Let's conclude. Shaken. I don't like it. It ended in one word.

This is the room in the middle of Demon King's Castle.

Yes, it's me, Segawa Cheung (now Yoki), the reincarnator, guarding the room.

What am I doing in the middle of that room?

"... shaken. No more. Let's die..."

He sits in gym and writes letters on the ground.

How many confessions would it fail to make if it matched from a previous life?

"Um... uh"

Apparently the girl dressed as a monk who's horny as trouble next to me, her name is Cecilia.

"... haha"

For some reason, a laugh comes in.

There would be times when people would be shaken if they were alive.

In fact, I've been shaken many times in my previous life.

So this was the time I had the feeling.

"Um, are you okay?... what am I doing to my enemies!

I was wondering if you'd encourage me, and soon into a battle system.

I'm happier that way. Bad kindness only eggs my heart.

Yes, I'm her enemy.

Why is that?

Because I'm a demon.

I like humans the next time I reincarnate.

If you're human, maybe... you can't because you're an indelible face.

She's pointing a cane at me as a weapon.

Apparently, they're gonna get me pinned down.

If someone you're in love with kills you, that's what you want.

There's nothing fun about this world.

"Judgment Cross"

A pillar of light overlapping my cross is coming at me.

Advanced magic of light attributes.

It's me with the cheats, but if I don't do any resistance, I'll probably die.

"Oh, may we be reincarnated into humans next"

I closed my prayer eyes.




At all times, I open my fearful eyes because no shock comes to my body.

The magic she unleashed was gone. I didn't do anything, so did she cancel the magic?


But once I'm forced to cancel the magic I unleashed, it puts a lot of strain on my body.

She's on her knees and exhaling at the evidence. Why would you do that?

"... why don't you resist? I'm going to have some understanding of your strengths over the last month of struggle. That magic, if you avoid it, if you offset it, you can do it!

Recovering from the magic cancellation recoil, she asks me.

I don't care why they say it.

"I wanted to die because you shook me up"

"Don't be ridiculous!

She's cute looking angry too... not. I have no choice. Let's be serious.

"It's not fun being alive. You're just living in this room, right? I can't get out without a reason to go out there and assault people. I can't leave because I don't want to attack people."

I have memories of my previous life, so I can't resist.

"... you've never seen a demon like you. The demons I know are supposed to be fierce and cruel, treating people like garbage."

Seems strange to hear my words.

She's right, indeed, the demons are closed by the majority of those with such character.

But I'm the exception.

'Cause I'm like an ex-human.

I wouldn't have said anything wrong.

"Become!? Is there an evil way to turn a demon into a demon?"

She opens her eyes and gives a stunned look.

Something was misinterpreted.

There is no such magic.

I can't do that with a cheat.

"No, no. I'm a reincarnated person. I was human in my last life."

Suddenly she found me with her cold eyes.

What is this guy talking about? There is a target aura out there.

"... what the heck. It's true. I'm an Earth-born Segawa Yangshu, and the cause of death is a car accident."

I may not know what it means to be on Earth or in a car accident, but I appeal to you that you're dead once for now.

"... you can't believe that. So, assuming what you say is true, why are you taking sides with the Demon King? Wouldn't it have been nice to have taken sides with us humans?"

"That may be true, but suppose you say I'm on your side, do you think those brave men believed me?"

With such a sense of justice, did you hear a man who seemed strong enough to recognize himself as an enemy? Brave men are all bitches. Wizards are out of the question, not to mention swordsmen.

Well, I didn't even want to be one of them. Because of how much she has, handsome brave men, bitch wizards, and oligarchy swordsmen. I don't want to go into a party that's going to catch my breath like that.

Has she convinced herself of my word, or will she shut up?

"Well, with the strength of those brave men, you can defeat as much as the Demon King."

He's such a brave man.

Swordsmen and wizards will also be able to afford it because their strength was real.

"... wasn't it faster for you to defeat the Demon King?"

"You can't do that. What happens if a soldier kills a king in human society?"

I ask her questions.

"... you'll be executed at worst, and if you run, you'll be nominated."

"If you're a Demon, you can't be like that. Defeat the Demon King. It is possible that the next Demon King will take over. I'm sorry about that."

I said it's subtle because of its low status, but it's destined to be crusaded sooner or later if you become the Demon King. Well, as long as you're a demon, you'll be crusaded by humans sooner or later.

"I told you I'd been protecting this room before, but it's actually like a pull, and I was just getting tired of it."

In the meantime, it is the Brave Party that has emerged.

"I really thought I'd be hit.

I had an old illness in the kitchen, and I got nervous... "

I wiped them out.

"As it were, I thought this world was bad, so I decided to recover it and dump it in a nearby village. Then I saw you and fell in love at first sight."

"Ha... Really?"

"I've been watching you fight for a month. But I realized that this world wouldn't be peaceful because of me. I didn't think it would be a good idea to hold it back any longer, so I made a confession today."

It broke my balls.

"Um, the Brave Party will defeat the Demon King. Then I'll lose my place of residence. You shook me up, too. So that's enough."

I was finished when I was reincarnated and my race was demonic.

The inside of the room calms down.

After a few minutes she opened her mouth slowly.

"... it's not good. You have power. Enough to not be opponents at our brave party. Will you be so excited for us humans?"

Suddenly she cut it out like that.

"... in the first place, if you have the strength, you can turn it into a human being, right? That should melt enough into human society."

How did this happen?

She keeps talking to me when I'm not following the story.

"So... let's go out into the outside world with me"

She's been reaching out to me.

Apparently, the time has come for me to graduate from pull.

On that day, the demon king was defeated and the world was at peace.