I was enveloped by the audience's voice calling out the name of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

It's getting more exciting than I expected... Seriously.

If you just move your gaze, some of the spectators obviously feel like someone with a high status or a fierce battle-scarred person.

Among them was a knight for security, and Raven's appearance was confirmed.

Of course, Mikana was there.

The seat next to it is vacant... Cecilia.

I'm sure it must be.

I wonder if you're ready.

"To the extent I can, I'm like a challenger."Looks like the brave man had already entered.Have you kept me waiting? "

It looks like Yuuga was called in before me.

I'm not hostile, but let's have a conversation like that.

The purpose of this battle is to unravel my identity.

I'll fight for that reason... I can't say.

That's why I decided it was the first time I married Cecilia as a prima facie reason.

"Come on, let's go."

It was Yuga who set it up first.

I pulled out the Holy Sword and slashed it.

"I'm sorry, I don't think I can do it yet."

“How's it going?

That's all Yuuga talks about and backs down.

Wait, wait... you're talking about the power of the Holy Sword.

I don't know if Micana talked to you, but what's going on?

I wonder if the Holy Sword was whimsical when I came here.

Yuuga stood up with her sword and looked at me with an unfortunate look on her face.

We have an audience of this size.

I told you to be careful not to be suspicious.

Even though the Holy Sword is asleep, I can't stop it now.

I can only pray that I will awaken along the way.

I came to that conclusion and resumed the fight against Yuga.

"It's not good, this..."

While believing in the awakening of the Holy Sword and continuing to slash each other.

I felt a sense of crisis.

First of all, I couldn't fall without the power of the Holy Sword.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was a famous adventurer in his guild.

Many know what they're capable of.

I lost to Yuga, who didn't use the power of the Holy Sword, and got married to Cecilia... no.

If you do that, you'll be spoiled for a while.

That is not the only problem.

My style of fighting with my magic to strengthen my physical abilities... I was originally a fighting subject, so my sword skills are there.

Sometimes I had Raven and Duke take care of me... but that's where I was.

And Yuuga can't use the power of the Holy Sword.

The battle between the hero and the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was a plain slash.

I feel that it would be good to explore each other from the audience seat.

It's too late to fight with just a sloppy sword.

Today, I decided to consult with YUUGA because I had a pressing conflict that I didn't know how many times.

"Hey, what are you doing?" I can hear voices like how long I've been holding out my hand or something like this in my deafening ears. "

”Ugh... when this happens, Yoki-kun will really take me down”

"I told you it's no good."

I must not win this battle.

Winning over the country's hero, Yuga, will be too prominent.

The goal is to crack the mask after a good fight.

I have to get serious somehow.


"What's the matter?"

Yuga's eyes are turned toward the audience seat.

I thought I'd wake up after seeing Mikana.

I had no choice but to rely on my daughter-in-law's power.

"I see... Michana is talking to Cecilia."About the children...... "


How far do you think it is from here to the auditorium?Are you saying that because you know that?

I can strengthen my hearing and sight, but not Yuga.

He said he could use reading lip surgery, but it should have been light enough to communicate with him during the battle.

I don't know if you're saying you can't wake up and let me out.

Check the content of the conversation by strengthening hearing.

"It's not a very complimentary behavior..."

"... I see. I'm already thinking of a candidate for a name."

"That's good, Mikana."

"Yes, there are extremes."It's like Yuuga there, too.... but I can't say it in front of myself.I didn't deny them all.I wonder if this is the weakness I fell in love with.... "

Mikana, I have a limit.

"I know." But you're still not serious.Yuuuugha..... "

Is something wrong?

"There's nothing there." Yuuga is something that will exert its full power if I am around.That's why you're not okay. "

"You must have realized that, Mikana..."

"What a coincidence."If you keep waking up.If Yuuga can't use her power even if I'm here... then I'm sure she'll like me. "

Isn't that too much to think about?

"... yes, but I shouldn't have thought about it."We need to support Yuga. See, so is Cecilia. "

This is the kind of conversation that's going to happen.

I wanted to hear about the child's name from the beginning.

I wonder what kind of name you're trying to give it.

Now, whether or not Yuga really listened to the conversation.

I'm surprised to find out that my name came up.

"... I see. My source of strength is Mikana after all."

"Did you hear that conversation?"

Yuuga replied to my tsukumi by shaking her head to the side.

Didn't you hear me?

"I don't know. Mikana is the only one who can feel it so far away."I think I can touch it even when I'm away... I'm also confused by the strange feeling I've never felt before. "

"I'm more confused."

I didn't expect to be awakened by new powers even though it wasn't Micana's pinch.

"Oh, that's right. I'm sorry to make you uneasy.It's okay now. For the sake of the promise... and to make Michana not feel uneasy about the impossible, I will unleash my power here! "

When I thought I had spoken a dialogue like the final showdown, the light began to leak from the Holy Sword.

Not only did they need Mikana's persuasion, but they also needed Yuuga's strong will.


Yuuga screamed and was in a good mood.

Wait, you don't have to do that.

Cheers are rising as they see the light of Yuuga's Holy Sword.

I could hear the voice of a brave man finally taking it seriously without strengthening his hearing.

The place is finally ready... that's what it is.

This isn't a shortage of strength, is it?

Yuga looks down at me flying with her wings of light.

It was certainly not a lack of strength, but being looked down on as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... wasn't a good feeling.

"Huh, this is the real fight. Let's go."

Yuga is going to move freely through the air.

I can live with my wings, but it's out of the question here.

We need to find another way.

If I can't fly, you don't have to let me fly free.

I activated the magic of the Earth class.

Make a pillar of the ground in an appropriate position.

The pillars won't be able to fly freely.

Come on, brave man.

At the meeting, I had a few sword exchanges after what I said, and the mask was cracked...

There's no sign of him coming towards me, what's wrong with him?

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. You are strong. [M]That's why I'll show you what I can do. "

“How's it going?

I'm doing my best... and I'm going to do my best.

Yuuga flies high in the sky in a circle of light.

The audience is screaming at what they are going to do.

It's a little different from what I planned, but there are some aftermaths if it's a big event.

I didn't mean to leave it to the speed of the sword to strike while falling... I didn't expect any moves.

Considering the amount of that light in the Holy Sword.

Perhaps the sword will emit the magic power of light.

Such a heroic blow.

Then you can make it look like you've been hit by something good and lead to the destruction of the mask.

Come on, Yuga.


It seems that my prediction has gone wrong, and what I see from the sky is the falling holy sword.

I could see the right arm holding the handle of the sword.

A quick blow... well, that's fine.

Let's take it and move on to the sword fight.

"That's what I thought..."

It's weird, isn't it?

I feel like the scale is so messed up.

It only seemed like my arm with the big holy sword was falling towards me.

You didn't remember this technique, did you?

It's a new move!

Yuuga also seems to have acquired new power.

"So don't try it on me..."