I have a very good awakening.

I remember yesterday with a daze in my head.

Even though I slept in the bed with Cecilia, I was brilliantly put to bed...

"Cecilia... not here"

When I turned to the side, there was no one there.

You slept with me, didn't you?

Scratching his head, he gets out of bed and leaves the bedroom.

As I get closer to the living room, it smells good.

Good morning, Yoki-san.

In the living room, Cecilia, wearing an apron, was preparing breakfast.

All grooming is in order.

Stupid... I went to bed a little earlier.

In the first place, isn't it something you notice when you wake up in the same bed?

And yet I remained deeply asleep.

"I can't believe this..."

"Guy, give Cecilia the magic of darkness."

I haven't been taught.

It seems to be wrong.

In the first place, the magic of the Dark Attribute could not be used by humans.

Then how do I explain this situation?

“How did you get up so you wouldn't wake me?Also, even though you were supposed to be asleep later than me, you got up early enough to be able to prepare breakfast and groom yourself.I don't know, Cecilia. "

“When I was traveling, I was mostly preparing breakfast.Also, if you put a child in an orphanage to bed, you have to stay away from it.I'm also used to leaving so as not to wake the other person. "

"It was a gift of experience..."

If that's the case, I won't stand a chance.

Admitting defeat, he thanked Cecilia for breakfast.

After cleaning up, I sent Cecilia to the Mansion.

We will consult with you at a later date about the match against Yuga to reveal his identity.

I also have to set the location.

After all, I was going to fight a brave man.

It will be a fairly large event.

"How shall I hold it..."

Deliver Cecilia to the Mansion in the usual princess embrace style.

I was going to go home and figure out a plan by myself.

"Yoki-sama, your wife wants to see you."


What the hell is going on here?

Cecilia doesn't seem to know anything about it.

The two of them tilted their necks and went to Ms. Celia.

Today, I want Yoki to go to the orphanage.

"Are you going to the orphanage?"

I mean, should I help Cecilia?

I've been there with him a few times, and I'm fine with it.

It's okay, I'll take care of it.

"Thank you, Yoki. Oh, I'd like to ask Cecilia to do something else for me."

What is it?

I said I should go to the orphanage alone.

I wonder if Cecilia was surprised by this.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

"I can't do this without Cecilia."

Ugh, even if you try to imitate crying, Celia doesn't break her smile.

"Do your best alone."

Inexorably, my hopes have disappeared.

"Mother, Yoki-san is alone..."

This is where Cecilia enters the follow.

After all, Cecilia is on my side.

"But not Celia-san..."

"Cecilia, it's okay because Yoki is not a child."Like I said, I'd like to ask Cecilia for this. "

Celia says so and gives Cecilia her baggage.

What's in it?

"Give it to Mikana-chan."I wrote a note because it is going to be difficult. And a souvenir. "

A souvenir for Mikana, who weighed in.

That's important.

It seems impossible to go alone.

Cecilia would also like to speak with Michana.

Let's do something different today.

"That's right... please do your best, Yoki-san."

“Yoki-san, do you know anyone outside of Cecilia who might be able to help you?”

"Are you a child opponent outside of Cecilia..."

I don't know if there's anyone here... oh, we have good people.

I have a plan, so I'll take him with me.

Oh, yeah. That's good.

"Yoki-san, who do you know...?"

"It seems like a good recipe for children, and they are used to it, and it is worth relying on."

Cecilia looked worried, but she was fine.

He'll stop me.

I said goodbye to Cecilia and went to pick up an acquaintance I was counting on.

"So don't ask me, Guy."

"Hey, hey... it's yesterday's day"

Guy greeted me with a bit of anger.

Guy is the only one we can continue to rely on at a time like this.

"Today we're going to be dealing with children in an orphanage."If Cecilia doesn't have a free hand, then Guy's the only one she can rely on. "

"Why, it's my life." Wasn't there a subordinate you could rely on? "

"Duke is going to the Elf's house with his lover, Mr. Irene."Happiness is busy practicing with her servants and the theatre troupe.Seek... there will only be more children to take care of. "

That's why I chose Guy.

