Another drink!

"... Add"

"You guys..."

Two former subordinates who do not know how to resist are ordering and eating more and more.

This is what happens when I say I'm going to buy it.

It was something I knew from the beginning... but still.

"I should have taught them to refrain as my boss."

"Yoki-san... should I split the accounting?"

"No, I'll buy it here." Today is the day we know we're celebrating Happiness...Let's call it a pre-celebration. "

You said you'd suggest I get excited.

"Captain, it's cool..."

"... handsome"

Two almost stick-reading compliments came flying in.

These guys need to be re-educated.

I put my hands on my mouth without touching my jaws or my eyes, and I said, "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

"Both of you, it's not a good idea to overstate it.Even if it is more familiar than I am, and it is like a family relationship, I will not observe moderation. "


"... Acknowledged"

It seems that Cecilia listens honestly.

The two of them became quiet and ate at a slower pace.

I decided to taste it and eat it.

"I'm already a former subordinate."I think I'll throw the whole thing at Cecilia.Say hello to Captain Cecilia. "

"What can I do for you?" There is no substitute for Yoki-san.Yoki-san, who you can rely on to take care of you... you two should love him. "

Cecilia talks to me as she eats a beautiful meal.

I wish Cecilia had told me.

But dear... dear?

I look at the two of them who have lost the pace of eating a little.

Let's look back on our memories.

I also have good memories...

"I'm sorry, Cecilia. I don't want to deny what my lover says, but I... shit!"

"You don't have to think about it that much."

Well then, let's ask you to forgive me for this...

"... atonement"

What they gave me was a fruit that was famous for being sour.

It is used for fruit liquor and cooking, but it is not eaten as it is.

Eat it as a punishment for yourself.

"I got it. I'll go!"

Go, Captain ~

"... all at once"

I was pushed into the fruit by the words of the two of them. [M]

The acidity that spreads in your mouth, it's not something you can accept.


"That's good, Captain."

"...... Han Qi"

After all, I'm leaving you behind.

I ate for atonement, but I increased my new sins.

Oh my God, I need another one of these, Captain!

"I agree to..."

"There's one more... there!"

Not good, Yoki-san.

Eating the second one without listening to Cecilia's stillness, I screamed again.

“Okay? It's not a bad thing to have fun.However, please understand that it is a public place and have fun in consideration of the inconvenience to others. ”


"... Acknowledged"

"I'm sorry."

All three of them are in reflection.

It was too noisy in the store, so I decided to get the attention from Cecilia.

It was caused by the passage of evil spirits.

I have to reflect on it.

"In the first place... if you talk like that, I won't be the only one in the circle, right?"

Cecilia spoke in a fading voice, slightly sharpening her mouth.

I heard you. I heard you.

Of course, there must have been a warning that it would be a nuisance to the store and customers.

However, I missed the feeling of alienation because I was exuberant inside myself... I don't know if I can take it that way.

I can assure you it is, without needing to check.

Let's take some action, when we're alone.

Point two fingers up and tell them.

Cecilia should be able to figure this out for herself.

Let's change the subject so that the two of us don't notice.

"By the way, is it okay if Happiness decides to enter the theater?"

There should be no compulsion to talk about it.

That's what I wanted to hear.

"... occasional"

"Sister Happiness decided to show her song in the troupe once in a while without quitting her service."

"Was that so?" Did Cecilia know? "

"No, I just found out..."

Is it true that you are the daughter of the employer in the same mansion?

Maybe it was a pattern that only Celia and Sophia knew.

"... busy"

"Uh, Cecilia was busy, so I didn't have time to tell her."

"...... correct"

"That's right."Do you know Raven? "

"... of course."

"I talked to them and they told me that they were going to put an escort on me."Happiness-san's boyfriend, I love Happiness-san. "

"... silence"


Happiness forced Sikh to shut her mouth.

I don't think I can hide it now.

Well, Raven became an escort when she wanted to support Happiness herself.

I think it is difficult to reconcile with the servant, but that was decided by Happiness.

You will do well while consulting with the people around you.

Sikh releases Happiness's restraint as he rampages.

No, I think Happiness solved it.

Happiness seemed to be saying with her eyes that she shouldn't talk anymore.

Maybe it wasn't a good idea to put it in a funny way.

"Seek, you've come one step closer to being an adult in this event."

”I'll make sure to be careful”

"... reflection"

Well, that's right. Shouldn't the captains follow you to the theater?

Seek has been trying to change the subject.

I don't know what to do. I want to go on a date alone.

But I'm also curious about Happiness.

“I see. If it's okay with you two, I'll accompany you, Yoki-san.”

While I was lost, Cecilia came to a conclusion.

If Cecilia is good... good.

"Yeah, that's right. Let's go see the sunny stage of Happiness."

"... practice"

Ah, that's right.

Nothing happened, so the conversation ended and I went to the theater.

Also, the meal payment exceeded my expectations.

It's a celebration, okay?

Happiness-sama, welcome.

Wester greeted me when I arrived at the theater.

As usual, he smiles as if he is plotting something.

The rubber arm also makes it look suspicious.

"... yo..."

Hello ~

As usual, Happiness and Seek greet each other cheerfully.

These two are customers on schedule.

We came in a hurry, but when I told you the truth, you let us through.

As a family, Cecilia wants to see Happiness as an employer's daughter.

Without confusion, West accepted us unexpectedly.

Well, Happiness broke up immediately after saying there was a meeting and practice.

I didn't expect you to come to Yoki and Cecilia.

”I wanted to see how Happiness-chan was... suddenly, but I was interrupted”

I was worried about Happiness and Seek.


No, I mean it.

You two don't know what to do.

I hope you don't have to worry about Duke getting in here.

By now, I must be carrying Mr. Irene and heading towards the Elf's town.

I have to see this place.

"The more, the more." I'm also worried about my daughter... so I'm thinking about my family.I know how you feel. "

Westa also empathized with me.

That's how it is, isn't it?

Ah, Sensei!

The one who calls Sheek a teacher is Werdi, the daughter of Westa.

Why did you call me a teacher...?

"Dr. Sheek, I'd like to ask you to teach me how to move."

"Eh, erm..."

Let's go.

Ms. Weldy pulled herself towards the Seek with a sword curtain that did not say whether it was or not.

"It looks like you and your peers are getting along."Besides, it seems that the last instruction was also a good stimulus for my daughter. "

I think my persuasion was good, too.

I see, I missed Seek.

“There's one more. You're a Seek, aren't you?"

“If you're impressed.Yoki's paintings are gradually becoming reality. ”

”Hmm... well, I guess we'll stop around here”

If anything happens to me, it won't do me any harm.

“Right now, Weldy is training hard for theatre.He said he wanted to succeed at all costs.Not just me, but all the troupes are working with Weldy.So I'd like to ask Yoki-sama for one more thing. "

To me?

"Yes... actually, it's the theatre that Weldy wants to do."It's the story that Yoki told me. ”


I don't think that's the story of a man... the one who made the encounter between me and Cecilia a legend.

"Werdy told me about it, too.I am convinced that this will work.Could you give us permission to go to the theatre? "

I came to the troupe with a light heart, but it was a terrible story.

"What should I do..."