's what I thought. "

It doesn't clearly say the end of the word, and it looks like it's disappointed with a diagonal downward direction as if it disappears.

I thought it was bad, but I got a look on my face.

"Yoki-kun... but..."

I can't let you tell me why you're running here.

One more push!

"But no, I want to ask Yuga."Whether it's a hero or a sacred sword... my friend Yuga. "

The point is to subtly offer your hand here.

All you have to do is nod lightly... "

"I see... that's right.If this is what I can do for my wedding, I'll take it. [M]Yoki-kun, I'm sorry I've lost my temper. "

"I'm sorry I'm impossible."But I was hoping you'd take care of it unless there were unforeseen circumstances. Thank you. "

"Yeah, I'll take care of it." I'll work with Yoki as a friend of Cecilia's. "

End the mission with a handshake, a testament to the completion of the negotiations.

Both Yuuga and I are shaking hands with a good smile.

Friendship is great.

"... is this all right?"

I think Cecilia's receptivity has slightly decreased.

Hmm... it's a tough place.

“Yes, I want Cecilia to know how I grow.Yoki-kun, I wonder if we can have a detailed meeting next time. "

It's good, but what's growing?

“It's cooking, because Cecilia was the last one to pay attention.I want you to taste it if you want. "

"It's okay." Will Mr. Yokki wake up Mikana?As far as I can see from your confidence, I don't think there's anything in particular. "

"All right."

Yuga and Cecilia go to the kitchen, and I go to the bedroom.

Guy must be giving Mikana a good dream.

I'm usually tired, and I wish I could relax in my dream world.

When I entered the bedroom, Guy was sleeping on the bed while Guy was sleeping on the nightmare.

I can hear Micana sleeping.

"Now, what kind of dream are you dreaming..."

”Yuuga... it's time to move...”

It seems that she is dreaming of moving in even though she has just begun living as a newlywed.

Are you also dissatisfied with this house?

She said she was twisting her neck.

”Next... the seventh person... has to live in a bigger house...”

"... to the extent that..."

Micana muttered as she lowered the volume so as not to wake her.

For once, I complained with my gaze to Guy what I was dreaming about.

"It's not my fault."I'm only manipulating the sleeping person to see what I want in my heart. "

"I see... let's keep this a secret from me and Guy."

Of course.

Micana pierces through the door, no matter what she asks.

Cecilia would never tell Yuga anyway.

I don't want to get run over in the future.

I feel like it might come true, though.

After this, Mikana woke up, her face turned red and stared at me and Guy.

I don't forget the content of my dreams, and I remember them well.

I was asked if they had said anything, but the two of them said nothing and ended.

Yuuga's face may not be seen properly, and she covered her face with both hands.

Looks like you didn't mention everything in your dreams in your sleep.

It's been a long time since we started living together.

"What kind of dream did you have..."