Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I took a look at the practice landscape.

He wants to turn the story of my encounter with Cecilia into a play.

For my part, I was just telling you about a man who was trying to cheer you up.

A story that hides the demonic part and slightly changes the encounter between me and Cecilia.

It must be said that it is not a problem to be announced to the public.

What about Cecilia?

I'm the main character in the story, and Cecilia is the heroine.

I'd like to hear Cecilia's thoughts, but it's weird to ask Cecilia here.

"I see. I want to see how serious Mr. Weldy really is, so can I give you a tour of the practice landscape?"Of course, not only Weldy, but also the troupes. "

"It's okay." I'll show you now. ”

Follow Westa to the auditorium.

Let's talk about this travel time.

Stay away from the West so you can't hear the conversation.

"Cecilia, what do you think of this story?"

"Do you mean to take or not to take theatrical stories?Well... it's embarrassing to be shown as a theatre based on your own real-life experience. "

Well, then, are you against it?

"I was wondering if Mr. Weldy really wanted to do it.However, the memories of encounters are very important, right? ”

“Of course, I remember the first time I met Cecilia.”

At that time, I remember what I felt and what I said to myself.

"If you don't scorn our irresistible memories and take it seriously... I think it's good."


It is not rational to say that you cannot explain the reason.

I just wanted to hug my lover next to me.

Of course, this is a public place, and there is a wester in front of it, so it can't be executed.

Dammit, how am I supposed to keep this chest chirping down?

Moreover, I didn't prepare the words because I just called my name reflexively.

"Um, uh... are you staying at the house today?"

This is the word I managed to squeeze out.

Absolutely not at this time.

You can't hide your failure, and you can see it on your face.

My cheeks are definitely twitching.

“That's right, I'll be in your way today.”

I only laughed a little when I talked, so I know I was lost in something.

But I won't go any further.

Cecilia is such a woman.

“Tell me more about why you were lost at home.”

... Cecilia is such a woman.

I had no excuse, no power, but I could only answer yes... "

When I had more homework at home, I decided to watch Mr. Weldy's performance.

I don't know how good or bad it is to practice acting.

In the auditorium, Mr. Weldy was reading a dialogue with a cane.

"Me and... I'm going out into the outside world"

Mr. Weldy reached out to the other player and uttered a line, but he bit it where it was most important.

Come on, that's not the best place to chew.

The person who moved my heart... it's a famous sight for the demons.

Mr. Weldy is winking that he has done it too.

No, well... if you're just getting started recently, I don't think so.

Well, you're already practicing without permission.

“I'm sorry, my daughter insisted it would be an experience without permission.”

The wester bowed his head deeply.

I'm not mad at you.

"I didn't mean to say that, so raise your face."

“Yes, thank you. So what about my daughter?"

Wester lifted her head lightly and asked me, looking at my complexion.

It's up to me, I heard what Cecilia thinks.

"Look, look, I don't think that's a good idea."I'm going to practice my bodywork, too. "

"Yes, yes, Miss Sheek!"

Mr. Weldy shows his guts, stirred up by the Seek.

Even if I failed, I did not look down and resumed practicing positively.

“I said I wanted to do it myself.I don't want to frustrate Mr. Weldy, I don't want to be inappropriate, and I think I'll make it to the end. "

Well, sometimes I can ask what it's like to have a Seek.

"Well then......"

I'll take care of it.

Ah, thank you.

Thank you, Wester, for grabbing my hand so hard.

I'm sure you'd think this would be a trigger for my daughter to move forward.

I'm counting on you, man.

In our hearts, we went to see how Happiness was.

Well, that's right.

The practice had already begun when I arrived at the auditorium of Happiness.

What I saw there was Shikae-chan singing a song called Happiness.

After all, that's what happens.

"It seems that there is an excellent bard behind Master Happiness."It looks like you're sending me new songs on a regular basis. ”


I didn't hear you do that.

Hey, what's going on, Happiness?

There's someone there who works with Master Happiness and the Bard.

Intermediary between Happiness and Shike-chan?

I turn my gaze to the person Wester pointed to.

I'm wearing a disguise, but I can't fool my eyes.

After all, were you here?

"It's Raven..."

Mr. Raven, right?

There are chairs available, so I wish I could sit down.

She is standing and listening to the singing of Happiness with her arms crossed.

Why are you nodding sometimes?

I wonder what kind of discussion has led to this.

Let me ask you something.

"Hey, Raven."

"... and the Cecilia and the theatre director."

Hello, Mr. Raven.

"Thank you for your help, Master Raven."... I need to talk to the troupe. Excuse me. "

Wester said that and left us.

Hmm, Wester is a good person, so much so that I'm sorry I doubted you at first.

Mr. Weldy, you need to fix that misleading smile.

So Raven, I heard you're acting as a link between Happiness and Shikae.

"... oh, yeah. Why don't you ask me if I can offer you a song?"I don't care, I'd rather you help me. "

Um, isn't Raven confused that Happiness is going to show her song in the troupe?

Sure did.

I was singing with Happiness at the party, but I can't believe I'm so cooperative.

"...... I just decided to give my full support to what Happiness wanted to do."Besides... I'd like to sing with you at the party.After all, I reconfirmed that the Happiness song was good.Then I'll use everything I have to support you. "

I guess the result was your cooperation with Shike-chan.

"... that's it. I'll pick you up on other days when I'm off duty."If it's difficult, ask Duke or Seek-kun to adjust the schedule. "

You really care about Happiness.

I'm happy, Raven.

I'll help you, too.

Me too.

"... thank you both"

At the end of the conversation with us, Raven quietly returned to the position of listening to Happiness songs.

Looking at Raven watching Happiness with a gentle expression, I...

I think it's time to officially announce it.

I thought it would be nice to publicly say that I was dating, so I ran away.

I just whispered it.

Besides, Raven listened to Happiness singing, and she wouldn't have heard it.

I'm not in a position to talk about people.