"I knocked him out..."

In contrast, I shrugged in a room of reasonably sized, uncharacteristic.

I look like a demon, but I am a reborn.

Formerly a man named Segawa Yangshu, he was given a cheat when he was reincarnated.

But I wasn't a brave man or anything, I was reincarnated into a demon clan.

There's a falling brave party in front of me. The handsome brave man defeated by the magic of Kitchen II, the mercilessly beaten wizard, the swordsman in magic, and the distracted monk are intact.

"It's still about the middle of Demon King's Castle here."

This is a room situated in the middle of Demon King's Castle, where there are still executives, Demon Kings, etc.

I don't know what to do - think about it with my head bolted.

The world will not be at peace unless the brave defeat the demon king.

No way, the world would be in havoc if it were to be wiped out by the demons around the middle of the castle.

"Let's just recover and throw it away in a nearby village"

He's an ex-human, and it wouldn't be good for the world not to be at peace.

There's nothing wrong with the Demon King or the executives. You just have to give them a good reason.

Good hurries up and it takes to treat a brave party.

First of all, he's brave. I've shouted and waved a glowing sword at the Holy Sword Excalibur and Chef II, so I did it using Chef II magic as well.

That's already on the line.

Finish healing the brave, it's the wizard girl's turn next.

I felt relentlessly bummed because I had been using my eyes on the brave before I fought and I felt somewhat bitchy.

I am an egalitarian.

The third is a swordsman.

It was cool and oligarchy, and the cool was out there with the brave.

Something snubbed me, so I had it extinguished in Dark Magic, Banish Wave early in the battle.

By the way, even when it comes to extinction, it just becomes invisible from around.

I magically smashed into a baffled gap when I saw the brave and wizard, a party other than my own, confused.

"Well, at the end of the day..."

It's a monk girl.

He looked away at me without confusion when the swordsman disappeared.

Deciding that this was not alarming, after defeating the swordsman, he then turned behind him and stunned him with a chalk sleeper.

"It's like no trauma and don't you need healing magic...... hmm?"

Still, I woke her down to see if there was any trauma, just in case.

"... no, it's a strike."

There was a beautiful girl in the middle of my strike zone.

"Uh, should I make you a prisoner or something?... but if you do that on your own, you might get mad at me. And as a former Japanese, I don't know about prisoners or slaves."

My position is about medium boss, so if the Demon King or the executives say anything to me, I can't go against it.

Well, if you fight, I'll win.

"Ugh... Goodbye My Angel"

I order my men to take the brave party to a nearby village.

I watched her as a remnant to be transported to my men.

Three days later.

"A battle!... uh-oh."

Apparently, he doesn't remember the middle boss's name or anything.

If you're coming to a rematch, gather as much information as you can about your enemies.

"Huhahahahaha! You've come without sexual punishment, brave man. One of the Demon King's executives, Youki, deputy captain of Dark Knight Squad 5, led by Lord Zaekil, will send you to hell again."

I introduced myself to my low status in full cooking II.

"Oh... that was the name. Get ready, Yowki!

The Brave Party has come to challenge us to battle.

I watched the monk's girlfriend fly as I fought the brave party during the struggle. Ultimately, I was watching her cancer and fighting.

"Seriously compete, Yowki!

The brave man seemed to think I was fighting appropriately.

"Uh, I'm sorry. I mean it."

I thought it was just bad, so I unleash Endless Dark, the finest magic of darkness.

As a result, the wood ends.

The Brave Party was wiped out.

"... Shit"

I go to the monk girl.

Did you magically put up something like a barrier?

The trauma was just a little lost.


I'm relieved. I'll do the recovery magic right away.

He also applied restorative magic to the brave party and ordered his men to dump him in a nearby village.

And then for a month, when the brave party comes, I repel.

At the end of the quote, demon kings and executives say the brave party is weak, but what is it?

The brave party isn't weak, I'm out of standard.

Perhaps, without me, the Brave Party could defeat the Demon King and the executives.

That much strength. That party has it.

I don't think the world is going to be peaceful because of me. - I think today.

I just slept in my room, thinking.

When the brave party comes, I thought I'd let you through here.

"She's cute. If you observe during the struggle, you seem to be paying a lot of attention to your people. My personality feels good. … try to compete next"

I made up my mind.

A few days later

"Today's the day I'm gonna get you through here, Yowki"

Here comes the brave party.

