I also successfully observed the practice of Happiness songs.

Now, what do we do from here?

I gave permission for the play, and as far as Raven is concerned, Happiness seems to be fine.

"Cecilia, is it time to go?"

“That's right. It's bad that we stayed too long because we hadn't planned to visit before.”

I see. Will Raven stay until Happiness practice is over?

"... oh, I'm off today.I'm listening to Happiness songs here.Of course, I'll escort you home.I'm Happiness's lover. "

Is it because I have finished telling you what I need to tell you?

Raven turned her gaze back to Happiness when she finished.

The figure is as if fascinated by the song.

You haven't taught Shikae a fascinating song, have you, Happiness?

"Hey, Cecilia, I'm worried that Raven is... attracted to Happiness songs."

Look at the look on Raven's face.

"Isn't that some kind of magic..."

I'm going to say something different about Yoki-san.

It's not like me?


You're not like me.

I don't use charming songs or happyness, but I don't have to use ravens...

"Yeah. It's not a fascinating song.Raven was originally obsessed with Happiness. "

"That's right. I didn't really think Happiness had remembered the fascinating song and used it on Mr. Raven."

"Hahaha... it must be natural." It's Happiness. "

I don't think Teal could do it.

Guy said he was going to make dinner.

Teal-chan's appetite would go even further.

It's impossible, but we need to make sure they don't know about the fascinating song.

"Cecilia... don't ever talk about the existence of a fascinating song." Especially in the mansion. "

"Why, to emphasize the mansion... to the extent that it is formed. Got it."

I immediately understand any doubts I may have.

That's right, Cecilia.

Even with such an exchange, Raven kept an eye on Happiness.

I don't want to get in your way anymore.

Me, too, Cecilia left the scene quietly.

"Yoki-sama, Cecilia-sama."

When I got out of the auditorium, there was a wester.

Are you done talking to the troupe?

"Um... how about you two?"Happiness-sama, could you please leave it to our troupe again, including the theatrical matters? "

They want us to give them permission again.

Happiness has Raven, who has agreed to the theatre earlier.

In the first place, neither Cecilia nor I can say what Happiness has already decided to do.

The atmosphere of the troupe is also good, and I know that Westa seems suspicious but she is a good person.

"Please, please take care of Happiness."And the theatre.... "

I'll take care of it, too.

"Yes, yes... thank you!"

Were you glad enough?

Wester, who holds our hands and bows his head again and again, says thank you.

Really... I'm a good person.

I'll definitely make it a good one.

I thought it would be bad if I didn't fix this smile.

Good luck, Mr. Weldy.

We were seen off by a wester with a suspicious smile, and we left the troupe.

"Well, after this..."

“If you're staying at Yoki's, you have to go shopping for dinner.Let's go, Yoki-san. "

"Okay, I got it."

Cecilia buys the ingredients in the form of the previous one.

What kind of offer are we going to make today, and what about the post-dinner dessert?

Thinking about breakfast, I can't beat Cecilia in that way even though I live alone.

Yes... speaking of things I can do at a time like this.

Yoki-san, are you okay?

"I'm fine. I'm fine."

Just carrying all your luggage.

Leave it to me if you want to do some hard work.

My aunt at the vegetable stand was in front of her, so she cheered me up.

Thank you, Auntie. I'll show you my man.

"This is about the amount of room I can afford. Now, what's your next purchase!?"

Um... this is the end of it, isn't it?

Since it was a dinner for two people and the ingredients for breakfast were to be purchased, there was not much to buy to the extent that the power had to be exerted.

Well, let's go home.


My aunt comforted me that it would be useful somewhere else.

Thank you, Auntie.

While I was shopping, I went home safely.

It's too early to start cooking dinner.

"Cecilia. It might be a little early, but I'll finish the preparation..."

“Yoki-san, there's one thing I'd like to ask you.”


I listen back as I sort out the food I bought.

I think it's about the troupe.

"When I was wondering if I could agree or disagree with the theatre, Yoki asked me a question and I answered it.After that, you went crazy, didn't you? "


Then, should I honestly tell you that I want to hug you with a high-pitched cuddle in the back of my chest?

At that point, you know what you're trying to deceive me about.

It doesn't make sense to let it go.

"Look, what were you thinking?"

Cecilia is getting closer and closer.

"I was gradually driven to the wall to explain my reasons..."

"Look, I can't go back there anymore."

My back has stuck to the wall.

I can't go down anymore.

Are you going to say it, or are you going to say it?

I noticed in the conflict that this is my house.

I don't care who sees me.

I gently hugged Cecilia.

"That's what I wanted to do."

"... is that what you mean?"

In the old days, I would have been in a kitchen to deceive my shyness.

But not now.

I can look directly at Cecilia.

Surely you can't say that at that time.

Isn't that right?

“Yes, I think it's a good decision.Maybe it wasn't good of me to make such a statement in the first place. ”

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no Because judgment is slowed down."

"No, I made remarks that paralyzed Yoki-san's thoughts..."

There continues to be an argument that which is bad is not bad.

It was the voice of a child heard from outside the house that cut off the endless flow.

I'm hungry, and I hear a few people running along with my voice.

