We're ready to fight the brave.

A few days after the fierce battle with the orphans.

All of a sudden I thought Cecilia was coming over, this is it.

Wait a minute... I don't know anything about the parties.

“What do you mean, everything will be decided without me knowing?”

It looks like your mother and brave men have worked together to secure a place for you.

I didn't know, either, Cecilia.

"What, that combination..."

It's a tag that will completely contain Yuga.

You can't beat Celia.

It looks like Mikana tried to cooperate too, but it looks like she was stopped by both of us.

Is that the time already?

It hasn't been that many days since we discovered it.

If Celia was involved, it wasn't because of Yuga's overprotection.

"I heard you were going to help Raven that day."I'll leave the security to you. "

"I wonder if I'll do it in a venue so big that I have to ask Raven for security..."

"Until then, I haven't been informed either... the demon swordsman and the brave man are both well-known, so I thought I'd send a few knights from the Knights in view of that."

To the extent that it is.

Well, you're going to blow my cover.

I can't get no attention unless there's people there.

"Um... is it okay?"

What do you mean, okay?

Cecilia looks worried and asks me.

"I should have carefully planned and arranged things... but I can't believe that nothing happened."

Yeah, I think you're making a normal decision.

From what I've been through, nothing happens... nothing happens.

Watch out for Yuga, I have to watch out for my rampage.

"I'm also worried that Yoki-san will be deliberately attacked.The opponent is a brave man. "

"I've been meeting carefully, and I'll strengthen my senses so that I can avoid it."

Fully use the visual enhancement to avoid only the mask being broken.

We know the timing of the attack, and it should be enough.

Cecilia's expression doesn't make her feel comfortable with words alone.

Think about it, what kind of action should I take at a time like this?

After all, I would hug you for peace of mind.

Do it quickly... I just tried.

“When this happens, you should lend a hand.”

Cecilia was better at one.

Her hands widened to hug her, and she shuddered as she lost her place.

You just figured out what to do.

Cecilia asked, leaning against my chest.

Puzzled, she turned down and there was Cecilia's face, who looked at me calmly with her eyes.

"This is done..."

"Where did I end up dancing on Cecilia's palm?"

"I don't want to be told such bad things."I'm telling you the truth.Well, I may have been a little mean in the end. "

"You think I've exhausted all my calculations..."

I see.


About my lover being too strong.

I can read ahead of Cecilia.

... I guess what I was worried about earlier was true.

I don't need confirmation, I need to do it now.

"Ji, the time difference..."

Gently turn the hands you were playing with onto Cecilia's back.

I embraced him, but it was a very painful excuse.

It shouldn't seem superfluous since I asked you the question earlier.

"... it's not bad."

Still, Cecilia seemed satisfied.

Hmm, I can't get rid of the feeling of being spoiled by Cecilia.

It looks like Yoki-san.

Is that a compliment?

“I'll leave it to your imagination.”

"Okay, I've been praised by my lover!"

"You've suddenly become extremely positive..."

Cecilia's face was a little daunted.

Let's give it a little more hugging power.

"I'm gentle, understanding, wise, and good at cooking..."

"Shall I stop praising you so you can't run away?"So I'll get back to it... but I haven't been informed of anything but the schedule. "


"I'm looking forward to the day, and I can't get in touch with my mother."

Is there such a story?

Let me know if I'm a party to this.

Celia, can you tell me what you have in mind?

If you can let me fight at a venue of that size, I don't think it's okay if you don't tell me.

What you do remains the same.

I'll divorce myself for the wedding with Cecilia.

"I see. Of course, I will rush to the venue on that day."I can only support you... but please don't just injure me. "

"Hmph, I'll try to execute my own plan unharmed, even if it's against a brave man." and..... "

And what?

"I have Cecilia with me."If anything happens, please take care of me. "

I let go of my hugging arm and lowered my head.

No, I don't think so.

We just talked about not knowing what's in there.

"That's my specialty, so of course I don't have to ask you to do it."

"Oh, thank you."

I have a dream of getting nursing care from my lover.

Cecilia sits beside me on the bed, measuring the heat and peeling the fruit.

Imagine that.

Please don't get hurt for nursing purposes.

I won't, I won't!

I'm not that stupid either.

"I will talk about it as a matter of course, but it is better not to get hurt as much as possible."As I said earlier, I am worried about it.Aiming at the mask... they're attacking me around my face. "

"I-I know."

"There's a limit to my healing, too."

This is Cecilia's strange switch.

When I noticed that my body was moving naturally, I was seated.

Before that, it was a very good atmosphere.

Let's give up here, close our eyes and listen to Cecilia.

I was prepared.

"So... make sure you succeed."

I was whispered in my ear.

It seemed like they were approaching with their eyes closed.

He jumps up in surprise.

It's time for Yoki-san to get used to my mischief.

"... I'm still not used to it."

Because it has the usual solid image.

I don't think we'll be able to live together.