Brave man, you finally remembered my name.

I didn't call you by name for a whole month.

"Yuga, let's defeat such an impenetrable demon clan"

What is Yuga's name?

You're the one who's been knocked down.

And there's nothing you can't do, bitch wizard.


The swordsman silently pulls his sword out of his sheath and points it at us. Cool, oligarchy characters are good, so say something.

"Gentlemen, let's do our best."

... I need to check my taste. I can't let her look silly. I've been saying this for the past month since I checked, and I'm gonna go ahead and say the dialogue.

"Huhahahahaha! You've come without sexual punishment, brave man. One of the Demon King's executives, Youki, deputy captain of Dark Knight Squad 5, led by Lord Zaekil, will send you to hell again."

... I've been embarrassed lately and I'm dying.

My thoughts like that wouldn't know a brave party.

The Brave Party has challenged the battle.

Well, of course, but there's no way you can beat me with cheats, a brave party that's slowly becoming disadvantaged.

Looking at the situation, I think it's time to make a deal that's in the brave.

"Brave man. Don't you realize that? You have to beat me."

The last month or so, I've been coming to Demon King's Castle to fight and tear it down repeatedly.

I would be feeling it thinly.

We can't beat this demon clan on our own.

"... So what's up! I have to win for the people who are suffering, for the people who believe in me."

I know, but I can't back off.

I guess that's the place.

The brave party's pretty lame already.

If we keep fighting like this, we'll be wiped out as usual.

"So why don't we make a deal. If we're gonna make a deal, I'm gonna let you go ahead."

The brave party moves stop and they look at me.

She's staring at me, too, so it lights up, but I won't show it to her face.

"... what do you want"

I answer.

"Leave the girl. Then I'll let the other three through."

I point and say to the monk's girlfriend.

After I finish, my reactions vary.

The brave man was angry that he was not kidding, the swordsman opened his eyes, and I guess the wizard thought there would be fewer rivals, he can't even laugh.

And the key girlfriend has a look like she gave up something.

"Don't be ridiculous! You can't do that. Cecilia is one of us."

"Are you sure? Then you have no deal. You should also re-depart from a nearby village. In the meantime, I don't know how many people have been attacked by demons and died."

I really don't know this. 'Cause I've never had a mission to attack a village or anything.

"Yuga, let's deal"

That's right, he's a bitch wizard. He can't help but want to kick off his rivals.

"Mikana!? Say what..."

"The devil's face is indescribable, but he's got the strength to be a monster. I regret it, but we fought so many times we couldn't win. I'm telling you that someone like that will let you through on such delicious terms. Even Cecilia is strong, and she won't be able to do it right away. Before we do, if we take down the Demons and come back here, we'll have nothing to worry about."

Tell him to trust his people. The Bitch Wizard tries to make the brave man respond to the deal.

If you're in the opposite position, you'll make a scene.

Mr. Swordsman sees things coming to a close.

Even at a time like this, the cool characters don't seem to flash.

The result of being told by a bitch wizard in a matter of minutes.

".................. ok. Leave Cecilia..."

Apparently, he decided to go for the deal.

It would have been a bitter decision.

I'm bleeding out of my fist gripping hard about how regrettable I am.

"Huh, then go"

A brave party of three going on to the door I opened. The brave man looked over and over at the monk and left to say because he would definitely come back. I made sure I went inside. I closed the door.

Now I am alone with her. Shit, I'm getting nervous.

"... I won't give up even if I know I don't have a winning eye. You won't be able to scratch a scratch with my power, but I will try to lift it to the end!

She unleashes the intermediate magic of light, Holly Laser, with a cane, which is a weapon.

"... wait a minute. Tamma, Tamma!

I don't want to fight her.

Scratch off her magic, raise your hand and appeal.

"... what is it? Is that a trap that keeps me alert? You don't have to do that. You can kill me."

"No, it's not. Really."


"Then what? Are you telling me to stay with me, a healer, that I'm setting a trap ahead of me, and that I'm going to hurt the jitters and everyone and kill them!

I don't do anything like that.

"I'm the first to do that if you're going to kill me. I wanted to talk to you."

I just...

Then I'm the only one who can kill you.

"I fell in love at first sight. Go out with me."

I wanted to confess.


I was refreshed when I ran out.

On the other hand, she was stunned that she could not follow the situation.