Yeah, I'm hungry.

Let's get ready for dinner.

That's right.

We cooled off each other and the two of us started preparing dinner.

Well, even if it's just the two of us, I'll just follow Cecilia's instructions.

"If I marry, I won't be able to raise my head."

If you think so, please remember it now.

"Is this your training as well..."

I usually try to cook, but I can't cook elaborate dishes.

I just have to go and help Cecilia remember this.

... I was just thinking casually about what happened after we got married.

"You're already at that stage..."

I'm still working on it.

"Ah, yes..."

Because I was concentrating on cooking.

You didn't realize I was thinking about something else.

Cecilia was tilting her neck when she saw me in a better mood.

I want you to notice Cecilia as we live together.

After finishing my dinner, I made up my mind.

The fact that she was exuberant with the Seeks in the dining room and made Cecilia look like a buddy.

You shouldn't deal with it even though you will become a family from now on, you should reflect on it.

I told them that I would do something when I was alone, but what should I do?

I'm going to become a family... when I get married and become a couple.

In that case, I think it would be better to make a proposal like this.

"Cecilia, Cecilia..."

What's going on?

Tidying up and talking.

Yeah, it's not like I'm going to do it again, so it's just fine.

We're staying today, right?

"Yes, because Yoki-san invited me earlier."

"I have a suggestion."

What is it?


What am I supposed to do if I stop here?

Come on, it's just momentum.

Don't worry about the risk of being turned down.

My hands stopped washing dishes as well as my mouth.

Too pathetic, self-loathing, Cecilia stops her hand and looks at me.

Hurry up and make a suggestion...

"I don't know why I'm lost... but why don't you try to be like Yoki-san?"When I attacked, Yoki, as I know her, ignored the shame of coming back later and hit on her thoughts. ”

I was asked if that was not the case today.

Cecilia's right.

It seems that my pace has broken down because I had a lot to think about today.

Yes... I should have put it in from the beginning, Kitchen Two!

"Hmm, that's right." Now, let me tell you what I think.I swear I won't do anything unhealthy before I get married.So... why don't you sleep in the same bed? "

The chef's second switch was turned off at the last time.

It turned out to be a strange salutation... but I'm afraid of Cecilia's reaction because of the content.

I've already told you, so I hope you can wait for an honest response.

My heart was thrilled, but I managed to maintain a normal mind and not change my expression.

“Honestly, I'm surprised at Yoki's suggestion.And whether we should respond to that request... no, we don't have to get lost.I know Yoki's personality.You won't break your vows. "

"I-I mean..."

Well, if you tell me that you will never touch me, it may make me sad.

I was asked if it was attractive and I was troubled with the response.

No, it's not like that.

You can't just excuse yourself... I have to get rid of my lover's anxiety.

“All right, I'll tell you what I can think of until I finish cleaning up Cecilia's charm!”

"Eh, I feel like you've done something like that sometime... wait, Yoki-san."It was a little joke to say that I was sad. "

Cecilia was stopped, but I switched on the kitchen switch again.

"Hmph, is it kindness to come out first?"You've helped me with the demons.Children in orphanages are also popular.Yes, it's also fascinating that you like children.There are many children who drop by Cecilia.After all, it must be because of its inclusiveness.I've been healed by Cecilia too.Of course, when I'm overdoing it, I'll preach... yes.Cecilia also has the power to guide people.If you do something wrong, don't just get angry, but think about what you should have done and what you should do now. the rest.... "

"It's... enough, Yoki-san."

When I told them about my charm, they would take damage.

It's not good to overstate it.

Cecilia's recovery and cleanup are over.

"All right, let's go to bed. Let's go to bed."

Isn't that overstretched?

"This would be the first step for the family."

Here, take Cecilia's hand and go to the bedroom.

When I saw the bed, I was nervous...

No, we have to push here without showing you the cool stuff.

"Until now, I've been camping and staying with two people."There wasn't a bed together, was there?I wonder if you can clearly see my sleeping face at a time like this..... "

I was just trying to ease the tension.

These words made Cecilia mean it.

He was suddenly pulled back and pushed to the bed.

I can't deal with sudden things, so I just keep doing them.

What do you mean, what do you mean?

Lying on her back, Cecilia peeks in from above.

"... Yoki-san. I agreed to sleep in the bed with Yoki-san."I don't doubt the oath. ”

Um, yeah.

"But... there was a happy event today, so my expression might loosen up after I went to bed."

You know what the cause is, right? She complains with her eyes.

That's the situation, isn't it?

"I'm so embarrassed to be seen sleeping today... I'm sorry, Yoki-san.Can you go to bed first? "

"No, I don't care if you say that..."

You can't sleep in the same bed as your lover for the first time, but you can't get to bed right away.

However, it seems that my concern was with Cecilia.

"Please rest assured. I... I'm good at putting children to bed in orphanages."

I'm not a little kid, though.

"It's okay. Now, close your eyes..."

This was followed by Cecilia's lying-down.

It doesn't matter if I'm not a child.

Cecilia lies beside me as the Sleepy Son attacks me step by step.

Good night, Yoki-san.

"Yeah, good night..."

I managed to return the words and I closed my eyes.