The day had finally come for the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman to be dispersed.

We weren't informed of the details of where we were going to fight Yuga because we were looking forward to the day.

There were posters all over Minerva.

It was a duel between the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and a brave man, and a report about his marriage to Cecilia, a party member.

It was dated and the place was written down.

"Celia-san, I know you normally..."

Even though it was talked about on the same day, I am making a large announcement.

Maybe it's a message from Celia.

I've set you up so far, maybe you want to succeed without running away.

Well, that's my guess.

That's where you fight... the biggest arena in Minerva.

I'd rather be seen by a lot of people.

But there's a limit to what you can do.

It seems that not only the common people but also the nobility will come to see it.

I think it was caused by the scale being too large.

Raven, the Knights of Guard were in trouble.

I'm not a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but I'm hanging around the venue as a golem because I have time to fight Yuga.

It seems that the store has been opened and it is quite exuberant.

I'm also doing things like betting on which one wins.

Come on... that's not true.

You must be a brave man after all.

No, no, there's also the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"I'm talking about marrying Cecilia-sama."

Did the brave admit it?

Hero will win anyway!

It feels like this is how the argument ends.

Hmm, I thought you couldn't beat Yuga's popularity.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was very popular.

It was worth the trick and favors.

"... hey"

Nh, ah, Raven.

Raven was standing when she turned around because she was called from behind.

I'm wearing armor in full work mode.

"... oh, I don't think so. Even though he's the main character this time, he's wandering around in this place

"There's still time, so let's hang out for a bit."

"... is that so?" Are you nervous after all? "

Did you see me hanging around?

I was hanging out with my spare time and interest.

"Yeah, that's how it is."

I decided to take a ride here.

I'm not nervous, but I'm not so nervous.

But I'm still showing you how to be worried... if you don't get in!

"... I don't think it's going to end as well as I thought, considering what's happened so far."

"No, that's what Cecilia and I think."

Raven doesn't seem to have any sweet thoughts either, because she's been seeing each other all this time, and she ends up doing nothing...

"... did you notice?"What would happen if I didn't expect it?Is that something I can do? "

"Even if you say prediction."I'll just take your feelings.In the first place, the Knights' guards alone are taking care of Raven. "

I appreciate your kindness, but I can't let it bother me any more.

“I've come this far.The rest is the one who showed me my arm... "

"... I see. Then I'll be ready for any disturbance."

"Oh, please."

Hang in there, Raven leaves.

You can't fail this, can you?

After wandering around appropriately, I wore the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman gear and headed for the waiting room.

Heh, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is here!

Hey, Yoki-kun.

When I entered the pavilion that I had been told in advance, there was a well-equipped Yuga.

In this situation, Tsukkumi's first voice is...

"Hey, even though you've appeared so cool, don't call me by my true name so easily!"

"Ehh... because Yoki-kun is Yoki-kun..."

I was a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman!

Yuuga dismisses the objection and sits down in the chair after she has finished speaking.

Or is it the same as the drawing room?

Isn't this usually separated?

”No, it's yoki... I can't believe it's time to fight the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman”

It seems that Yuuga doesn't care about that.

I also knew about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

It's in good condition, isn't it?

"Very well. Well, this time it feels like you're going to fight at my request."I don't mean to make you do it, but I have a purpose and I have a meeting in advance. Please. "

"Yeah, I know. just whether the Holy Sword can help....."

Is the anxiety element of Yuuga the Holy Sword?

Don't worry, I'm convincing you to threaten the Holy Sword so that my daughter-in-law can use it.

"It's an important fight with friends."Please help me, sword. "

Unaware of this, Yuga began to speak to draw out the power of the Holy Sword.

What do we do? I'm saying it's for a friend.

"I feel guilty because I know the circumstances of the Holy Sword..."

"Don't use your strength here, what a brave person."Answer me, Holy Sword..... "

Yuga clutches the handle of the Holy Sword and prays desperately.

Really, why is the waiting room together?!

"Well, Yuuga, maybe it's time to go." It's also too much to think about. "

"No. Then the Holy Sword won't answer."You have to have my strong will. "

Until now, I've woken up many times in response to Mikana's intentions.

The power of Yuuga's will, the power of his wife.