I'm sorry that you've been helping me lately.

"Even if there is such a reason, if my life goes, isn't it the end of being scared?" This is how you look. "

"... no, Guy can do it." Because small children tend to like big people. "

"Do you think a young child would like a man with an unidentified body?!"

What's the matter, Guy?

There may be children who are alert and will not approach.


"Don't worry, I'll explain."

“You're probably going to talk about Teal anyway.I'm going to say that I like young children. "

"No, I'll explain a little bit more softly."

"... don't say anything extra."

Okay, we got Guy on our side.

There was a lot of unpleasantness, but I couldn't find it because it was fully equipped.

We were so enthusiastic about visiting the orphanage.

It's so big!


Yo, yo, yo.

"My waaaaaaaa!?"

Guy was so popular that I didn't have to follow him.

As soon as I arrived at the orphanage, I was surrounded by children and hired as a playmate.

Get popular faster than when I first got here.

It looks like they've become popular with children.

Next to me is Father Davadeh, who looks after the children with a gentle smile.

All right, all right, all right.

When I come, there's a girl who can't get away from my clothes.

She's the only one I like better.

“I'm sorry, but we're not a great substitute for Cecilia.”

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, This is how you can become a playmate.The kids seem to be having fun, too. "

The only girl I'm satisfied with is this one.

The rest of the children are going towards Guy.

I'm surrounded by so many children, but I'm sure Guy will be fine.

"Hey, stop it. I'll take off my gear..."

"That's no good ahhhhhh!"

I ran to Guy.

He said it's no good if you know who you are.

Somehow we managed to tear the children apart.

"As a result..."

"I've already ridden!"

Instead, I was swarmed by children.

In addition, the girl who was clinging to my head is clinging to my head.

"Don't find a special seat..."

Father Davadeh called out to prepare lunch and we were freed.

Now he is sitting and resting in the shade of the tree.

The two of us were left alone.

"Hey kid... I'm in the worst hurry since I started living here"

I'm sorry.

I have to bounce the honorarium.

Well, did you make dinner yesterday?

I broke up with Teal when I told her I was going to make it for her.

I wonder what has happened since then.

"Ah... I asked the owner of the bar if there was any simple dishes to cook, and I managed to make them."I told Teal that the flavor was guaranteed. "

Teal would be happy to eat anything that Guy made.

"Thank you, Guardian God."

"You ate without complaining about anything."

"No, that's it." When I looked at the food, I said, "Please wait," and I added seasonings and ingredients. "


Actually, you were noisy in cooking, Teal.

At first glance, you thought a lot was missing.

I wouldn't add to Guy's dishes if it wasn't for that reason.

"When the cooking process is finished, this dish will only be prepared by me and the Protector God.""I feel like I can work together..." she said with a smile.


That's right, Teal.

Don't go as far as I can imagine.

"Do you know how I felt at that time!?"

I don't know.

“I want Teal to be happy.In this situation, you will spend the rest of your life without marrying my wife and accompanying me. "

I'm worried about how to find someone.

He's like a father who worries about his daughter who can't be separated from her parents.

Well, I hope Teal's happy.

"We need to keep it as it is."The kid wants to say he doesn't care if Teal stays single. "

Why, I was sitting and resting, and I got up and stuffed myself.

I want you to stop telling me that my lovely daughter feels like...

"Teal-chan has just reached the age at which she can get married."So even if Guy tells you to get married, you get married.I don't know what Teal would do right now. "


“If you get older, you'll get better, so why don't you make a suggestion?”

"How about a little of that?"

I don't know.


I don't know how long Teal's love for Guy will last.

"That's it." Whether Teal wins with stickiness or Guy loses with stickiness.

Hey, we're not in a fight!

"'Cause now..."

I don't think Guy's going to make it.

I was dealing with Teal.

The conversation with Guy ended with lunchtime.

Even in the afternoon, children's play equipment...... becomes a playmate.

Guy and I came home exhausted.