A big stupid sword is falling at me.

From the auditorium, I heard voices worried about whether the damage to us would be okay and that only the brave ones would make such a mistake.

Well, I'm not worried about the area.

There is Micana in the audience.

The source of Yuuga's power is Mikana, so I won't use any power to hurt her.

I just want to know what happens to me when I take this move.

If you don't want to take such a big move, you can just take the mask in the direction where it breaks.

Not only the mask, but also my body.

No, I think I can strengthen it, but I'll explain later.

We should avoid it, after all.

Destroying the mask with the aim of getting close... it's hard.

I could totally avoid it and bring it to the melee.

When I decided on the plan, I looked up and saw Yuuga and her eyes.

Not by the sword, but by the arm.

In the first place, did you need an arm?

If I wanted to make it bigger, I wanted to make it bigger with just a sword.

"Why are you looking at me with a serious look..."

You're overdoing it and regretting it, or you're getting drunk on your awakened powers.

Without such a look on her face, Yuuga was approaching without looking at me.

What kind of emotion are you looking at me with?

I can't believe I'm trying to use my powers here.

I don't care about my successive defeats at the Demon King Castle...

No, I don't think so.

I immediately shook my head to the side to deny it.

You won't think like that.

After all, we should avoid this place... "

Please avoid the demon swordsman!

Cecilia is shouting from the audience in a hurry.

Well, it's an attack of this magnitude.

You screamed at me, worried about me.

Cecilia is very happy...

They think I have to evade Yuuga's attack so badly.

... I was a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I couldn't turn my back on a hero's attack.

I had to find out who I was, and I had to stop my unfamiliar sword.

I put my sword in a sheath and activated the usual wind attribute magic in both hands.

My special tactic is fighting with plenty of magic power and tough flesh.

Let's take it head-on!

From the audience seat, there is a tsukumi from Cecilia saying why.

"Forgive me, Cecilia, I..."

"Stop this attack... and I'll prove it."

I'm the one who marries Cecilia.

It's impossible to accept Yuga's new moves as normal.

So what do we do?

"Attacks can be offset by attacks."

Simply punch them with a reinforced arm, that's all.

Either the sword of Yuuga will be dispersed first, or my health will expire first.

Why is this happening in a battle that has already been fought to unravel its identity?

You really can't go on schedule.

Let's go!

"Come on, nnnnnnnn!"

Yuga and I scream at the venue.

A few seconds later, I started intercepting Yuuga's sword.

It's heavy, but I can't lose

It's definitely the heaviest attack I've ever made in this world as a goat.

I don't think I should have avoided it...

This is the test of marrying Cecilia.

Too many blows and my arm became lazy, but I endured it with guts.

Of course, Yuuga also pressed her sword against me with all her strength without pulling back...... I can't deny the sense of the final showdown.

The audience that was making a lot of noise is now watching us with their saliva.

How long did you punch in your fist?

When I couldn't figure out, I had a crack in Yuuga's sword... and I could bounce it.

Blown away by impact, slammed against the wall.

"Gu, I can't take it anymore."

It hurts a little, but my body moves.

I haven't removed the mask yet.

It hasn't served its original purpose.

You're going out with me, Yuuga.


Yuga and I blew it the other way.

Doesn't it seem like you're incapable of battle?

There is only a pale light coming from the Holy Sword.

I feel like I'm doing my best.

I don't want any more battles... you idiot.

"It's not what you planned..."

Funny, your body doesn't move well.

I feel that my arms are particularly strange.


My arms were already in pain.

Even though it was being strengthened, it didn't seem to be able to withstand Yuga's attack.

With this, it's impossible to continue the fight.

I can't hold a sword or a fist, there's only one thing I can do.

I ran out with all my strength.

The purpose was of course Yuuga.

Yuuga is looking at me wanderingly.

Please, I need you to be aware.

The last attack, it was a head-butt.

Yuga hits it, the mask is broken, and the identity is revealed.

Now we can do it!


It seemed that Yuuga was finally standing with the Holy Sword as her staff, but she noticed my aim.

I saw him nodding his neck tinyly.

But something unexpected happens here.

The sacred sword on my staff began to shine.

She sucked something up from the ground and it passed to Yuga's body.

"The wound is healing..."

Wait a minute, isn't that sloppy?

If I could heal myself, I'd use healing magic.

With the power of the Holy Sword, Yuuga recovered from the imperfection.

I gathered the energy of light in the Holy Sword... and launched it.

After all, that's the kind of attack we're going to have!

Well, it was a linear attack, so I stepped sideways to avoid it.

Come on, hit me.


Yuuga dodged my head and put her fist in it.

The perfect blow loosens my mouth.

I don't think you'd be happy to be beaten... well, we're done here.

I lie on my back and look up at the sky.

The mask is broken, so my vision feels good...!

I'll get up and check the mask.

The audience didn't care if the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, who had become incapacitated for battle, roared again.

No, I don't think Yuga's attack was weak or cracked.

Not yet!

When I turn to Yuuga, Yuuga punches me in the face.

But the mask didn't crack.

Hey, this mask is too sturdy.

Later, Cecilia and Raven stopped the match in the middle of several attempts.

I was forced to leave because of my arm injury.

That's why I was recovered and now I'm lying on the bed in the treatment room at the venue.

"How did this happen?"

"... it seems that the mask was quite a dig."

"I'm not happy."

It was a first-class item of equipment.

It was a good thing for adventurers and for hiding their identities.

"... so Cecilia and I are okay?"That was quite a while ago..... "

Don't ask me that.

Cecilia treated my arm and walked out to talk to the hero.

"She looked pretty angry..."

“Raven, I just told you not to ask, but I don't know what to do.”

"... that's right. I think we should discuss it with Cecilia."

"What am I supposed to do with that discussion?"

Now, Raven turned away.

That's it.

I'm not thinking about it, I'm thinking about the end of my life.

I failed the maneuver I made myself.

I slapped it so hard and got injured like this.

"I'm shocked..."


"... don't sigh. I won't tell you to be optimistic.But Cecilia, as far as I know, doesn't give a damn about this stuff.Yoki will not give up here either.If you fail today, don't look down. "

I got it, I got it.

"... if you know, that's fine." All we have to do is talk. "

Raven left the room.

A few minutes later, Cecilia came back.

“Yoki-san, let's start with the first plan, after all.”

That's what I said.