"Unify the spirit... maybe we can reach the roots of the power of the Holy Sword"

Leaving that aside, Yuga closed her eyes and shut up.

"What is this space..."

After all, this silence lasted until the knights called for us to be ready.

Whether Mikana did something or not, the Holy Sword did not exert its power in the drawing room.

When this happened, Yuuga had to recognize Yoki-kun as a virtual enemy and wake him up in battle...... and murmured about the noise.

I've said it many times, but I'm not the boss behind it.

Stop waking up in these strange places.

As expected, the appearances were separate.I broke up with Yuga on the way.

We'll only be able to do it later.

What should I do with the Holy Sword? I felt a gaze like...

It's okay, I can definitely use my strength.

Well then, the host of the arena will call the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman by name.

"I guess that's all I need to do then. I got it."


The knight who guided me to tell me what I needed to know left.

All that's left to do is wait for your turn.

Today I will reveal myself and I will marry Cecilia as a sacrifice.

Yoki-san, Yoki-san


If you are determined alone, you can hear me calling out my name.

I looked for the direction where the voice came from...

"This way, Yoki-san."

The person in the hood... Cecilia was gesturing.

Who guided us to this point?

Make sure Cecilia and I are the only ones around.

“I asked Sophia how she could infiltrate this place.”

"Oh, I see." Sophia, you can do anything.... "

Sometimes I think that Sophia's job is to be a maid.

Well, infiltration into Cecilia... isn't exactly a monk's skill.

Well, I feel like I've been overpowering myself.

I'm honestly glad that Cecilia came this way.

However, coming at this hour means... "

Something's happened to you.


“Tell me, Cecilia. What happened while I was gone?"

While I was at the venue, while I was away... time must have woken up.

So much so that Cecilia has to explain it to me directly.

"What is the current situation?"

"I'm here to see Yoki-san."

"What can I do?"

Yoki-san, do as you're told.

"Okay, okay.... hm?"

I checked and Cecilia came to see me.

The reason is... what's the reason?

Well, there wasn't some kind of trouble.

“Yes, maybe the audience's enthusiasm is a little too high.”

Cecilia laughed lightly, saying that both the hero and the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman were popular.

Oh, so that's it? I'm laughing and being laughed at too... this is not the case.

"Other than that, is everything all right?"

"Yes, the Knights are guarding us, especially Raven."In the first place, why are you so worried about your surroundings? ”

"No, that's because Cecilia came all of a sudden..."

When I said that, my eyes were wide open and hardened.

As soon as it came back to life, I would show the workmanship I had in mind.

When I put my hand on my chin, I was talking about...... and it was definitely a bump.

Where the thoughts are put together.

“In other words, Yoki thought something might have happened because I came here.”


"That's right. I'm also very upset about today."I've had a lot of meetings.It is also assumed that something unexpected will happen.Even if you are fully prepared, if you approach the last minute... you will want to see Yoki-san's face. "

That's what it's all about.

It's not Cecilia.

The usual Cecilia would be happy with the conversation she had before preparing.

Sermon time later, even if something happens.

That's what Cecilia and I used to do.

"Cecilia looked me in the face right before..."

"Thank you, Cecilia. I don't know what's going to happen... but I'm not going to do anything bad."

"Wouldn't you do it badly?"Well, that's our number one goal. ”

I wonder if it's better to have a higher goal.

If it's too high, you might end up idle.

I see.

“That's right, that's why the goal is good.If anything happens, you two can think about it again.Failure can be fixed if it doesn't end anyway. "

What do you mean, it's over?

"That's exactly what I meant."

It's over... let's stop thinking deeply.

Well, even if I fail, I feel like I'm going to make it from there.

It's a good place to pose with confidence.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and Yoki won't give up, so there's no end to them!

"... yes, that's what Yoki-san is."I was relieved to see your face and hear your words. ”

"That's good."

The name of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman came from the entrance.

Oops, I have to go now.

"I'm watching from the audience seat... take care, Yoki-san."

Cecilia's farewell... let's get ready for the last time.

"Hmph, I was hoping that today would be the best day for me..."

I chewed it where it mattered.

Yes, I'm coming!

A little run and I'll head to the entrance.

I suddenly heard Yoki-san's murmur from behind.

"I'll leave you with the results."